Our Top B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy For More Sales Leads

By: Jack Reamer |
 December 10, 2021 |

You have a fail-proof SaaS product that’s changing the face of the digital workforce. 

The problem?

Not that many people know about you just yet. 

Your content marketing strategy is killer and is doing what it should. But your leads aren’t coming in fast enough with traditional marketing methods. Yes, slow and steady wins the race. 

BUT your SaaS business needs something slightly more “aggressive”. You need more qualified leads, as in yesterday.

This is where we come in

Here is our SaaS lead generation strategy that guarantees 1 lead per day with our hard marketing efforts.

Why SaaS companies should not just rely on inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing works. Countless stats show that it does. 

For example, Hubspot shares these metrics for inbound marketing:

The problem with inbound is that you need to be patient. 

It takes time to build up a following on social media, or generate enough traffic to your landing page

(The trick is that it has to be the right target audience so that you can have high conversion rates.) 

Recent data shows only a small 5.7% of websites rank on the first page of Google within the first 3 -6 months. 

But 95% of other companies could take a year or more to start ranking on the first page of Google, even with an excellent SEO strategy.

Have a look at the graphs below. 

Interestingly, low volume keywords ranked much faster than high volume keywords, which took almost a year to reach the top 10 on Google.  

“Only 0.3% of pages ranked in the Top10 for a high-volume keyword in less than a year.”

So the point?

You can’t just rely on search engine optimization and a great landing page to find decision-makers

Having an outbound lead generation strategy to find quality leads right now is important if you would like more sales immediately.

(Click this podcast for an exclusive interview with Dan Martel, SaaS guru who founded Clarity.)

There are various ways to find these leads, such as:

  • Cold calling
  • Sms outreach
  • Social selling
  • Webinars
  • In-person events

But at Salesbread we have found that using Linkedin, as well as email outreach is incredibly effective for finding B2B SaaS leads. (We use various marketing channels, as this ensures that we find the leads we are looking for.)

How so? 

Have a look at these case studies:

Case Study 1: LOFT


LOFT delivers peace of mind through post-launch maintenance and support for software applications.

This includes monitoring, patching and maintenance, backups, bug fixes, help desk support, troubleshooting, content and database updates, performance improvements, and more.”

During our marketing campaigns for LOFT, we were targeting CEOs, founders, and presidents of companies.

As you can imagine, getting the attention of leaders in businesses isn’t always easy. Therefore our value propositions and personalization had to be on point to get them to reply. 

Below are the stats we received for this B2B marketing campaign:

Total Number of personalized Invites sent to decision-makers on Linkedin:

Prospects who connected Linkedin

Qualified leads generated


Invite acceptance rate

138 Qualified Leads within 4 months = This 1.7 qualified leads per day on average.

Here are some of the replies that we received during these campaigns:

Happy to talk, what are you thinking?

(Name), my friend. Thanks for connecting. Would love to connect. Here’s a link to my Calendly to make our coordination efforts easier. Talk soon!


Hi (Name),

Thanks for reaching out. I’d like to learn more.

(Name) this week is a little crazy with memorial day and the bitcoin conference in Miami later this week. Can we put something on the cards for next week Wednesday rather?

I know it’s a little far out but it’ll work best for “me”…let me know.

my email is (Email)

Hi (Name),

Sure let’s have a chat. Take a peek at my calendar (Calendar Link) and pick a convenient time for you.


Hi. Tell me more…

What was our strategy?

We needed to target decision-makers in the IT and tech space. WHY?

Because these people are potential repeat sources because they work with our ideal client… but do not currently offer the services of LOFT. 

The first thing that we always do at Salesbread is to build a list of prospects, saas customers, and even potential partners in order to get the most results for our campaigns. 

We built our list using Clutch, as well as Linkedin Sales Navigator. Once we had our initial list, we then refined it even more by plugging it into our client’s second-degree network on Linkedin.

Once the list was perfect, we sent out a connection request message

These connection request messages contained a commonality; either we mentioned a shared connection with the prospect, or that we noticed their company on Clutch and would like to connect regarding a partnership with LOFT. 

Once they connected, we then added personalization to our replies and asked for a meeting. 

This resulted in a lead rate of 38% 

Cast Study 2: DTL

Direct Tech Labs is a SaaS company that simplifies distributor and revenue growth with A.I and behavioral science. Cutting-edge A.I. software increases distributor activity and retention at every level of your organization.

Below are our stats for this outreach campaign:

Total Number of Prospects

Number of Prospects Who Connected

Total Number of Positive Replies

85 Qualified Leads within 6 weeks

Here are some of the replies that we received:

Good evening (Name),

Your proposition sounds interesting and I’ll love to hear it.

