A New Era of Email Marketing

By: Jack Reamer |
 May 28, 2015 |

I watched the “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao at my neighbor’s house.

I’m still trying to understand how both fighters walked away that night with a combined 300 million dollars…

…But while I was watching the fight and guessing how much they were making per minute (they made $50,000 every around three-tenths of a second), I get introduced to a couple.

We say hello and they ask me the 2 “nice to meet you” questions:

(In this order.)

  1. “Hey, what’s your name?”
  2. “What do you do?”

It gets old, right?

And honestly, I don’t love answering the second question.

Why? Well it’s not because I don’t love what I do. (Email marketing lets me grow awesome companies and work with incredible people every day.)

But when I said “I do email marketing” I got a common reaction from the couple:

“Oh, that’s like spam right?”

(The 2nd most common reaction is, “Do you have a card?”)

Now, most the time I don’t get into the difference between permission based email campaigns and spam with strangers. But it’s frustrating that spammers have given email marketing a bad name.

That’s why we need a new era of email marketing.

I’m looking forward to a day where “spam” and “email marketing” are 2 clearly different things.

When every brand realizes that the most profitable email marketers today are the ones not with the largest list, but with the strongest relationships with their readers.

If you’re wondering what the new era of email marketing looks like, take a look at an email that my email coaching client Renee received from one of her readers:

“Btw, your newsletters have been really good lately. I think you’ve done really well making them interesting to read (wanting to read it, instead of delete it because of email overload [or maybe that’s just me…] because they aren’t too long and they’re fun & interesting and well done including graphics & layout) & correlating snippets from your life and linking it with a product. The words aren’t coming to me right now… but as opposed to all the other ones I receive, yours have been just right and for lack of what I’m trying to say better, I think you’ve “arrived” in your marketing in the newsletters. Loved the jury duty one! :-)”

Want to join the new era of email marketing? Email me at jack@emailsthatsell.com and I’ll give you some tips to become a better email marketer.