The “1-Lead-Per-Day” LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency

By: Jack Reamer |
 June 15, 2023 |

Since 2019, SalesBread Clients Have Averaged

A 19.98% Reply Rate With Our Ultra-Personalized

LinkedIn Lead Generation Services.

And… 48.14% of those replies were either meeting requests or qualified sales inquiries on their product or service.

We’re proud of that.

Because at SalesBread, we promise our partners “1 lead per day”.

If those stats surprise you — have you tested sending truly personalized messages (forget AI writers) where you manually comb through the internet for genuine, specific compliments for every single one of your prospects?

(E.g. “By the way, I listened to your interview on the cold outreach podcast and appreciated your insights on why today’s quota-driven sales teams need to focus on quality, not quantity.”)

More on that later.

Want 1 qualified lead per day?

Don’t get me wrong, stellar personalization alone won’t earn you 20% reply rates.

It’s taken a loooooonnnnng time to master the art and science of getting highly sought-after execs like:

  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Technology VPs
  • And CEOs

To eagerly respond to cold messages from our clients.

But after sending 1MM+ LinkedIn messages in the last 5 years, we’ve learned what makes b2b prospects “tick”.

And in the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share our “secret sauce” with you.


Reason #1

If you (or your team) lack the time and expertise needed to turn cold prospects into qualified leads, and you’re wondering what sets SalesBread apart from every other agency, you should know exactly how we’re actually generating leads.

Reason #2

If you’re still searching for a done-for-you lead generation partner that you can trust — to start qualified sales conversations using ultra-personalized LinkedIn and Cold Email outreach…

This will (quickly) show you why most services are a total waste of precious resources so you instantly become a “smarter b2b shopper.”

What every b2b founder and sales leader should know about outsourcing LinkedIn lead gen:

Every B2B founder and sales leader knows they should not be doing “sales grunt work” like prospecting, list-building, 1-on-1 personalization, or follow-up sending.

Instead, they know they should be spending more time:

A) Closing high-value decision-makers

B) Improving “revenue generating” assets (i.e. product features, USP updates, hiring decisions, etc.)

C) Setting company sales goals (and making sure the sales pipeline is full enough to hit them)

To get this done, you either need to:

Build a team.

Hire a full-scale sales team of BDR’s, SDR’s, and Account Executives to fill your sales pipeline…

[This “in-house” option is best for scaling, but typically costs 4 or more annual salaries, plus time for training and testing.]

Find a reliable b2b lead generation partner

Or you can partner with a team with the knowledge and expertise needed to build a list of IDEAL prospects and send them messages that will make them eagerly respond.

(Even if they don’t know a single thing about you or your company.)

[Should cost significantly less than 1 full-time employee, no long-term commitments or training required. More on outsourcing vs in-house here.]

Note: Most growth-stage b2b companies we work with do both .

First, they outsource lead generation to shorten the learning curve and create a working “lead generation playbook”.

THEN they will build a sales team to execute the playbook. Read the top 10 benefits of outsourcing here.

The rest of this post will unpack everything you need to know about finding the best LinkedIn lead generation service.

(And why we insist on using ULTRA-personalized outreach and “data-driven” prospecting if you need to get at least 1 lead per day.)

What’s our secret to getting 1 lead a day?

It’s not rocket science…

Truth is, you only need to do 3 things to book appointments and fill your pipeline using cold outreach:

1. Find the right prospect that needs what you’re offering

2. Write a personalized message that offers value (without “pitch-slapping”)

3. Follow-up consistently using LinkedIn and “Warm Email”

When you do this kind of outreach day in and day out, starting with a data-driven strategy for finding hot prospects to target, you’ll get results.

That’s how we generated 6961 leads in 24 months for our clients.


If any lead generation agency tells you it’s more complex than this — watch out for buzzwords like “content strategy”, “irresistible offer”, or “click funnel”…

And will not pull back the curtain and show you each step in detail, run.

(Are you really going to let them do something on your company’s behalf if you don’t know exactly what it is?

But here’s the problem: It’s hard to find someone who:

1) Knows what best-practice b2b outreach looks like (and what messages get through today’s “mental spam filters”)

2) Deeply understands your target audience and where to find your ideal customers.

3) Can interview you and your top salesperson to learn why your prospects actually buy (and then clearly communicate it in writing)

4) Can research and write personalization that makes your prospects say, “Finally! Someone actually learned about me before reaching out!”

