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By: Jack Reamer |
 September 3, 2021 |

We want to start off this article by saying that Predictable Revenue is a great outbound sales company. Salesbread has a lot of respect for them; They literally wrote the book when it came to prospecting back in the day. 

But if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t lock you into a 12-month contract, then Salesbread is definitely the better alternative.

In this comparison post, we will pull back the curtain on both agencies, allowing you to make the best decision for your business. 

Company details and contact information.



Predictable Revenue


Email Address


Jack Reamer

Aaron Ross

What services does each company provide?


Salesbread makes use of various outreach channels to reach your ideal prospect. Before we begin any campaigns, we will always build a list of your ideal customer profile and ensure that those we reach out to are the right fit for your campaign. 

We make use of cold emailing, Linkedin Outreach, and SMS to get in contact with qualified leads. Salesbread integrates with any CRM tool that you are using, and we also offer appointment setting services; Therefore, all our clients need to do, is show up for the meeting. 

If you are not yet ready to hire us for your outreach, we also offer 1 on 1 consulting. 

Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue hires a team of SDRs, as well as sales researchers. They then train them for you and help them build a playbook (Salesforce and Outreach). 

They do various test campaigns to see which type of messaging and channels would be best to reach your target accounts. Once this has been done, they will book meetings on your AEs’ calendars, sit in on demos, and set follow-ups

Predictable Revenue also offers coaching and consulting services. 

The difference?

If you work with Salesbread, you will be working with a team of experts who have been in the industry for a number of years. The best part?

The founder of Salesbread, Jack (who has 10 years of copywriting and outbound lead generation experience), will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you get qualified opportunities every day. In fact, Salesbread promises their clients 1 lead per day. 

Jack builds an expert list of your ideal target audience and then works with the sales team to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly and profitably. 

Predictable Revenue hires SDRs and then trains them up for your specific lead generation campaign. You won’t be working along with the company’s founder, but rather salespeople who have been trained for your specific needs.



Predictable Revenue

Linkedin Outreach

Predictable Revenue uses various outreach methods, but they do not specify which channels they use on their site.

Cold Emailing


Appointment Setting

List Building


Inbound Marketing


Cold Calls


Close Deals


How many employees does each company have?


Salesbread is a small team of highly professional sales development reps. Besides this, there are 2 full-time research and personalization experts, 1 developer, and an expert B2B list builder. 

Jack is also a professional copywriter by trade and has 10 years of copywriting experience for outbound lead generation

By working with a dynamic small team of experts, you will know exactly what’s happening with your campaign.  Plus, your business won’t be drowned out by other companies because at Salsbread, we only onboard very few companies at a time. This ensures professional service and focused attention, which in turn guarantees 1 new lead per day. 

Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue doesn’t have too many employees. In fact, 42 is a fair number, and in comparison to Cience, it’s not a massive corporate enterprise. This smaller organization might suit your business needs better if you would like more attention for your campaigns. 

They do mention on their website that they do weekly check-ins with the SDRs and account executives.  They also do weekly and monthly reports. 


Predictable Revenue

5 employees, including 2 full-time research and personalization experts, 1 developer, and a B2B list builder. 

± 42 Employees

Salesbread vs. Predictable Revenue Sales Strategy – A Guaranteed 1 lead per day?


Over the years, and with various testing, Salesbread has found a recipe that works to guarantee 1 lead per day. 

Our process is transparent, and we gladly tell our clients how we intend to build a customer base for them.

In the above image, you can see a diagram of our strategy.

1. Build the perfect list.

We build a list of ideal customers based on who has purchased your product/service over the past 6 months. We look at various patterns, and this helps us determine who to target. 

List building requires tons of research and time, but by doing this, we filter out those who won’t be a good fit and ONLY target people who will most likely buy your product. 

2. Filter through your 2nd-degree network on Linkedin

The next step is to take this list (once perfected) and plug it into Linkedin Sales Navigator and filter the list by your 2nd-degree network or by recently posted. 


If someone is already in your second-degree network, it means you already share something in common. Therefore the chances of them accepting your connection request message will be greater. 