I’ll be a bit free on Friday from 12noon  to 4pm.

Kind regards

Hi, sorry I didn’t get back to you. How’s Friday? Where are you based?

Hello! Thank you for reaching out. Absolutely would love to have you join our team. When are you available to talk?

Hello (Name), My calendar would be available next week, on Wednesday.

Hi (Name)

Nice to meet you! I’d love to learn more about what you offer. I run a women’s networking chapter and a direct sales biz, as well.

Hi (Name), let’s talk next week, chat on Monday so we can arrange.


What was our strategy?

Partnering up with DTL was interesting because they were looking to get into the top 200 MLM companies in the world

As you can imagine, this target market was quite a challenging one. As we were going after companies like:

  • Herbalife
  • Nu Skin
  • Avon
  • Market America
  • Amway

These are massive companies that are half a billion and up in revenue and they have 10s of thousands of employees. 

There were only 200 target companies, but we were able to help DTL start conversations with corporate decision-makers, such as CEOs, CFO’s Corporate executives, of some of the largest companies in the world.  

We followed the same principle that we always do. And that’s building a list of ultra-targeted customers, and in this case, their ideal customers were decision-makers in the MLM space. 

Once our list was refined, we then sent out connection requests on Linkedin. Once a prospect connected, we then added personalization to our messages and asked for a meeting. We also ran campaigns if we couldn’t reach a prospect on Linkedin

The results were a success.

Our positive reply rate for DTL was: 36% 

SalesBread is a very responsive partner that drove:

1) Hundreds of new industry contacts

2) A positive result of 7% Qualified Leads to New Opportunities

3) Helped us understand what marketing content the prospects respond the most to.

I recommend using them.

Mike Lanni

VP Sales, DirectechLabs

Case Study 3: Report Mule

“Report Mule is a DIY utility to help you put reports together yourself. If you’re interested in the professional services company that’s behind Report Mule – at ITK Information Services we create media monitoring reports for companies which have a significant amount of press coverage on a daily basis.”

 Below are our stats for campaigns that we ran for Report Mule: 

Total Number of Prospects

Number of Prospects who Connected

Total Number of Positive Replies

50 qualified leads within 37 days

Here are some of the replies that we received: 


We do. And yes, but they need to be in the Knoxville area. Do you know anyone?


I’m on vacation though and hiring an assistant when I get back. Can you nudge me in about 3 weeks?

Happy to connect. If you’d like to schedule time for an intro call, you can reach me at (email) Always happy to connect with other founders in the PR space.

I am super interested in speaking with you and also this product. I am simply snowed under right now. I have clients that need clip reports and don’t know it. I will have a bit of downtime the week of the 20th…and we book something the afternoon of the 21st or like midday the 20th to have a conversation? Cheers,

Hi ###,

Thanks for reaching out. I’d like to learn more. Please email me at ####.com

Hi ###

Great to be connected! I’m interested in learning more, my team members handle clip reports but I’m always open to learning new methods to save time.

We could try my client {####} if you would like! Thanks!



Tell me about what you got going on

What was our strategy?

We needed to build a list of potential customers who would be interested in using a saas program that would automate clip reports, coverage tracking spreadsheets, media briefs, and even newsletters. 

The ideal buyer persona for Report Mule were CEOs, CFO’s, founders, and account supervisors. 

Once we had built a list of an ideal target audience, we then plugged it into Linkedin Sales Navigator and filtered it by 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

We then sent connection request messages to the right people and once they replied we then sent follow-up messages. As always our messages contain personalization; This could be a shared commonality, a compliment, or a question (CCQ method

We also follow up 3 times but from the word go, we always ask for a meeting. It’s important to address prospects’ pain points, and how a product can help them. 

Remember the 90/10 rule.. Speak about yourself 10% of the time for context and 90% of the time about the prospect. 

Our positive reply rate for Report Mule was 36%

Case Study 4: Joot 

“Joot is a SaaS technology that makes compliance more efficient. They provide tailored compliance services when you need extra help.

Our target prospects were:

CCO or Chief Compliance Officer at SEC traded investment firms. 

How did we build the list? Our python developer scraped the PDF files from SEC.gov and extracted the names of the companies and their CCO listed.

Then, we built a second process (using both human and AI tools) to find the LinkedIn address for each CCO worth targeting.

Plus, if you’re a compliance consultant (or a firm currently using one to handle compliance) our technology can be an even bigger game-changer.

Joot was founded to give everyone in the financial advisory industry a better way to get compliance done.” 