5) Will carefully deliver these messages (and follow-ups) to an exact number of prospects every day so that you get 1 lead per day.

These “gaps” are occurring with nearly all done-for-you lead generation services out there.

This is why we set out to build the best done-for-you lead generation service.

Why are good lead generation agencies hard to find?

It has to do with their lead generation strategy.

After speaking to clients who worked with previous lead generation agencies — and manually inspecting 533 competitors

We noticed that there were 3 major problems in the market. (I.e. honest shortcomings of most lead generation agencies).

Problem #1: Basic Targeting

Problem #2: Not Enough Personalization

Problem #3: Too Much Pitching

Problem 1: Basic Targeting

The first thing that you need to understand is how most other “done for you lead generation” services build a list of target prospects.

FACT: The reason most B2B outbound LinkedIn marketing campaigns fail is poor targeting.

Are you targeting too many prospects that…

1. Don’t have the pain point you solve?

2. Don’t have your budget?

3. Don’t have purchasing power?

If so, your campaign is doomed for failure.

Sure, every lead gen agency will ask you “Who’s your ideal customer” – and that’s a great place to start.

But read this…

You might respond by saying that you sell to CFOs and finance VPs in the healthcare space. The agency then tries to find people and starts its outreach campaign.

Job done right?

Unfortunately, this level of targeting discussion introduces too much risk.

How so?

Well, there is just not enough level of detail in this simple description.

To reduce the risk of failure…

You need to get WAY more specific on “what a perfect lead” looks like to your business.

Agencies should ask the following questions when building a list of potential customers:

(Why? To get clear on who to target, and who to avoid.)

A.) What kind of healthcare company? (e.g. Health Insurance? Hospital or Clinic? Non-Profit)

B.) What’s the size of the company? (250 beds+? Top 300 University-affiliated hospitals in the U.S.? 5,000 employees? 40 Billion in Annual Revenue?)

C.) What services do they offer? (Outpatient? Emergency?)

D.) What’s their location? (U.S. and Europe? 350 miles from Newark, NJ?)

E.) What departments/employees do they currently have/not have on payroll? (Marketing, Social Media, CNO?)

At SalesBread we go into “obsessive prospecting detail” to understand and find your IDEAL target prospects.


Our job is to analyze your current customers. 

We do this by using 34 business attributes and “signals” so that we can detect “Buying Patterns” and uncover your “Look-A-Like” customers that, based on data, will need what you are selling.

There are over 34 target account filters that we use to analyze your current customers/accounts and find “Look-a-like” customers.

Here are some other account filters that we use to build a list of target accounts:

  • Marketing activity (paying for ads, traffic stats)
  • Communities (in the “marketing for law firm groups on LinkedIn?)
  • Reviews (looking to find business owners ready to sell their companies? Check local listings for 4 and 5-star businesses that mention “family-owned”)
  • Geography (zip code list, cities, or list of states/countries)
  • Languages (show me websites that have docs in German and Spanish?)
  • Industry (Fintech, Regtech, Automotive, Universities in the U.S.)
  • Services provided (offers cold email or “pen-testing” services?)
  • Technographic data (they use Enterprise Slack?)
  • Local (Newly opened hotels on the East Coast?)
  • Web feature (offers live chat or has a beautiful app interface?)
  • Keywords (they must mention GDPR on the homepage of their law firm)
  • Events (Did they sponsor or attend the last MOZCon?)
  • Hiring (Show me companies hiring product designers)
  • Intent data (I want companies that are searching for video production)
As you can see finding the right prospects is so much more than just saying: “We want CEOs in the healthcare space.”

But how do you know which of the 34 filters to use?

Analyze your current PAYING customers, then find “common patterns”.

  • What do they have in common?
  • What patterns do your current buyers have?

We consider all of the above filters and categories and find these commonalities and this helps us target the right prospects.

It’s all about data and patterns and analyzing what already works.

At Salesbread we analyze every single aspect of your ideal target, so that when we run the outreach campaigns, you as our client, are guaranteed 1 QUALIFIED lead a day.

The second issue when it comes to “basic targeting” is that many done-for-you lead generation agencies use cheap data providers:

Show me the data: A note on “cheap data providers”

Another problem that SalesBread has come across with other lead generation companies is that they use poor data providers to find information on prospects.

An example is

Essentially this program allows marketers to find contact details using a LinkedIn search.

