B2B SaaS Growth Strategy – How We Generated 183 Sales Leads in 130 Business Days

By: Jack Reamer |
 February 7, 2023 |
SalesBread was excellent at following through on their proposal, guided us on when to branch out to other industries, and helped us reach a far wider target audience than we could have on our own. Thank you.
Garik Goldsheyd

Co-Founder / CEO , TheoremReach

Over a decade of lead generation experience has taught us that if you have the right saas growth strategies  (which include ultra-refined list building and personalization,) you can reach out to AND get results from even the toughest target audience.

Let’s hop into our latest case study, where you will learn how we generated 183 qualified sales leads in 130 business days for TheoremReach.

(You might find it helpful to scan through some of our articles because we freely share the exact process we use to guarantee 1 lead per day, which you can implement in your own business. If you have a saas product and need more potential customers, you might want to read this. )

(And if you lack the time or experience to generate 20+ leads per month, get in touch with us here. We guarantee 1 qualified sales lead per day, and don’t lock our clients into contracts. It’s our results that get our clients to stay.)

Metrics for the TheoremReach Linkedin lead generation campaign

Prospects in the campaign


Connection Acceptance Rate


Total who replied after connecting

Positive Replies


Positive Reply Rate

Sales Qualified Leads Per Day

Below are some of the replies we received

Sure please send me an email and I’ll forward it to our head of product. This is about adding an sdk to our app that serves rewarded surveys to users? Please explain in more detail in the email and also what monetization is. We’d need a good estimate of monetization to consider adding an SDK. Also how you handle data protection laws like Brazil LGPD and CCPA. Thx. Be###


Hi ###, can you please send me some case studies: nic#####


Hi ### sorry for the late response.

Let’s jump on a call this week to discuss more. Here’s my calendar – feel free to book a slot ######


Hello ### please email proposal to salessupport@m######


I’m happy to chat


Tell me more. Sounds interesting


Hi ###

It’s my pleasure to connect with you. Can you share some details in brief so that I will discuss it with my Department Head and my team?


🙂 I appreciate your proactive approach, G### 🙂 Ok, let’s talk! Next week Thursday/Friday? What is your time zone?


Hi ###

Could you please tell me more about your monetization solution: what are your benefits and what makes you stand out among others?

And tell me please the name of your platform?



Hi ### – I will speak with my monetization team about surveys. Currently, we don’t use them, and I’m unsure why. If it’s something that makes sense for us, I’ll let you know!

And about Portuguese: oh, it’s hard to master – but it will be easier if you have any knowledge of any other Latin language!


Hi Garik! We are always looking for ways to increase ARPDAU and LTV. Mind sending me something I can share internally?


Note: These are just a few examples of some of the replies we received.. We have hundreds more.

Background on TheoremReach – Who they are

TheoremReach is a company that helps app developers and website owners to monetize their users through fun and rewarding surveys. 

Users depend on them to get free virtual currency in their favorite apps and games.

Below is an example of what their dashboard would look like if you had to use their services
As you can see, it’s an ingenious program and an excellent tool for generating more income. 

So we knew that it would be a great product to pitch and were happy to take them on as a client.

Why TheoremReach approached Salesbread

They wanted to find and connect with the top app developers in the Google Play store in certain app categories. 

Why? Because they want to sell their service to app developers to install their SDK and use it to monetize their apps. 

As busy founders, we know that you don’t always have the time to do outreach. 

You also might not enjoy the process, which is totally okay because sales aren’t for everyone; and if you don’t have a sales team yet because you’re a new startup, hiring a company like Salesbread could be a game changer for your revenue. 

Yes, digital marketing works, but it takes time to generate brand awareness and trust on various social media platforms. 

Many founders come to us because they would like immediate results. 

They want and need new sales-qualified leads asap and this is what our service provides. 

Most of our clients see their first lead within 48 hours after launch. 

What was our strategy?

We use this b2b saas growth strategy every time for our clients, but tailor it to their specific needs and buyer persona.

The basic strategy remains the same, but each list, message and follow up for every client is different in order to get the best results.

Messages are sent in real time, and we don’t use automation for follow-up. 

You won’t see random generic messages when it comes to the Salesbread strategy.

We dig deeper and this is why many of the saas businesses that have worked with us have had such great results.

The following paragraphs will show how we don’t just do basic targeting, but actually pick your target audience apart to find the perfect fit for your saas marketing campaigns

Step 1: We built an ultra-refined list of prospects

How did we build a list of the top app developers in the Google Play store?

We got data access to a set of 2.7 million apps. 


That’s right… Basically all of the Google Play universe…

It was a bit insane, but we did it. 

We then started to refine by developers that had:

  • A certain number of downloads
  • That had an app in a few different categories, where TheoremReach was doing exceptionally well. For example – Lifestyle, word puzzles, and social. We picked about 5 different categories.

Then for each app category, we checked to see if they had a certain minimum number of downloads for an app that had to mention a specific kind of phrase or keyword.

So out of 2.7 million apps, we refined our list to about 6000 apps that would be a great fit for TheoremReach. 

BUT…. We didn’t stop there. ( As you can imagine this is a huge customer base and in order to reach out to the right people we had to refine our prospect list even further.

It was our job then for each of the 6000 apps, to find the developers on Linkedin and more specifically, which app developers were active on Linkedin

(This leads us to the next part of our marketing strategy.)

Step 2: We then plugged the list into Linkedin Sales Nav and filtered by our client’s 2nd-degree network and by recently posted.

Once we had our list of prospects, we needed to refine it even more. 


