#139 – How To Make Sure Your Website Isn’t Losing You Deals

By: Jack Reamer |
 February 21, 2020 |

#139 - How To Make Sure Your Website Isn’t Losing You Deals

by Jack Reamer & Jeremy Chatelaine

2 Cold Email Takeaways

Fact: The prospects you cold email will visit your website before deciding to reply. And if your site looks crappy, you ain’t getting that reply, Bucko. Truth is, I pity the cold emailer who does everything right, but misses out on the reply because of a lame, outdated wordpress website. That’s why I hunted for THE B2B branding expert and asked/bribed him to spill his what-can-I-do-right-now sales tips on the podcast. In 10 minutes, I found out why prospects hated my website.

Here are my top 2 takeaways from the show:

#1) You need more Content to Sell

If you’re selling b2b, you need to establish yourself as the go-to expert. Especially if you’re selling consulting or business services. Think about it: Whoever hires you is taking a risk. If you shit the bed, they look bad and will have to pay for that mistake during their next performance review. So naturally, we want to hire people that will make us look smart. Question is, how do position yourself as the expert? Create content that helps prospects before they pay you a dime. If your free stuff made their life or job better, they will naturally think… “If your free stuff is this good, paying them must be even better.   

#2) Testimonials Don’t work anymore

You: “My website has 15 glowing, scroll-to-the-right testimonials! Of course people know we’re the expert!” Real life: “People don’t read them.” It may have worked in 2008, but today, we all have massive TESTIMONIAL BLINDNESS. Fine, put a few on your homepage, but that’s not going to help as much as it once did.

Instead the companies winning prospects over online these days are letting their content establish their credibility.

Go get ’em, Jack