This sounds like a good place to find ideal prospects, right?

As you can see in the screenshot above, anyone can use tools like this to grab the contact information of new leads directly from Sales Navigator.

This is great for agencies if they want to find specific people who work at a company BUT remember that it’s the worst place to go to find target accounts (IE: The information on companies).


Because if you are saying: “Okay, my client needs CFOs in the healthcare industry” and you are trying to find the info on Linkedin Sales Navigator, you are going to run into a wall.

The reason?

LinkedIn’s industry filter is notoriously inaccurate.

For example:

An online health and fitness tracker like FitBit could list their Industry on LinkedIn as:

  • “Hospital and Healthcare”
  • “Internet”
  • “Information Technology and Services”
  • “Health, wellness and fitness”.

The industry filter on Linkedin is “user-selected”.

Do not use it to find target prospects UNTIL you’ve first made a list of the companies you should be targeting (based on data).

So if you’re looking for prospects who are selling healthcare insurance, You could end up getting an entire pool of prospects who are the wrong fit.

Can you see the problem?

This is why you need to get specific and find out EXACTLY who your client is targeting.

  • Do they want CFOs of hospitals?
  • Do they want to target CFO’s of healthcare insurance companies?

If this is the case, great.

You need to start with a list of the exact companies that your client is targeting, and you find this info on Linkedin.

( This is exactly how we do it )

For example, we make use of lead generation tools such as:

  • Crunchbase
  • ZoomInfo
  • Bombora

To identify the right companies to target:

It allows you to find data on prospects with:

  • Advanced filters
  • Analysis tools and
  • Company alerts.

What we like about Crunchbase

CrunchBase is the best prospecting tool, in our opinion, for finding companies in a particular industry.

(As mentioned before the industry filter on Sales Navigator is probably the worst filter to find companies, but kudos to Crunchbase for taking the time to map out which companies belong to which industries correctly.)


If you’re looking for an outbound sales tool with the best intent data, then ZoomInfo is the prospecting tool to use.

What we like about Zoominfo

Zoominfo has metrics that allow you to see which companies are actively searching for the products that you are selling, which is a great resource that can help you save time when you’re looking for qualified leads.

(This post explains sales intent data and why it’s valuable in any LinkedIn marketing strategy.)

So if you are choosing an outbound agency to partner up with, find out what other tools they use for finding high-quality leads.

If they don’t make use of various tools and don’t go off LinkedIn to find ideal prospects, it should be a RED FLAG for you.

At Salesbread we pay thousands of dollars a month for tools like:

And more to power our lead gen efforts, so that we can build an ULTRA TARGETED list of prospects for our clients.

Here is a quick case study on “Ultra-Targeted ListBuilding” at SalesBread:

Lower Street Media offers podcast production services for companies and consultants.

Harry wanted SalesBread to target lawyers and founders of law firms for their sales leads.

Harry saw a clear advantage for those in the law firm “target market” to start podcasting for these two reasons:

Reason 1: Some lawyers use podcasting for recruitment purposes.

Reason 2: Some lawyers use podcasting so that their practices can become better known, which, in turn, helps them win more cases.

But there was a slight ditch in the road when it came to targeting lawyers.

The problem is when you go after lawyers; outbound sales practitioners know that this is one of the tougher segments that you could possibly target.


Well, lawyers are constantly getting hit with marketing and sales solicitations.

The lawyers that we were targeting were used to seeing tons of cold emails and LinkedIn messages every day. Their inboxes are full of them.

We needed to do tons of research to find the right prospects and develop the perfect list. Besides this, our messages had to be ultra-personalized so that we could stand out from the crowd.

Where to find “Lawyers That Already Believe In Podcasting”?

Step 1:

First, we needed to target lawyers that had an interest in podcasting. So this could have been lawyers or founders of law firms who appeared on podcasts as guests.

We went into Sales Navigator and used the filters to generate a list of potential prospects. The screenshots below show how we did it. We filtered by location, title, industry, and groups.

Step 2:

We then took this list and plugged each person in, one by one, into a search engine called Listen Notes and used their API to see if they have been featured on a podcast.

For example, with the lawyer listed below, we see that she was a guest on a podcast.

We would also have to check that she did not have her own show yet, because if she did, then Lower Street Media wouldn’t be able to help her out.

This second step took a few python scripts and queried the entire podcasting universe for our client to extract those lawyers who’ve already been on a podcast.