We wanted to reach out to the owners of these app development companies. Which was incredibly difficult to do. A lot of app shops are one man operators and they don’t make the data very easy to grab. Therefore we had to do a lot of extra work and digging to find the right people to reach out too. 

So we basically grabbed the websites that Google Play listed for each app developer (or at least a link to their terms of service.) Sometimes we were even able to get an email address directly from the Google Play store. Our job was then to take that email and then find the appropriate person to reach out to on Linkedin.


So we plugged the list into Linkedin Sales Navigator and filtered it by our client’s second-degree network and by recently posted.

Studies have shown that when you reach out to your second-degree network first, prospects will be more inclined to reply to your messages.


Because they already accepted someone like you in the past. 

Meaning that you already have a shared commonality. 

And why do we filter by recently posted? You might wonder…

Well, it helps us reach out to prospects who are actually active on the platform. 

(There’s no point in reaching out to potential new customers who never use Linkedin. They won’t see your outreach messages. Then all your marketing efforts will be for naught. So we make sure we only reach out to active Linkedin users.)

Once our list was ULTRA refined, (we went from 6000 – 2390 developers) we were then ready to start researching each ideal customer for personalization.


You’re probably wondering…

Isn’t it better to just reach out to all 6000 prospects on the list? Wouldn’t that mean more clients for my b2b saas company?

The answer…

Don’t do it. Don’t reach out to everyone. 

The point of refining your list is that you reach out to people who will say YES to your product. 

We would rather have 100 QUALIFIED sales leads, than 6000 random leads who might just be a waste of time and say “no thanks”. 

Step 3: Next, research each prospect for personalization

This step is incredibly important in our sales process

You have to spend time researching each prospect on the list for personalizing messages. ( One of the reasons for high conversion rates 😉 ) 

At Salesbread we don’t send generic messages with just the person’s name, or some sleazy sales pitch.

We actually take the time to find something about the prospect that we can use to capture their attention. (Check out their Linkedin profile, or Google their name.)

This is one of the reasons why we have a high engagement rate and replies from our prospects.

Think about….

How many generic Linkedin messages have you received this week? 

Probably a few… 

How many of those did you reply to?

Chances are, not many. Especially if they were salesy.

The reason for this is that we all have “built-in filters”. When we see something that we are used to seeing, or already know it’s “salesy” we usually ignore it.

So when personalization is added to a message, it makes the prospect stop and think. 

This is called a “pattern interrupt”. It stops them from repeating their usual behaviors. 

If you aren’t using personalization in your B2B marketing, especially with outreach, you won’t be successful.

(Below is a video explaining our CCQ method and how you can optimize this approach to outreach.)


CCQ stands for



When we look at a prospect’s Linkedin profile, we will see if we can find something to either, compliment them on, question them about, or mention a shared commonality. 

Have a look at the example below of how we would have done it for an app developer:

If you have a look at the featured link, you will see that the founder of the company wanted to help children read with an app called My Backpack. 

You could compliment the prospect on the user experience of the app (if you tried it out).

Or perhaps you could mention that you loved the fact that their company was born by wanting to help children learn to read. 

See where we are going with this?

Or you could mention that you have a shared connection and would love to connect. 

You could even ask a question about how their service works. 

Remember personalization is all about saying something to just get your foot in the door for further communication. 

Here are some connection request templates that you can use for your own Linkedin marketing.

Step 4: Follow up between 3-5 times

We then followed up with the prospects. 

Some lead gen agencies follow up too little or too often.

It’s important to get the balance just right. Because if you send too many follow-ups too soon, you stand the chance of annoying the prospect.

And if you send too few follow-ups, they might forget about you.

So what we always do is send 3-5 follow-ups and wait 3 days between each message. (Read this article for the perfect email and Linkedin cadence and this article for stats on follow-ups..) 

Pro Tip

You could also mention 1 value proposition of your product each time you follow up during your product marketing outreach campaigns. By not mentioning all the value props at once, you won’t overwhelm the reader, and it gives you an excuse to add 1 new feature when you send a follow-up.  

Once the prospect responded we then went on to the next step.

Step 5: Ask for a booked meeting

Lastly, we always ask the prospect for a booked meeting in our saas marketing strategy



A strong CTA helps the prospect know exactly what we want them to do.

Here are some CTAs that you can use to ask for a meeting:

  • What does your calendar look like over the next few weeks to connect on this?
  • Just reply “yes” if you’d like me to send you a free demo of our SEO product.
  • How is your availability for a 10 min call this week?
  • I’d love to share more on why you may need [PRODUCT] and how it can help [BENEFIT]. How’s {{=day}} next week look for a 15-minute call?
  • Are you free for a call this Friday to discuss [MAIN BENEFIT]?
  • Are you available for a quick call in the next few days to see if [MY PRODUCT] aligns with your goals?
  • When are you free to connect this week? You can use this link to book directly on my calendar.

Step 6: Deliver high-quality sales leads to TheoremReach for them to close

Once the prospect agreed to a meeting, we handed the positive leads to TheoremReach. All they had to do was hop on the sales call and close the deal. 

If you would like the same guaranteed results, get in touch with Salesbread today

TheoremReach is just one of the hundreds of success stories that we have. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for decision-makers, like CEOs or CFOs, or even referrals, we can help. 

In the past 2 years, Salesbread has generated close to 7000 high-quality leads , and many of these leads have brought in thousands of dollars in revenue for our clients. 

If you would like Salesbread to do the same for your company, for pricing less than that of hiring a full time SDR, be sure to reach out to us.

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