#140 – Try This Sales Hack When You Can’t Find A Prospect’s Email

By: Jack Reamer |
 March 31, 2020 |

#140 - Try This Sales Hack When You Can’t Find A Prospect’s Email

by Jack Reamer & Jeremy Chatelaine

2 Cold Email Takeaways

What if you have a small list of high-value accounts and you just can’t verify their emails? Do you just throw away that list and forget landing those customers?

Don’t! Because there are still other ways you can verify your prospects email address

Remember, a verified email address means there’s a verified person behind the email and it WON’T bounce. And that’s critical for good email deliverability today.

So, if you still want to give yourself a shot of landing those customers…

Listen to the tricks we shared in this episode.


Here are my top 2 takeaways from the show:

#1) Use sales navigator and send your prospect an in-mail message

With this approach, you can contact your prospect without knowing their email address.

So why not skip the hassle of finding or verifying their email address when you can simply jump right into Linkedin Sales Navigator… and send your prospect an InMail message that will go straight to their inbox.

Just make sure to personalize your message. (All outbound copywriting rules still apply.)

#2) Get endorsed or An intro from a mutual connection on linkedin

Check if you and your prospect share a mutual connection on Linkedin. (Done by visiting the prospect’s LinkedIn page.) Suppose you both know a client of yours.

If this is the case, ask that client to introduce you to your prospect. It can go like this:

“Hi NAME, I just have a favor to ask if you’re okay with it.

I see that (prospect name) is within your network on Linkedin and wonder if you could send him/her a quick email intro of me. And to make it easier for you, I have a template prepared for that. Would that be okay?”

That’s it.

Go get ’em,