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We bring B2B companies 1 lead per day

We’ll bring you 20+ sales qualified leads per month using ultra-personalized LinkedIn + email outreach, or your money back.
Jack Reamer
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I invited Jack to speak at our Subversion Summit. I really like his substantive approach to cold outreach and I continue to refer people to him.

Perry Marshall

Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing

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Our Service

Done-For-You B2B Lead Generation Service

What to Expect

Today, most b2b companies lack the time and expertise needed to turn cold prospects into warm leads.

At SalesBread, we’ll bring you 1 qualified lead per day using ULTRA-PERSONALIZED LinkedIn messages and “warm emails”.

Let our outbound experts focus on sending you interested leads and booked appointments so you can spend your time doing what matters: closing.

The SalesBread Process

1. 60-Minute Campaign Strategy Session

2. List Building “Look-A-Like” Customers

3. Sales Research and Copywriting

4. Manual Personalization for Prospects

5. Multi-Channel Outreach (LinkedIn + Email)

6. Leads Delivered Daily

What others are saying…

Customer Testimonials

SalesBread is a very responsive partner that drove:

1) Hundreds of new industry contacts

2) A positive result of 7% Qualified Leads to New Opportunities

3) Helped us understand what marketing content the prospects respond the most to.

I recommend using them.

Mike Lanni

VP Sales, DirectechLabs

Jack is incredible to work with and within two months of getting started, we had generated over 100 new leads for our business.

I’d highly recommend working with him as you’ll find (like we did) that he will be a valuable part of your outreach strategy.

Clark Lagemann

Co-Founder of MedPro Wellness

We were impressed with his promise of 1 lead a day, and they overdid it and generated 88 leads in 7 weeks.

Way beyond exceptions I had for a lead generation agency. I would recommend their service to any company that wants to improve the number of qualified sales leads fast.

Lino Quagliariello

VP of Partnerships and Business Development, MDxBlocks

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B2B Lead Generation Tips

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How Our Done-For-You Lead Generation Service Works

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People often asked us

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

Expect your first lead to come in within 36 hours of launching our campaign. Then, every work day after that.

Do I have to agree to any long-term commitments?
Nope. It’s a month-to-month service. We keep clients by performance alone. We’re proud to have so many clients that work with us for years – But stay as long as you’re making money.
How much personalization do you add? Do you use those A.I. Personalization Bots?
No A.I. – ever. Our team of dedicated sales researchers knows how to dig for great lines that make your message stand out. (Hint: When researching your prospects… we google, listen to their podcast interviews, watch their Ted talk, read their personal bio on their company About pages, etc.)
Will you use my LinkedIn account?
Yes. We’ll make it look like you’ve suddenly found an extra 6 hours a day to do thoughtful, productive linkedin outreach to your ideal prospects, 5 days a week.
What if I want more than 1 lead per day?
We can do that. Just provide additional LinkedIn accounts from your colleges and we’ll multiply your results. (Our pricing is “scale-friendly” too.)
How good are your prospect lists?
Insane. E.g. We built a list of “personal injury lawyers that have been featured on podcasts”. Also, we built a list of “Product Managers at companies that have the words ‘slow customer support’ mentioned in their product review.”
Do I have to monitor my inbox for replies?
Nope. We’ll monitor your inbox and then email you when there’s a new lead ready to hear from you.
What kinds of replies/leads will I be getting? What do you consider a lead?
A lead works at the right company, with the right title and seniority AND replies with interest about your offer. This usually looks like a meeting/call request, or a direct question about your offer.
Do I need Sales Navigator?
Is there a wait list?
Yes. We normally run with a 3-5 week wait list. So if you’re looking to get this launched yesterday, well, we’re not a great fit.