Also, by checking if they have recently posted something on Linkedin, ensure that they are active social media users. There is no point in targeting someone who never uses the Linkedin platform. They might not even see your message. 

3. Write personalized messages

We will then write personalized custom intro messages for EVERY SINGLE prospect on your list. Once again, this requires time and research, but it is completely worthwhile, as you will see in our metrics below. 

When someone is confronted with a message just for them, it makes them curious. If you sound friendly and interested in them and their business, they will likely reply. 


Because they will realize it’s not a robot sending them automated messages but rather a human on the other end of their screen. 

We often find something to compliment the prospect about or ask them. For example, if they love hiking, you might ask them where the best places to hike are.

Or, if they recently received a business award, you could compliment them on that.  

NOTE: We never “sell” or do a business pitch in these messages. We only say enough about ourselves for context. Remember the 90/10 rule. Talk about the prospect 90% of the time and only 10% about yourself for context. 

4. Follow-up

We will then follow up with the prospect 3 times and ask for a quick call or a meeting. Salesbread will set the appointment for the client. Therefore all you have to do is get on the call and close the deal. 

NOTE: If we can’t find the prospect on Linkedin, we will contact them via email following the same kind of process. 

Here are some stats for your perusal. This was for a BlockChain company called MDxBlocks:



Qualified Leads


Connection Acceptance Rate


Lead Rate

We had a connection acceptance rate of over 50% that helped us secure over 136 unique, qualified leads within 3 months. This was about 1.5 leads per day. 

Predictable Revenue

This is Predictable Revenues Strategy taken from their website:

  1. Are you ready to grow?  Do you know who you’re selling to, why they buy, and can you scale/make more of them successful? 
  2. Understand the three types of leads (Seeds, Nets, Spears) and the main way  to profitably grow each (customer success, inbound marketing, outbound prospecting) 
  3. Specialize your sales roles
  4. Build an outbound prospecting team & Develop them into experts
  5. Sell Ideas, Not Stuff

This is how Predictable Revenue will run your campaign based on their ideologies. This is still a great strategy; Unfortunately, they don’t go into exact details of how they run campaigns. Therefore we can’t really comment on the difference. 

The best option would be to contact them yourself and see exactly how their strategy works step by step. 

Salesbread vs. Predictable Revenue Pricing


With Salesbread, you can expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 per month for outreach campaigns. This will include Linkedin and cold email outreach

If you decide to go for the sales consulting option, it will be a fraction of this price. Jack will get on a call with you and teach you how to manage a successful outreach campaign. 

He will also show you exactly what you need to do step by step to get a high response rate. This will leave you with a pipeline full of qualified buyers. All you need to do is make the sale.

Predictable Revenue

Once again, we couldn’t find an exact price for outreach services on Predictable Revenues website. It seems like you need to tell them a little more about your precise needs before they can give you a price. 

The same is true if you would like to choose their consulting services.  You will need to contact them directly to find out how much they would charge. 

Below is what they offer for their consulting and coaching services.

Do you need to sign a contract?


Predictable Revenue


Yes – A minimum of 12 months

If you decide to choose Salesbread, the biggest difference is that you won’t get locked into a contract

In fact, our performance speaks for itself, and this is why clients decide to stay with us. 

There is no need to lock anyone into a contract because we guarantee a lead a day, and clients will get leads within the first 48 -72 hours. 

This is one significant difference that sets us apart from many other sales organizations. Most expect you to sign a 3-month contract minimum; At Salesbread, we don’t believe in this. Our results get our clients to stay.

Reviews for each company

Both companies have excellent reviews, so you wouldn’t go wrong with either. The biggest deciding factor would be whether you don’t mind being locked into a 12-month contract.

 Predictable Revenue Reviews

 Laurentide Controls, a successful member of our lead generation program, generated enough pipeline to cover the cost of the engagement in just 30 days. 

Since beginning their engagement with Predictable Revenue, Laurentide has seen success in many areas.

 First, the speed with which Tyler was able to bring in pipeline exceeded their expectations. “Initially [they] talked about getting a 60 day window before getting [their] first leads. It actually started within the first month, so that’s been very positive.”

