Lead Generation Case Study – 88 Qualified Leads in 3 Months

By: Jack Reamer |
 March 7, 2022 |

SalesBread promised 1 lead per day and they DELIVERED!

Working with them was simple: Tell them exactly WHO I’m targeting and WHY our service is valuable to them… and like magic, Jack’s team started “buying conversations” with my ideal clients.

The best part, I’m closing deals and profitably growing my agency thanks to their brilliant lead generation campaigns.

Matt Treece


The reason why we publish various case studies is not just to create trust in our brand, but also to help our readers see the strategy we used. 

This in turn can help you to try out the same strategy and see if it works for your business, or if you prefer, you can reach out to us to help you get 1 qualified lead per day.

So let’s dive into how we generated just over 1 qualified lead per day for BUZZCUBE. 


BUZZCUBE was founded by Matt Treece in 2019. This is a UK-based agency that helps

entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketing teams scale their business through affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use graphic design and funnel building services.

So instead of hiring a full in-house team Buzzcube allows you to have unlimited graphic design and web development in a few simple steps, for only $650 a month.

All you have to do is:

  • Submit your request
  • Review and revise
  • And they will start building for you. 

Great idea right?

But the problem was that they weren’t getting enough leads for their service. This was when they decided to reach out to Salesbread.

How did Buzzcube find out about Salesbread?

Interestingly, Matt, the founder of Buzzcube found us through YouTube on our cold outreach podcast

(Side Note: This also shows that when it comes to clients finding you, it’s not always just through a Google search. Being visible on different platforms can bring clients to you. 

Whether it’s through social media, podcasts, cold email, or blogs, it’s wise to use various forms of advertising. 

Because you never know how someone is going to find out about your business. )

Why did Buzzcube reach out to Salesbread?

Buzzcube knew exactly who their target audience was, but they needed help with sales. 


Well because they didn’t have a full-time sales team. If you think about it, the average cost of a full-time in-house sales rep is about $62,070 per year.

This amounts to $5,172 a month. 

Salesbread offers a full “done for you lead generation service” which is cheaper than hiring a full-time sales rep. 

So it was a “no-brainer” for Buzzcube to partner up with us. 

Not only would they have a sales team on their side that had: 

  • Over a decade of experience 
  • A founder who worked directly with them at every stage of the campaign
  • 1 guaranteed lead per day

But it would also be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee.

Who was their target audience?

Buzzcube was going after owners or founders of agencies that worked directly with click funnels, Kajabi, GoHigh Level, or Kartra. 

Essentially, Matt wanted to work with agencies that built marketing funnels, and offer them design services.

He knew that these agencies would most likely need his help, therefore it was a great target to after. 

The key titles that he wanted to target were:

  • CEOs
  • Founders
  • Owners
  • Consultants
  • Managing Directors
  • Head of creative
  • Marketing consultants
  • CMO fractional
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers

This was the strategy that we used:

Step 1: Build a list 

As we have mentioned in previous articles, we use a variety of tools to build refined lists of prospects.

When it came to Buzzcube’s campaign we went straight to Clutch and searched for Digital marketers.

As you can imagine, this was a MONSTER list. In fact, there were 63,964 digital marketing agencies listed. 

What we then did was filter the list through each location. (Example: The United States)

See the example below:

We then grabbed all the websites from these digital marketing firms. Why? Because they were all located in the US and were in digital marketing. 

But we filtered the list down even further. Buzzcube mentioned that they wanted to target companies that had 0-10 employees and freelancers.

As you can see the list is getting smaller and smaller. From 63 000 companies to 15 000. 

We repeated this step for all companies in Europe, USA, and Canada.

At Salesbread, we don’t just grab a list of 1000’s of prospects, but rather try to refine it as much as possible. 


Because if we have a super-refined list, the chances of getting the right leads will be higher

We want to target prospects who are definitely going to say yes. 

There is no point in sending thousands of outreach messages and sitting around hoping for the best. 


Our list-building step is incredibly in-depth, and usually takes a week to refine and complete. And the reason for this is that we don’t want to waste our client’s time and money. If we can target the right people, this means more cash in the pockets of our clients. 

Step 2: We ran all the sites through a web scraper

The next step was to run all the websites from the list through a scraper. But we took this step a bit further. We created a scraping program that checked to see if these agencies had a services page that mentioned one of Buzzcube’s keywords. 

Which were:

  • Click funnels
  • Kajabi
  • GoHigh Level
  • Kartra

So if either one of these keywords came up, we then indicated on our spreadsheet, that the specific agency had this services page that mentioned: “click funnels.” 

We then knew that we had a list of agencies that Buzzcube could help because they had the right services (Ie: click funnels, Kajabi, GoHigh Level.) 

This step gave us all the information we needed with regards to contact details, services offered with specific keywords, social media handles, company addresses, and the number of employees at each company.

And this is an example of what it looked like:

Step 3: Enrich the list with Apollo.io data

Apollo.io is the best database for finding information about companies (for example, contact data) and tracking different types of technologies.

They also offer over 200 filter attributes which allow you to laser focus your prospect list, until it’s perfect. 

We crossed checked the information on Clutch with Apollo, because Clutch doesn’t always have perfect data (neither does Apollo) but when the 2 programs are combined, they come pretty close. 