The good news is that if the law firm CEO took time out of their busy day to show up on a podcast, and they did not have our own yet, we knew that this was a really good segment that we could go after because this meant that this person really liked the idea of podcasting.

And guess what?

Harry’s best clients were already featured on a podcast.

So using this different filter was super important…


Because this group already uses podcasts.

(See how SalesBread built this list? We went off Linkedin Sales Nav and dug even deeper to find the RIGHT prospects for Harry’s campaign. In fact, we tried 3 different approaches with this campaign… Read about it here )

Did this work? Our stats:


Prospects who connected

Positive Replies


Connection Rate


Reply Rate

One last targeting problem:

Assuming all prospects are active on LinkedIn.

Some prospects don’t use LinkedIn at all.

Even the best LinkedIn provider will not be able to get prospects using LinkedIn, because these people are just not active on this social media platform.

So when some agencies build a list of prospects, they are not removing prospects who are not active on LinkedIn.

20 -40% of your prospects don’t check LinkedIn at all. Do you know which 20-40%?

We do.

Even if you’re writing the best outreach messages but you are sending them to people who don’t use LinkedIn, you won’t get results.

At SalesBread we automatically take prospects out of our list if they are not using LinkedIn.

We only send our connection requests to people who have posted recently in the last month on the platform or if they are connected to someone that you already know.

By doing this we save our clients time and money.

Problem #2: Not Enough Personalization

Many agencies are automation-obsessed…

They love sending out the same message to thousands of prospects.

I’m sure you have read an email or a LinkedIn outreach message and you just know that this message was sent to hundreds of other people.

What do you do with that message?

Ignore it, of course. (You’re not getting tricked into replying to that canned message are you?)

Prospects are hyper-aware that most of the messages being sent to them were sent using bots. Because if your messages look automated, you are going to have a hard time getting a response.

Try this:

Send 100 automated LinkedIn messages and see what happens.

How many replies did you get?

Chances are you’ll hear nothing but crickets.

The reason being…

We all have an “automation filter”. If prospects sniff that the message is automated, your chances of a reply will go down the drain.

At SalesBread we personalize all connection request messages, follow-ups, and InMails that get sent to prospects by using the CCQ formula.

CCQ stands for:


This is what we use when personalizing our messages. We find commonalities, compliment prospects, and ask questions.

Doesn’t this take time? You might wonder…

Yes, it does. BUT this is one of the greatest reasons for our high reply rate. We have 2 full-time employees that research and write personalization for each and every prospect on the list.

It’s like starting a real-life, in real-time conversation with people.

But if today’s automation-obsessed agencies have learned something over the past 6 months, it’s probably that you can write personalized messages using a tool called Smartwriter for example. Does it work?

Look at some messages generated from Smartwriter:

For example, we took Salesbread’s website, added it to the URL section, and below is an example of an icebreaker that Smartwriter generated for us.

Just a side note:

In the icebreaker message that Smartwriter (marketing automation) wrote for Salesbread, it mentions that we help clients get more qualified leads with SEO. Unfortunately, this is not correct.

This proves that you can’t just automate all your messages, you still need a human to read through it, and double-check that everything is correct before sending it out to prospects.

At Salesbread we know that these tools are not good enough.

Examples of SalesBread’s personalization

  1. Joe, after watching your Ted Talk on the future of blockchain, I appreciated your insights on why crypto isn’t the “game changer” everyone says it is.
  2. Hi Thomas, just read your interview with TechCrunch. Completely agree that the world needs more high-tech entrepreneurs to change our education system.

Read this case study: RegAlytics 118 leads in 8 weeks

Did this work?

Here are some of the replies that we got:


Here are some other examples of personalized messages that we have sent out before:

  • “By the way, loved your article on how SEO is evolving, would like to hear more”
  • “I really enjoyed your interview on TedTalks, I found your viewpoints on XYZ enlightening.”
  • Personal information: “Saw you love programming and mountain biking, where’s your favorite trails nowadays?”

What do we personalize?

Both the connection request messages, InMail’s AND the follow-ups.

This means that your prospects can enjoy real human engagement.

Problem #3: Sleazy Sales Pitches

A lot of agencies go straight for the pitch in their messages. When you are on Linkedin the last thing that you want to see is a sales pitch.

Why? Because it’s off-putting. Even if the prospect is a good target, even if you write:

“Hey I’ve got this (add a random sales pitch)”

People are not going to reply to your messages.

