LocalEyes Case Study – 78 Qualified Leads in 60 Days.

By: Jack Reamer |
 March 18, 2022 |

I spent a few weeks waiting for a client spot to open up at SalesBread.

And now that I’ve personally seen their results, SalesBread has my gold-plated recommendation.

67 leads in less than 3 months?! That’s more than their “1 lead per day” promise and I’m targeting head marketers at the top universities in the country. Impressive.

A few highlights:

Their copywriting skill and in-depth “message personalization” is 5-stars. Plus, they built a near-perfect prospect list after our 1-hour kick-off/strategy call.

For more b2b sales leads, think SalesBread.”

Ryan Elam

Founder, LocalEyes Video Production

LocalEyes is an incredible marketing video production company. They have produced various videos for all kinds of industries with great success. 

The problem was that the founder, Ryan Elam, was spending a lot of his time reaching out to prospects because they didn’t have a huge in-house sales team. 

(As you can imagine, this can be a tiring process if you have a business to run. Ryan was doing the marketing strategies, organizing video production, and managing staff.

If he could find a lead gen company to help out, this would take a lot of pressure off his plate.)

He did have some success from cold email outreach, but in order for greater and faster growth, he decided to contact us. 

They particularly wanted to reach out to the top universities in the US and offer their video production services, so that these universities could attract more students. 

And selling to departments at universities isn’t an easy feat. 

In this article, we will share the strategy we used to generate more than 1 lead a day for LocalEyes. 

( Feel free to try out the same strategy; but if you would like to skip the fuss, get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation, and let’s see how we can help you.

We guarantee 1 lead per day.

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A bit of background on LocalEyes

LocalEyes produces engaging videos around a marketing strategy that produces results for businesses.

They create videos that offer the perfect kind of storytelling that maximizes your marketing. They create more than just a video. 

LocalEyes takes pride in generating results for their clients from pre-production to post-production and distribution, ensuring that the right people see the videos. 

LocalEyes and Salesbread partner up – The story

The founder of LocalEyes had heard about our cold email outreach podcast and decided to check it out.

But because we already were working with a video production company, they had to be on a waiting list for a few weeks before we could onboard them. 


Because at Salesbread we don’t allow clients to compete with each other for leads, this wouldn’t be fair. 

So after a bit of a wait, we could eventually get on an hour-long kick-off call with LocalEyes, and as you can see from their testimony, it was well worth the wait. 

As mentioned earlier, the CEO of LocalEyes already had a lot on his plate. From managing his staff to organizing video production and creating marketing strategies, it was just too much to also find new leads.

They were getting a lot of referrals but it wasn’t enough to scale their growth and meet their goals. 

They could have hired a full-time rep, but oftentimes, companies don’t want to take on this extra responsibility because it’s a long-term commitment; whereas working with Salesbread isn’t.

You can choose how long you would like to work with us, as we don’t lock our clients into contracts. 

So Salesbread was just the right amount of sales development, with no long-term commitment and this worked for them.

On our hour kick-off call with Ryan, we learned that they wanted to reach out to the top 500 universities in the US. They had already sold to prestigious universities such as Harvard and USC.

This worked well, and they wanted to scale their growth by targeting more educational institutes.

Basically, their marketing videos would attract more students to these universities and departments. 

The problem? 

It’s not that easy reaching out to the heads of departments at the top universities in America.

So we needed great copy and a killer strategy that would get results.

The Strategy

Step 1: Build a super targeted list

The first thing that we needed to do was build a list of the correct marketing people at the top 500 universities in the USA. 

How did we rank these universities? Well, we just went to college rankings and researched these resources to find the top 500. (Please see images below for an example)

The next step was to find the Linkedin URLs for every single university on the list. 

(See example below.) 

And then once we had all the Linkedin URLs, we had to find the correct marketers to reach out to at these prestigious universities.

We did this for every single university and sometimes there was more than one marketer; So what we did next was filter this list of marketers, even more, to make it super targeted. (See example below)

Step 2: Filter the list of marketers a second time.

Because there was more than one marketer at these universities, we decided to filter the list again through recently posted on Linkedin. This would then show us which marketers were active on the platform. 

We wanted to reach out to people who use Linkedin regularly because there is no point in sending messages to people who aren’t active on Linkedin.

At Salesbread we want results for our clients. We don’t send out thousands of messages and just hope for the best. Our strategy is well planned beforehand and expertly executed in order to get results. 

This refining process can take up to a week before we even launch the campaign.

The reason is that we would rather have an ultra-defined list of the perfect target audience, because we know they will say yes to a meeting, than thousands of people who are the wrong fit. 

This ensures 1 qualified lead a day. 

Step 3: Write personalized outreach messages

In order to capture the attention of marketers, we needed to have a look at their Linkedin profiles and find something personal that we could use for our outreach messages. We also made use of our CCQ method.

Which includes either:

  • A compliment
  • Commonalities shared
  • Or a question

Here are some examples: 


“Hi (name) congrats on your new podcast. I found the point on XYZ really interesting. Mind if we connect here?”


“Hi (name) because we both share a few common connections in marketing, I’d like to invite you to join my network. Happy to ask for an intro if it helps?


 “Hi (name) Congrats on your new role at (company name). Would love to hear your secrets to success? Let’s connect.”

In the messages that we used for this specific campaign, we mentioned how both Ryan and the marketer have commonalities when it comes to the growth at the university.

We also asked what type of marketing they use and how Ryan is in video productions. 

The message was subtle and didn’t have a direct pitch. Rather we tried to engage the prospect in conversation. 

Step 4: Follow up 3 times and ask for a meeting

Lastly, we followed up 3 times with the prospect. Most of the time, they agreed to a meeting after the first follow-up. If not, we would follow up 2 more times until they reached out. 

We always ask for a meeting directly. 

Here’s an example: “What does your calendar look like over the next few days to connect?” 

The Results

To break it down: 

Our initial list had 1498 prospects. We then refined the list, by filtering on Linkedin Sales Navigator to 1288. 

And to refine our list, even more, we filtered it down to 348 prospects, who would be an ideal fit for the campaign.

We then sent connection requests to this group of prospects and 147 people connected with us. 

From here on 71 prospects replied to us positively and agreed to a meeting. 

We also ran an InMail campaign. With this, 6 prospects replied positively to our messages. 

Prospects who connected

Positive Replies


Connection rate


Positive Reply Rate

Here are the replies we received


I’d absolutely love to connect! Monday is pretty open for me ☺️

Hi Ryan, thanks for the message and connecting! Have you worked on Lone Star College projects in the past?

Hey Ryan – Thank you for your interest. Next Monday before 11:30 Am I have some time to chat. If you want to send me an email invite I am at se#####

I do have a good deal of production capacity right here, and a big piece of my job is marketing our team through various forms of media. I say this because we seem to have similar job descriptions. I just don’t want to lead you on.

That said, I am always open to exploring possibilities.


Hi Ryan – I accepted the connect figuring you were going to approach me about your services. The good news for you is that I might be interested, the bad news is that I’m in no way ready to have this conversation.

Let’s try to catch up in the spring

Hey Ryan,

Email is fine. jcp######

I’m out of the office the rest of the week, and UGA is closed all next week, so responses may be a little slow. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Ryan, I am happy to jump on a quick call. Please let me know when works best for you next week. Thanks!

Hi there Ryan, great connecting with you as well. As far as availability goes, I am available all day Friday this week!

Ryan, I am interested in learning more. Thanks for reaching out.

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