Let’s talk about burnout

By: Jack Reamer |
 February 14, 2020 |
In 2018, I didn’t check email for 9 months.
After 5 years of running my outbound sales agency, I closed up shop, sold the cars, left my apartment and flew to Africa to go surfing.
When people asked what I did for a living, I told them with a straight face that I was retired.
My life consisted of waking up, going surfing, having 2 beers with lunch, taking a nap in between meals and reading. Lots of reading.
Emails were ignored. Leads came and went. I shudder to think how much business (and income) I let pass by.
But I was burnt out. I didn’t care.
Don’t get me wrong. I had a freaking blast that year. Visited 30 something countries and shared experiences with my wife that I wouldn’t trade for all the sapphire in Sri Lanka.
But there’s a better, more productive way, to get your mojo back.
It starts by not trying to do everything yourself. 
You’re not superwoman (or superman). Let go and hire people to help you — especially as your growing. This is basic stuff, but its how you keep working on the High-Value Activities.
Then, check in and see if you’re on the verge of a melt-down on a weekly basis. (Yes, weekly.) Because, just like stomach ulcers, burnout is much easier to fix when you catch it early. Keep a journal, meditate, talk to your therapist and keep your workout routine. 
It works.
Then again, if you’re already burnt out to a crisp, and you’re dreaming of taking a year off, go ahead. You can tell everyone Jack said it was okay.