#138 – Teardown: Mastering LinkedIn Connection Requests

By: Jack Reamer |
 February 12, 2020 |

#138 - Teardown: Mastering LinkedIn Connection Requests

by Jack Reamer & Jeremy Chatelaine

2 Cold Email Takeaways

Face it…

Most people you send LinkedIn connection requests to are like:

Forget Danny Devito GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

That’s because most of us don’t know how to write a great connection request.

Which is a bummer because it’s an easy way to expand your network and meet influencers in your industry and future clients. 

So we set out to fix that with a podcast episode dedicated to mastering LinkedIn connection requests.

Here are my top 2 takeaways from the show.

 #1) Use your request to start a conversation

“Hey, Jim. Let’s connect!?”

What’s the best-case scenario if you send that?

A: They’ll click “accept”.

That’s it.

Wasted opportunity in my book. Why? Because you can easily ask a personal question that will not only bring you a new connection, but start a conversation with this person.

So test asking each new connection a question in your request.

#2) your profile will impact your acceptance rate

Stupid-simple stuff here, but your profile matters.

Especially if you’re reaching out on LinkedIn to people that don’t know you.

So spend some cash and get that professional headshot you know you’ve been needing. And then tighten up your copy on your profile so your prospects understand exactly how you can help them solve their problems.

Go get ’em,