How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost in 2024?

By: Jack Reamer |
 August 8, 2022 |

If you’re looking into a lead generation tool that will help you get more qualified leads, then investing in Sales Navigator is a great step in the right direction.

But there are various plans and pricing available. 

So the question is, which package would be right for your team?

Is the advanced plan worth it? Or should you take the advanced plus? Or Would the core package do?

In this article, we will share the main differences between each plan, and why we use the core plan at Salesbread. 

(With over a decade of experience in lead gen, we have tried and tested most of the top sales tools on the market. If you ever decide to partner up with Salesbread, we actually pay for many of these tools, which are included in our pricing, meaning you don’t have to invest in these programs.)

How Much Does Linkedin Sales Navigator Cost? And What Plans Are Available?

With both the Core and the Advanced plan, you will be able to access a free trial for 1 month. 

You also have the option to pay annually or monthly and cancel anytime. 

Below is what each plan offers:

The advanced and advanced plus plan offers Enterprise tools such as SSO and employee Data Integration. 

You will also be able to engage with your prospects and customers using your team’s network.

If you need to have engagement tracked, then the more expensive options might also be a better choice for your company. 

It’s only the advanced plus option that allows for crm integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft 365 Sales. 

Each plan allows you to:

  • Find the right people, by using advanced search and sales spotlights. 

Have a look at some of the search filters below:

Some search options include:

– Geography

– Company headcount

– Job title

– Language

– Teamlink connections

–  Company type

  • Prioritize and qualify leads (by lead recommendations and sales preferences) 
  • Integrate with your sales tools
  • Keep track of people and companies by saving leads and creating custom lists
  • Extended network access. Meaning you can see who’s viewed your profile within the past 90 days, unlimited searches, and saved searches. 

Consider these 3 things before signing up for a plan:

In our opinion do not upgrade from core to any other plan unless you’re planning on leveraging Linkedin as a team.

If so, advanced is going to be your friend because you can prioritize leads based on which team member has closer access to a prospect. 

That’s a clear no-brainer.  

If it’s just you and you are worried about losing the CRM sync option, no worries, we suggest that you should still just use Core because you can use other tools to sync your CRM safely to Linkedin. 

Below we will go into greater detail about why we feel this way.

1. The advanced plan shouldn’t be considered if…

You only have one person selling on your team. 

The reason why?

Sales Navigator Advanced really shines when you are able to use filters on Advanced that show you which team members have a network, that’s better for each lead.

If you have a few salespeople on your team, then using the Advanced plan can be really helpful. 

This option is available on core and advanced plus

Why is this special? 

Because stats show (and from our personal experience) that when people share mutual connections they are 90% more likely to book a sales meeting with someone than if they were in your 3rd-degree network. 

This allows you to have a further reach with your market if you’re selling as a team.  

2. Don’t consider the Advanced Plus plan just for CRM integration

Often Linkedin will try to get you to upgrade the CRM sync so that you can autosave, or put people in your CRM from there, which is handy. 

But it’s not the only way to sync Linkedin to your CRM. Keep in mind that there are other tools, like, to do a lot of CRM syncing without upgrading to this option. Linkedin sell’s it as if it’s the only way to sync your CRM, but it’s not, it’s actually one of many to choose from.   

3. Each option only allows for 50 InMails a month

At Salesbread we don’t often use InMail


Because we send direct outreach messages for our clients to their second-degree network; We have found that more prospects reply via direct messaging than they do via Inmail.

Our theory is that prospects are picky about who they reply to because it’s a paid service.  

But if you are thinking that a higher package will give you more inMail messages, this isn’t the case. Each plan only allows for 50 Inmails per month. 

Is Linkedin Sales Navigator Worth it?


At Salesbread, we use Linkedin Sales Nav all the time and feel that if you are a sales professional, you can’t run your business without it. 

It has helped us to narrow down our lists,  reach out to potential prospects via their Linkedin accounts in real-time, and streamline our workflow

But you have to use it the right way, which you can read about here. In that particular article, we share how to use Linkedin the right way and why we feel it’s a great investment for your sales team

So Which Option is Best for Your Team?

If you’re in sales management, hopefully, this article has helped share some valuable pointers.

Pricing plans and options really depend on your needs. But to recap, if you don’t have more than one team member, stick to Core.

It offers pretty much all of the same options, and it’s cheaper. 

But if you’re short on qualified prospects and would like 1 guaranteed lead per day…

Get on a free 15-minute consultation call with Salesbread and read this article to see why our clients love working with us. 

In it, we share how we generated close to 5000 qualified leads last year for our clients, the strategy we use to get 1 lead per day, as well as video testimonials.