The Top 5 Lead Generation Companies For Every Channel

By: Jack Reamer |
 March 13, 2023 |
In this resource, we will share the top 5 b2b lead generation companies according to their channel.

From Linkedin outreach to cold calling and even inbound lead generation, you will surely find the right lead generation agency in this article. 

1. SalesBread – Linkedin Outreach & Cold Email Outreach

If your company is looking for guaranteed qualified sales leads per day, then SalesBread is the go-to Linkedin and cold email lead generation specialist. 

With over a decade of finding qualified leads for clients, we know what’s working in the Linkedin space right now.

What worked a few years ago, won’t necessarily be what’s working now.

We have grown and adapted to the ever-changing world of Linkedin prospecting. 

Within the past 24 months SalesBread has generated close to 7000 qualified sales leads for our clients by sending ultra-personalized outreach messages.


The strategy we use is no secret. 

First, we build an ultra-refined list of your ideal target audience

We obsess about list building and dont stop at basic targeting. 

For example, we will have a look at “buying data.” 

And ask the following questions:

  • WHO has been buying from you within the last 6 months? 
  • What patterns do these businesses have in common?

By analyzing this data through various filters, we can then build look-alike lists of your ideal buyer; thus leading to lead gen success.


Let’s say that you would like to book meetings with potential customers in the healthcare space. 

We will look at data from your buying customers over the past 6 months and ask:

What do these companies have in common?

  • Which part of the healthcare space are they in? Hospitals? Clinics? Wellness? Psychology?
  • How big are the companies buying from you? 10-50 employees? Hospitals with over 100 beds?
  • Are they all located in a specific area? USA? Europe?
  • Have they recently been funded?
  • Who are the decision makers? The CEO? CFO? Marketing managers?
  • What services do they offer? Outpatient? Emergency?
  • Do they all use the same CRM or SaaS tool perhaps? 
  • Do they have a budget for digital marketing?

Below is an example video of how we usually analyze data.

This refining process takes us a week to perfect. 

Next, we will write personalized messages based on research 

Once we have refined the list, we will research each prospect on the list. The reason for this? Personalization. 

Writing personalized messages is so much more than just adding a first name. We actually find something about the prospect and use that in our messaging. 

For example, we will either compliment them about something, share a commonality, or ask them a question. 

Notice the compliment and the question?

These are the kinds of messages that get replies. They break through the noise of the everyday spam that prospects receive daily on Linkedin

It’s important to note though, that you should be transparent about why you’re reaching out to the prospect. If you’re not it’s going to make the next step really awkward.

Follow up and ask for a meeting

Following up is an important part of lead nurturing. If you dont follow up consistently you’re going to lose out on potential clients. 

But as we mentioned, be transparent. If you’re not, it’s going to be really difficult to transition to a sales call. So we also mention briefly why we are reaching out. 

Here are some examples:

We also always ask for a booked meeting. Notice our CTAs are “low commitment”.  This makes it easier for the prospect to say yes. 


At SalesBread our outreach campaigns produce fast results. Most of the time our clients can expect 1 guaranteed sales lead within the first 48 hours after launch.

Our service replaces the need for a trained outbound SDR. Our services will therefore be less than paying for a full-time in-house sales rep. $2- $3 K per month.


“It was extremely easy to make great connections with prospects from day 1 and we really got into engaging conversations with our target audience.

I was impressed with SalesBread’s ability to easily find thousands of contacts in our target markets, contacts we never would have found on our own.

I highly recommend SalesBread services to other companies looking to improve their sales pipeline.”

John Milestone Risk Management

I invited Jack to speak at our Subversion Summit. I really like his substantive approach to cold outreach and I continue to refer people to him.
Perry Marshall Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing


Read this article to see exactly how SalesBread gets 1 qualified sales lead per day. 

2. BelkinsAppointment Setting Services

Belkins is a lead generation service that specializes in booking online and offline appointments for their clients. 

They offer a sales team or dedicated SDR to your campaign who will engage directly with prospects to set up appointments for you. 

They have 996 satisfied clients and a 4.9 score on Clutch.


Campaign outline

Belkin’s clients will be given a sales team who will customize the campaign. They will do this based on the client’s ICP, value props, and market research.

Audience building

Next, Belkins will use their data miners to help define the criteria to qualify the right leads who match the client’s ICP.

They will conduct audience research and access hundreds of data sources to maximize ROI.

Target outreach

Their b2b sales team will then design customized templates for prospects. They mention how they have 100% email deliverability and a 0% spam rate. 

B2B Appointment setting

Lastly, they will fill your calendar with booked meetings and their team will always confirm the meeting beforehand for you. 


Belkins offers 3 pricing tiers depending on your needs. 

They don’t mention their exact pricing anywhere on the site, but if you have a quick Google you can see that their project prices range from between $50,000 and $199,999.