Competitor Copywriting Review

Here is an actual campaign that was written by one of our competitors – Cleverly.

Notice how they add ZERO personalization, but they GO STRAIGHT for the pitch in their sequence:

1st Message (Follow Up) – Day 1

Hey {first_name}, if you buy Cisco, we offer refurbished hardware for 50-90% less than new. All equipment is in great condition, with free lifetime replacements and setups.

Mind if I send over a list of equipment?

2nd Message (Follow Up) – Day 10

Thought I’d just paste the equipment list from a few days back:

Since you help manage your network, I figured you had a hand in these purchases.

3rd Message (Follow Up) – Day 21

Can we have a 15 Minute Call to Discuss? Use my calendar below to select a time.****

Would you reply to these above messages?

Chances are… probably not.

Remember the Golden Rule of outreach: “Talk about the prospect 90% of the time and only 10% about yourself, just to add context.”

Pro Tip:

You need a bit more than just personalization. You don’t want people joining you for calls who don’t know about your business.

We need to include enough background information on what you are offering so that you can show the prospect what the next step could be.

This also filters out prospects who aren’t really interested and those who are curious to learn more about your business.

If you don’t include any background you will get a lot of networking calls, but no conversions.

Something to think about:

Consider a group of 100 perfect prospects right now, ask yourself:

“At this very moment, how many of them are actively searching for a provider just like you? How many of them are actively wanting to buy what you’re selling right now?”

EVEN if you build the perfect list, it’s very unlikely that 5% of this list is making an active buying decision this week.

Everyone else will treat your outreach message as spam.

5 out of 100 people might care to see this message.

If you know about open and response rates, you’re not going to stand to make money running this campaign.

Your only option is to send this to 1000 people a week, but if you’re doing Linkedin outreach you’re doomed to failure because LinkedIn will not allow you to do this.

SalesBread does this differently, this is why we start a conversation.

NOT by pitching but by starting a conversation around a common pain point that your prospect is experiencing …

When you do this, prospects are happy to reply because you are helping solve a problem in a way that is not aggressive or slimy.


Here is the kind of message that actually works….

Hi {firstName}, {custom Intro}

After reading that you’re working on {specific project responsibility} for {type_of_client}, I’d like to find out how you’re dealing with {current pain point}.

My company is working on new ways to handle {unique benefit} for {customer_type}, but I’m curious to hear what’s been working for {Company} lately if you’re open to exchanging ideas around {pain point}.

How’s Thursday or Friday looking to connect?

So with the gaps identified….

We had the basis for a lead generation process that we were proud of. It was just a matter of creating systems to solve the problems above.

We felt that if we could do that, we would genuinely have one of the best lead generation agencies around because a single service that could offer all of the solutions above was exceedingly rare (we have yet to find anyone else that can do all of this).

To explain these solutions, I’m actually going to go in a different order than the above.

I’ll start with how we BUILD prospect lists, then how we add personalization, then I’ll end with how we hold ourselves accountable for generating 1 lead or positive reply every day.

Salesbreads Solutions to the above Gaps in the market

Solution 1: Prospecting Research

From the information that we have set out above, I’m sure that you can see, Salesbread obsesses about list building and IN-DEPTH prospect research. It doesn’t just stop with Linkedin Sales Navigator, but rather we use various channels to find qualified prospects.

(For detailed articles on how we build lists please read these two articles:

Every time we start a new campaign, it begins with a 1-hour kick-off call and our client fills out a detailed marketing survey.

We are going to ask:

  • Who are your best clients?
  • What’s your elevator pitch?

A lot of times thanks to the survey and deep dive kick-off call, you’re going to leave with a better understanding of your customers.

Even if you have been in your business for years. You might gain some new insights into how you view your customers.

Why do we do this?

To figure out who our clients are already working with and who is already buying their product or service.

The first 40 minutes of our call…

Focuses on who we should reach out to.

Then within the next 20 minutes…

We discuss our client’s value proposition and selling points.

Our clients are asked to list examples of clients that they are working with, this gives us a data-driven process to build a list of look-a-like clients.

We do this for every segment. ( A segment is a group of customers you would talk to uniquely. More than 3 segments slow the campaign down though, so we only focus on the top 3 segments.)

We also ask: “Within these customers what do the best clients have in common?”