During this step we found all the right people at these digital marketing agencies to reach out to, such as CEOs, founders, owners, managing directors, and heads of creatives. 

Step 4: Get their Linkedin handles and filter through the 2nd-degree network

Once we had all the right people we added it to Linkedin Sales Navigator and filtered the list through Buzzcube’s or Matts’ second-degree connections,  

This then refined our list even further.

Why connect with those in your second-degree network? 

Because they already share a common connection with you.

This tells you that they have already accepted people like you in the past.

It also tells you that they have a certain network size and that there is someone behind the Linkedin profile who is likely to accept people who are relevant to them.  

You can also connect with those who are outside of your second-degree network, but it’s important to check that they have recently posted something within the past 30 days. 

Want to know how to do this?

Just pop into Sales Navigator, add in your search criteria by the filter section, and type in 3rd degree. 

You can then go to the “Spotlight” section and click the “Posted on Linkedin within the past 30 days.” 

This will bring up people in your 3rd-degree connection who have been active on Linkedin within the past month. 

Step 5: Send personalized connection requests

The next step is to actually research the prospects on this list and write personalized connection messages. 

You’re probably thinking… “This seems like a lot of work just to find leads…” Why send out personalized messages?

Have you ever received some random spammy sales message or connection request on Linkedin? What do you do?


But if someone says:  “Hey Michaela… I loved your article on “how to hire a sales team. Do you mind if we connect here?” 

Wouldn’t you be more willing to connect and engage with that person?

This is why we research each prospect so that we can write a personalized message for them that will get their attention. 

And yes, the truth is, this is a lot of hard work.

It’s a lot of research, a lot of refining, and a lot of back and forth for a week or so with our clients to make sure everything is perfect before the campaign begins. 

But it’s worth it because our clients get 1 lead or more a day. 

(Here are examples of personalized connection request messages.)

Step 6: Follow up and ask for a meeting – But our pitch was unusual to how we usually do things. 

Once a prospect connected with us, we then sent follow-up messages. 

We do this 3 times. 

In our follow-ups, we reply as people in real-time..

No random robots or automation tools, and this helps prospects know that they are actually engaging with a real person on the other side of their screen. 

USUALLY, we never pitch in our messages but with these messages, we added in a slight pitch. 

We did this for a few reasons:

  1. We had a really defined audience
  2. Matt already had a lot of paying customers, so we knew that this was a service that people needed and wanted.
  3. The price for the service was also really affordable. Matt charges only $650 a month for unlimited projects and revisions. 

We knew that this was a surprisingly compelling offer that people would be interested in.

Most times our clients never compete on pricing, so we never mention it, but Matt had a really good reason to mention the price in the pitch.

And it actually worked out really well in Matt’s favor. 

We also had a backup offer, so if the price alone wasn’t enough to get the meeting, we decided to offer a free project for 7 days.

The prospect would get a designer assigned to them for free for 7 days. 

This “pitch” was the final effort in trying to get the prospect to respond. 

Matt also knew that if people took a trial, he could just do a cost analysis to figure out how profitable it would be. 

So if he offered 10 trials, how much would it cost to fulfill that offer and how many sales would he make? 

He had data on this already, so this gave us the confidence to pitch in the messages. 

Because of the personalization and the excellent offer, prospects were more than happy to engage with us. 

But also remember that it’s important to have a clear CTA so that the prospect knows what you want from them. 

Here are some examples of high commitment CTA’s that we used:

  • Are you available for a 20-minute chat on [MONTH] [DAY] at [HOUR] [TIMEZONE]?
  • How about a quick 30 min call next {{=day}} at 4 pm [TIMEZONE] to discuss more?
  • What will it take to get 25 minutes on your calendar next week?
  • Can I steal you away for a 15-minute phone call tomorrow at 5 pm [TIMEZONE]?
  • Let’s catch up for 15 mins. Just select any date and time on my calendar link.
  • Please choose a date and time of your choice using this link.
  • Please book a 15 mins slot at your convenience. Here is a link to my calendar.
  • Would you have 10-15 minutes for a call on {{=bday+3}} at 11 am to discuss further?
  • Are you available to talk later this week? Here is a link to my calendar:

Does this work? Our replies speak for themselves

Here are some of the replies we got:

Here’s a link to my calendar… Just pick a time and day that works for you and I’ll be there 🙂


Hi ###I have some time tomorrow. maybe 9am CT?

go ahead and email me #### and faith@#####

Hi, what would you say for next week? What time would work for you? Do you have calendly?

I’m looking for a funnel builder for my clients. Please send me some information to m.g#####.

Hey Matt…shoot me an email at #####

Hi Matt, Thanks for reaching out. Always happy to make genuine connections.

Here’s my calendly link. Feel free to book a call that best suits your availability.


Here are the stats:

Number of prospects in the campaign

Number of prospects who connected with us


Connection rate

Positive replies


Positive reply rate

NOTE: This is why it’s so important to really refine your prospect list.

Even though we only had 284 prospects on our list after refining it, we were able to get a 32.8% positive reply rate, meaning people who agreed to a meeting. 

Get in touch today for 1 qualified lead per day

Buzzcube was not disappointed with the results. 

In fact, our results are what get our clients to stay. 

No locked-in contracts just qualified leads daily.

If you would like the same results, let’s hop on a free 15 min strategy call, and let’s see how we can help you.