See our stats below: 

Number of Prospects

Number of Connection Requests Sent

Number of Prospects who Connected

Number of Positive Replies

This gives us a positive reply rate of 43.44% within 5 weeks

Here are some of the replies that we received

Hi Bo – I am interested in your concept. I would appreciate it if you could give me an idea of pricing. Sorry, too busy for a call right now. Thanks!

Please feel free to email me at (email)

Sure thing

Hi –I’d be happy to look at your platform.



Hi- Sure thing, please send more info and I’ll be happy to send some feedback!###

You have my attention, sir. What does Joot offer?

Let’s set up a zoom or video call in August. I am back in the office. Perhaps the 10th around 1:oo pst?

What was our strategy?

We had to create a list of prospects who were in the financial space, such as wealth managers, finance, and investments. We targeted the CEO, founders, and COOs of these companies, as they would ultimately be the decision-makers for reaching out to Joot. 

We contacted all prospects once our list was perfected via Linkedin and email (if we could not connect with them on Linkedin.) 

Commonalities were our focus in the messages, as well as personalization. During these messages, we always had a clear CTA, which ultimately was to book meetings. At Salesbread, we never “sell” in our messages, but rather allow our clients to close the deal. 

We find the leads, and get our clients foot in the door to discuss their product or service further on a call. (We also offer appointment setting services if you would like us to book the meetings for you.)

Case Study 5: Polymer

Polymer provides no code, data loss prevention, which extends the capabilities of compliance, legal, and security teams. They specialize in servicing healthcare, fintech, and insurance companies. 

Our target prospects were:

CFOs, VPs, founders, and COOs in the fintech, healthcare, and insurance space.

See out stats below:

Total Number of Prospects

Number of Connection Requests Sent

Number of Positive Replies

This gives us a positive reply rate of 12.8% in 8 weeks.

3 leads per day. 

See some of the replies we received for this saas marketing plan:

Hi. Interesting! Yes, that would be great. I have a visitor coming into town tomorrow but I’m pretty flexible on Tuesday, June 1 if you have any availability.

Hi.likewise. That sounds like interesting work, would like to hear more about it. And happy to share about my mba experience- really enjoying it so far…depending on the day enjoyment level varies lol

Sure, I can have a chat later today if you’d like. Say 2pm EST?

Hi. I have time this morning. 9 to 11 if that works.



Hello. TrustToken is in the process of evaluating data and privacy risks. Would you be willing to send your proposal to my work email – {######}

Yes, Thursday 1:30 works well!

I should have some time on Friday afternoon if that works? Otherwise, we can shoot for next week!

Hi, thanks for connecting! I look forward to exploring how we can help one another. Are you open to a quick phone call or zoom meeting in the next day or so?

Hi – these days, are packed. We are currently going through HITRUST certification and following very quickly is our URAC accreditation. I have time on July 2 after 11 am and prior to 2 PM central.

What was our strategy?

Polymer needed to get in touch with CFOs, founders, Chief executives in healthcare, fintech, and the insurance space. We initially had a large list of prospects, but once we refined our list to those who would be a perfect fit, it came down to about 939 prospects.

We reached out to various prospects via Linkedin messaging and Inmail. 

Once again, we researched each prospect and used personalization and commonalities to start conversations. We also mentioned pain points that prospects might be experiencing, and this led to our great reply rate. 

Side Note: Consider this first before you begin your marketing tactics

Before you hop into our playbook, you need to consider your SaaS price points. 


Because if you are selling a $9 a month product and I’m selling a $10,000 a month product, we would most likely have different strategies.


Remember that you need to know what you can afford before you acquire new customers.

And once you work that out, you can then go ahead and decide on how you are going to spend that amount before you acquire these new leads. 


It’s not quite like saying how much we can afford for PPC. Because when it comes to email marketing, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re going after, across the board it’s the same price.


Well, it takes the same amount of time and energy to build a list of plumbers, as it would a list of lawyers. Whereas if this was PPC, a click to get a lawyer’s attention compared to stay-at-home moms, would probably have quite different price points. 

But in this article, we are rather going to talk about how much time you’re going to bake into these campaigns and where that magic balance point is. 

What can you afford?

Depending on the cost of your company’s product price per month, you could think about having a small marketing team that handles different aspects of your campaign. 

You might be able to hire 3 or 4 people. One who does SDR, another who does prospecting, and another who does closing. If you could, you might even be able to hire one person who does qualifying calls. 

But this depends on the price of your Saas product

If you are selling a product in the high price bracket, then you could afford a small sales team, but if you are selling a product in the lower price field, you might not be able to do this. 

For more in-depth info on SaaS price points, click here

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