What’s the goal of a cold email?

By: Jack Reamer |
 May 24, 2019 |

Why do you send cold email?

Easy. To make sales, right?!


Actually, the goal of a cold email is to start a conversation.

Are you crazy? My goal is to get more sales! Not to chit-chat!

Okay. Sure. At the end of the day, you’re trying to do more than converse. You want to grow your network. You want more funding. You want to hit your quarterly sales goals. But sending that cold email is just a first step towards achieving those things.

Your Cold Email Goal Vs. Your End Goal

The goal of your cold email is always to start a conversation. (Not “driving traffic” or “closing deals”. That’s not what COLD email is for, folks.)

Your End Result is what you’re trying to achieve from those conversations.

This is important. Why? Because you’re gonna be a lot more successful if you treat cold emails as your “opener” instead of your “closer”.

In other words, you’ll make more sales if you ask prospects for feedback, instead of their credit card details.

Let’s check out an example of an email that starts a productive sales conversation.

In this example, I’m a marketing consultant and I help businesses expand into new markets.

It could write, “Hey Jeremy. I just helped a similar company expand into Latin America and I noticed that you’re hiring a sales team down there. So I wanted to find out… is sales training for Colombian prospects something worth considering at your company?”

Okay. But what if I send my first email and they don’t reply. Should the goal of my follow-up be exactly the same?

From now until the last email you ever send, it always about starting a conversation. So, yes. Whether it’s the first touch or the tenth. It doesn’t matter. Cold email’s goal is to start a conversation. (But that doesn’t mean that your call to action has to be the same in every single email you send.)

What if I’m getting replies, but they’re all negative?

When you need sales, negative replies seem like no help at all. But, these negative replies give you two things:
Thing #1) It will tell you who you should be not spending your time pursuing.
Thing #2) It (sometimes) give you the feedback that will help you improve your campaign.

So whether you get a reply that leads to a sale, a referral or even a hard no, you’re gonna be better off for it.

Note: If you’re getting negative replies, keep adjusting your approach. And you can use your positive and negative reply ratio to gauge if your new strategies working better or not.

That’s cold email’s goal.
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