For example:

Insights such as:

  • 1000 facebook fans
  • Have they all been on a podcast before?
  • Are they currently hiring support professionals?
  • Your best accounts have raised over $40,000 in funding over the past 6 months

These hard-to-find insights are discussed on this call.

A lot of research and analysis goes into who your current paying customers are.

With every list we build, we send it to the client and receive feedback. This happens several times.

Why? Because we are not going to be 100% perfect the first time.

We find patterns in the version 1 list within 24 hours. This is never 100% spot on but the more we refine the list, the better it gets. Each time we get feedback from our clients and whoever isn’t a perfect fit, we scrap.

Each time the list is more and more accurate until it is totally perfect…

We are very careful about how we build a list.

Why? Because we don’t want you to waste time or money on these campaigns.

Solution 2: Outreach Copywriting and Personalization

At Salesbread we always ask our clients to imagine a room of 100 of their best prospects. Imagine a stage, and a podium and you were standing on that stage.

What would you say to those 100 prospects to capture their attention?

And this right here, with this question is where we take extensive notes.

We get straight to the best selling points of your business.

  • What are the benefits of your product or service?
  • What do you have to “sell” it up?
  • What credibility, social proof, figures, and stats do you have that show what you have done for your clients? It’s all about trust signals.
  • Do you have a lot of users?
  • Have you been featured in a magazine?

What can we say as a marketing team that will make a total stranger believe what you are telling them will help them?

Discuss common objections

We will also discuss common objections that might come up during our outreach campaigns.

Here we will ask for feedback so that we can address them in follow-up messages to increase positive response rates.

Step 1: Create a message draft

Draft a series of message outlines so that our client can review them. We never complicate our messages, in fact, they are very straightforward.

Step 2: Customer approves

Once the customer approves of the first draft, Jack returns after 24 hours with message drafts.

The client checks that the message is perfect and on-brand. If it is, it’s ready to go to the messaging campaign.

Side note: Everything that we have learned at SalesBread over the course of the 9 years, we keep applying to new campaigns.

We have already run similar campaigns in the past and used the best performers to see the trends in the B2B marketing space.

We touched on personalization above, and with every single message, we research each prospect to make sure that we add a hook to the message that will capture their attention.

This is usually done by mentioning a commonality, a compliment, or a question.

Personalization is one of the biggest reasons why our reply rates are really high. (Will share the stats below. Just keep reading ?

Solution 3: Leads generated

The entire setup process takes 1 week from kick-off to launch.

We take the list that’s approved and copywriting and personalization, then start with reaching out to “low-hanging fruit.”

This could be common connections on Linkedin and those who are active on Linkedin.

Why do we do this?

Well, it gives us better responses.

Our team reaches out on your behalf and ONCE we get a positive response, we are going to do 2 things, email our client, and share all the info of the lead who has just replied.

You don’t have to check your Linkedin inbox at all. We also record all the info in Google Sheets as well. All replies are tracked, as well as all positive replies.

Every day you can see how many leads are sent your way…

We can also integrate these leads into your CRM to book meetings. If you would like us to book meetings for you, we can do this too. All you need to do is show up for the sales call.

All of our clients know to expect 1 lead or booked appointment per day EVEN if you’re targeting really busy executives such as healthcare CFOs or elusive startup founders. You should still always expect 1 lead per day from us.

Client Testimonials

Here’s some of our work from recent campaigns.

More testimonials:

“SalesBread promised 1 lead per day and they DELIVERED! Working with them was simple: Tell them exactly WHO I’m targeting and WHY our service is valuable to them… and like magic, Jack’s team started “buying conversations” with my ideal clients.  The best part, I’m closing deals and profitably growing my agency thanks to their brilliant lead generation campaigns.”,
Matt Treece

Helping marketing agencies scale with white-label graphic design & web development/funnel building services., Buzzcube

“My team was looking for a partner that could help us start conversations with CISOs and Enterprise Security Executives.  I strongly recommend working with SalesBread if you’re selling to a tough B2B market and want 1 lead per day. They also helped us train our new BDR after 3 months of testing different outbound strategies so we could take their best campaigns in-house!  Working with Jack and his team is a no-brainer.”
Pete Newman

Sales Director, Glasswall

“Working with Jack has been amazing. Not only is he one of the best copywriters I’ve seen, but his results are ridiculously impressive. While most people are claiming that email marketing is dead…Jack was able to get us over a 35% open rate.  And, the results of our Linkedin campaigns were incredible as well. The best compliment I could give Jack is to share some of the feedback we received from prospects mentioning how great our campaigns were.  We look forward to looping Jack into many more projects and highly recommend him!”
David Goldstein