 Second, something Mattieu felt was a top priority before coming on board with Predictable Revenue was “being able to find the right contacts, find the right script… and being able to leverage that to have those initial conversations.” They’ve seen nothing but good things in this area. “Even the number of meetings is more than [Mattieu] can currently handle, so [he’s] postponing some of [them].”

Third, Mattieu and Laurentide were really looking to gain market share in some new verticals. Predictable Revenue provided them that opportunity. “For example, life sciences is not something that Laurentide would typically be involved in, so being able to build those contacts and being able to have those conversations is leading into some good opportunities and generating some revenue for [them] as well.”

 Fourth, and probably most importantly, ROI is coming fast. Laurentide has “been able to build a pipeline that’s in and around 10-15x the actual cost doing this exercise. If [they] close a third of what [they] have in the pipeline [they] can cover the cost of the project.” As for Mattieu’s confidence that he will, in fact, close that pipeline, he says he is “very confident. [He’d] say 100%!”

 “California’s Ordrslip, an innovative white-label ordering app now used by restaurants throughout the US, had been let down before.”

Predictable Revenue has delivered up to 5 qualified leads per week for the past two months, two of which have already closed.

 As a result, Alcaron says he’s even been able to focus some of his Account Executives on longer-term initiatives like securing strategic partnerships with payment providers to bring the Ordrslip product to an even bigger market. 

But that new, and potentially game-changing focus, could only exist because of the dependable source of warm leads Predictable Revenue is providing. It’s already become the backbone of Ordrslip’s outbound machine – and there’s only more to come.”

“Pharmacy Stars, helmed by Co-Founders, Keith and Susan Streckenbach, is a successful client of Predictable Revenue’s Outbound program.”

“In Keith’s words, SLO is “doing exactly what [he] wanted.” While Pharmacy Stars is no longer doing any active outreach or inbound marketing, they are still building their pipeline at a steady pace. 

As a result of the meetings that Patricia has booked for Keith, Pharmacy Stars has dozens of opportunities with proposals out and is on track to close “approaching $1 million in contracts.” 

And with driving new business taken care of, Susan, Keith, and their team can focus on what is truly important: customer support and building additional tools for Pharmacy Stars’ customers. “We are able to continue focusing on our customer support…building additional tools for our customers without having to worry about driving new leads into the pipeline”

Salesbread Reviews

Todd Moss

Partner at 24HourTek

June 2, 2021, Todd was a client of Jack’s

I was looking to generate new leads through my network. Jack and his team delivered on that promise. If you’re looking for an expert to help with your b2b lead gen, I highly recommend Salesbread.

Lino Quagliariello

VP of Partnerships and Enterprise Blockchain Specialist

April 23, 2021, Lino was a client of Jack’s

Jack is very knowledgeable on breaking through the fog and getting the right connections. We were impressed with his promise of 1 lead a day, and they overdid it and generated 88 leads in 7 weeks. Way beyond exceptions I had for a lead generation agency. I would recommend their service to any company that wants to improve the number of qualified sales leads fast.

Andre Domanski

Chief Executive Officer at Get Sales Meetings

July 2, 2020, Andre was a client of Jack’s

Jack provided great value for me through his podcast (I’ve watched all episodes in a couple weeks!). I had no option than to buy his course. He has a great mix of skills that makes him one of the best in the field of cold outreach. I wish there was more courses because I know Jack is great at what he does.

Sufian Asghar

eat at what he does. We run ads for D2C brands and blow up online sales 

April 8, 2020, Sufian was a client of Jack’s

Jack is a true veteran when it comes to cold email. His level of understanding when it comes to deliverability and the fundamentals of what makes good copywriting is outstanding.

The Takeaway

If you are looking for new customers in your sales cycle, then choosing Salsbread or even Predictable Revenue, is a good option. 


Both companies are reputable, with years of experience, thus turning your business into a sales machine

The only significant difference is that Predictable Revenue locks you into a 12-month contract, whereas Salesbread has no reason to do so because our performance speaks for itself. 

If you want a high market response, with 1 lead per day, let’s get on a call asap. 

Our sales process has a proven track record, and we would love to help you grow your business. 

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