The minimum project size is $1000 with nothing less than $25 per hour. 

Belkins Reviews

These reviews have been found off TrustRadius.

3. SalesHive – Cold Calling

SalesHive is a US based B2B cold calling agency.

They mention on their site how their top SDRs book 10+ meetings each week for their clients through cold calling

Their SDRs specialize in booking meetings, which is different from traditional telemarketers.

They also dedicate specific cold callers to your account, so that their SDRs become comfortable with your market. 


Verify all direct dials

They will first build a list of the b2b companies that you would like to target.

Your ideal audience.

Their direct dials are verified through SalesHives software and they also make sure that these businesses are not listed on the national Do Not Contact registration.

Train sales reps directly for your account

All cold callers are certified through SalesHives intensive cold calling training program. But they will also be trained when they are assigned to a new client. 

Evaluate performance

Their Quality assurance team will monitor all calls and provide direct feedback on the performance. This feedback is then given to the SDR manager and they will then use it to help with continued coaching.


SalesHive’s pricing is between $5000-$12 000 per month.

If you choose their cold calling option you will notice that it’s their Growth option and they dedicate 150 cold calls per day to your account. 

SalesHive Reviews

It was difficult to find enough reviews about SalesHive. The first is from their own website and the second is from TrustPilot. 

But on some forums, companies mentioned that they did well with their campaigns. I suppose it depends on who your campaign manager is.

They do mention though, that the email marketing campaigns brought in some leads. 

4. Coast Digital – Social Media Marketing agency

Coast Digital specializes in generating leads through enticing video and photo production services that capture prospects’ attention through Facebook (Meta), Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and Google Ads.


Creative Production

“Creative has never been more important. With ad platforms leaning heavily into automation, launching scroll stopping ad creative is key to surviving this new era of marketing.”

Ad Management

“Meta, Google, and TikTok continue to take away levers for paid marketers to pull to impact performance. Understanding how to get the most of the algorithms is key to building a scalable paid ad strategy. Our team of experienced paid specialists stay up to date on the changes to the ad platforms and continuously test the boundaries.”

Custom  Reporting

“Not all creativity is created equal. Not all account structures are scalable. Know what is really moving the needle with client-specific ad and creative reporting. Our team proactively communicates ad and creative strategy updates every week while platforms like Google Data Studio and Motion App give our clients real time access to their most impactful KPI’s.”


The minimum size project that this company takes on is $5000+ and they charge between $150 – $199 / hr. 

Coast Digital Reviews

These reviews have been found on Clutch and Coast Digital has an overall rating of 5 stars.

5. Grow & Convert – SEO and Content Marketing Agency

Grow & Convert is a content-focused SEO agency that will help your company rank for high-value, intent-based keywords with unique pieces of content.

They are a fully done-for-you content marketing agency. 


Understand your buyers and why they are buying

Grow & Convert hops on incredibly in-depth discovery calls with their clients. They do this to understand exactly who their client’s buyers are and why they are buying.

Understanding this, helps them to create content that appeals to your ideal buyers.

Content Ideation & Keyword Research

“If generating leads and sales is your primary goal, you’ll focus on topics and keywords that indicate people searching have intent to buy what you sell, or intent to solve a problem that your product or service solves.”

Content production

Below are the steps that Grow & Convert use after their research to produce unique content. 

Content Promotion

Lastly, they will promote your content on various channels. Whether it’s to your existing audience, through paid means, or via SEO


You can expect to pay around $10 000 per month for their content/seo services. 

This includes the following: 

  • Customer research
  • 3 keywords targeted/month
  • Writing of content to rank for those keywords
  • Promotion of the content (via ads)
  • Link building (Ongoing targeted link building to our articles via guest posts on industry sites)
  • Reporting and measurement on how many conversions you’re getting every month and how much-qualified traffic you’re driving from their content marketing services

Grow & Convert Reviews

Grow & Convert has many case studies on their website if you’re interested in reading about how they generate new leads that convert for their clients. 

You can read their case studies here. 

If you’re looking for a b2b lead generation agency…

All of the above-mentioned companies can help.

But think about how soon you would like leads to fill your sales funnel. Some of the above marketing strategies can take time. 

But if you decide to hop on a sales call with SalesBread, you will have targeted leads that agree to a booked meeting within the first week of partnering up with us.

90% of our clients get their first sales-qualified lead within the first 48 hours. 

So if you’re looking for:

  • 20+ guaranteed sales qualified leads per month 
  • Ultra-targeted lead lists based on intent data
  • No locked-in contracts
  • A small boutique agency that doesn’t view their clients as just a number; but rather offers a personalized approach for each client, where the founder actually works along with you…
  • A graduation call after the end of our partnership where we will teach you the entire lead generation strategy so that you can bring the process in-house. (It doesn’t make sense to outsource lead generation forever.)

Then SalesBread is one of the top lead generation companies for you to partner up with. 

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