Your Facebook Ads Are Relevant. Why Aren’t Your Cold Emails?

By: Jack Reamer |
 July 11, 2016 |

It’s no secret:

Facebook ads work. So do google ads.


The ads are relevant.

Like dogs, yoga and live in San Diego? The ad for “bring your dog to yoga day” is relevant. So I click it.

Looking for tips on improving your email campaign? The ad for a free email marketing checklist is relevant. So I click it.

Relevancy works. So why aren’t you doing this with your cold emails?

Let’s look at an example.

Say you sell HR software to mid-sized B2B companies.

You could build a list of HR directors at companies with 50-500 employees. But that’s lazy. And you won’t get even close to the results you’d get if you were more relevant.

How do you get more relevant?

You could do a twitter search to find HR professionals like Rebecca tweeting about motivating employees. Then reach out with an email like:

Hey Rebecca,

Love the FastCompany article you tweeted about motivating employees. I found #4 – give and receive ongoing performance feedback – especially effective.

I have an idea that the article missed about giving better performance feedback. It has to do with a new tool that helps employees get real-time feedback on their work.

Can I share this quick idea with you?


That email will earn a reply 10X more than those crappy cold emails she’s gets in her inbox every day.

Sure it takes more work to be relevant, and your list will be smaller, but you’ll get more responses every time.

How are you making sure your cold emails are relevant?