Scalability Expert, I Trusted Advisor to CEOs I InvestorScalability Expert I Trusted Advisor to CEOs I Investor

Jack was extremely thorough and helpful in helping us build quality lead lists and modern outbound sales strategies. We are excited to implement it!
Brett Boese

Director of Business Development at KEZ

I give my unfettered recommendation for working with Jack for cold email strategy and deliverability. I worked in a 1:1 consultation capacity and it was well worth it.
Josh Barrett

Manager, On Point Speaking

We worked with Jack on cold email structure and content. Our session was valuable in regard to Jack’s know-how and experience on what works and the focus on the key objective of the email and the follow up.
Hans Strobel

CEO, dokspot GmbH

I was looking to generate new leads through my network and Jack and his team delivered on that promise. If you’re looking for an expert to help with your b2b lead gen, I highly recommend SalesBread.
Todd M.

Partner at 24HourTek

There are a few reasons why our sales process works so well:

  • Great data
  • Constant optimization
  • Personalization

Some of our stats from recent campaigns

MdXBlocks –

Selling BlockChain Development Services


Prospects who Connected

Positive Replies


Connection Rate


Reply Rate


Positive Replies


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1. How many leads can I expect?

1 lead per day

2. What do you need from us to do a great job?

A list of clients who are currently buying your product or service (at least the past 6 months.) This allows us to build targeted lists of your ideal prospects.

3. Outline what makes a successful engagement for you, so we can determine how likely it is we will become a star client.

You need to be selling a B2B product or service to an audience that is somewhat active on LinkedIn. 

Most of your prospects should have an updated profile on LinkedIn. If not, we are probably not a great fit, because many of our prospects use LinkedIn.

4. What is the monthly investment and what does the ramp-up time look like? 

Unlike inbound and content marketing, our campaigns produce results fast. 

You can expect your first lead within 48 hours of launching the camping.

Even within month one, we will still be hitting the 1 lead a day benchmark that we set for ourselves.

Our service essentially replaces the need for a trained Outbound Sales Rep at your company — for less than half the cost of a full-time salary. 2-3k/month

5. Can you generate leads in my niche?

  • Do most of your prospects have an updated LinkedIn profile?
  • Are there more than 200 companies worth targeting?
  • Are you selling a 4 figure product or service? (Lifetime Value?)

If you answered “yes” to those questions, we can help.

Below are some of the companies we have worked with, these include SaaS, fintech, health and wellness, HR, video production agencies and many more.

ten 10
panda doc
get staffed up
double jump
SE Ranking
DirectTech Labs

6. What channels do you use?

We use:

  • LinkedIn
  • Cold email outreach

7. Do you sell booked appointments?

No, we are not an appointment setting service.

So if you are looking for someone who just fills your calendar and you don’t have to respond to any leads, we are not for you.

But if you would like the following replies from leads: 

  • Hi Harry,  Sounds great, give me a call at your convenience, ####
  • Hi Sarah,  Thanks for reaching out. Quick question: how much does it cost to make such an app?  Thanks
  • Can you send sample videos and cost?
  • Hi Nick! Apologies for the delay here as I’m not on LI as much. Feel free to send a note to email #### so we can set up a time to chat.

You may like working with us because we are half the cost of a reputable appointment setter.

8. Do you do LinkedIn ads and LinkedIn content creation?

No, we don’t.

This article: Don’t Hire A LinkedIn Ads Agency Before You Read This – Explains why.

We don’t offer LinkedIn content creation, but if you need advice on your LinkedIn profiles’ copy, we are more than happy to help.

9. Why did clients prefer you over other agencies they interviewed?

If you are looking for a company that would do lead generation with the same passion and fervor that you would have, we are the go-to agency.

Our processes are very different from other lead gen companies out there.

  • We build ultra-targeted lists
  • We obsess about personalization
  • We only onboard a few clients at a time, in fact, there is usually a waiting list
  • You will work along with the founder of Salesbread, meaning that your campaign won’t be shrugged off to an SDR who might not have the experience.
  • 1 lead or booked meeting per day

When you partner up with Salesbread, you can expect 1 qualified sales lead per day

If you feel the above resonates with you, contact us today for a free 15 minute consultation and pricing.