#149 – Nathanial Bibby: Mastering LinkedIn Outreach

By: Jack Reamer |
 April 29, 2020 |

#149 - Nathanial Bibby: Mastering LinkedIn Outreach

by by Jack Reamer & Jeremy Chatelaine

In this very exciting episode we are bringing a LinkedIn expert Nathanial Bibby to school us on how to use LinkedIn to generate B2B leads and start conversations with the right buyers. 

As a trainer, speaker, marketer, an entrepreneur, he teaches people how to do well with the LinkedIn platform. 

He certainly succeeded himself, since he won Best Use of LinkedIn Award in 2019 without spending a dime on advertising. Enjoy the lesson!


  • Should every sales representative be on LinkedIn?
  • The right way of approaching LinkedIn
  • How to fix your profile
  • What things you can communicate on your profile
  • Why it is important to know who you don’t want to sell to
  • Tactic details about adjusting your profile
  • Deciding what part of the audience you are building a connection with
  • Why it is more effective to target a smaller, yet more defined volume of contacts
  • How to make the transition between an invite and a phone call
  • How to do targeting properly
  • LinkedIn marketing growth plan
  • How to manage LinkedIn content
  • What provides a lot of value but takes a little time in terms of LinkedIn posting
  • Do you always need a CTA?
  • Are you afraid to take the day off?


There are so many takeaways here and we have just scratched the surface!

Fix up your profile, so it reflects the needs of your target audience, and keep in mind that the content game is long-term. Also, be aware that the relationship with failure is very important.

#149 – Nathanial Bibby: Mastering LinkedIn Outreach If you would like to learn more from Nathanial, check out his YouTube and LinkedIn channel.