#141 – How To “Pre-Warm” Prospects To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

By: Jack Reamer |
 March 31, 2020 |

#141 - How To "Pre-Warm" Prospects To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

by Jack Reamer & Jeremy Chatelaine

2 Cold Email Takeaways

Imagine, you send someone a cold email where you offer something of value before even asking anything in return.

It’s called “pre-warming” your list and it’s proven to increase reply rates in cold email campaigns. 

Here are my top 2 takeaways from the show:

#1 Create content to bring people “into your World” before selling

Creating content, like a regular podcast, allows your audience to hear the emotion behind your words which hits them on a more personal level.

Plus, it allows you to share your expertise in your chosen industry which helps build your authority.

When you’re hosting regular podcasts or sharing articles, your audience will become familiar with you, and will become more receptive to future “cold” emails from your company.

#2) Share valuable content In targeted LinkedIn groups

Go to LinkedIn and look for an active group you want to target. Then reach out to the group owner…

And ask him if you could share, a zero-pitch, helpful content inside their group.

If the owner agrees, then you just found yourself a “blue ocean” of potential customers.

That’s it.

Go get ’em,