20 of The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2024

By: Jack Reamer |
 May 1, 2023 |

Linkedin automation tools can make outreach, social media marketing, and management so much easier.

Basically, these tools send out connection requests, follow-ups, and even content for your feed automatically. 

You might want to automate everything or only certain things, depending on your business needs. 

For example, if you are running outreach campaigns, you could automate connection requests but have a person follow up in real-time.

Or if you have a Linkedin content schedule, these automation tools can really come in handy to streamline your workflow

So if you’re looking for a comparison guide on some of the best Linkedin automation tools out there, be sure to read this article. 

In it, we will discuss features, pricing, and reviews. 

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1. Expandi

We use Expandi at SalesBread.


Because we have found it to be the safest Linkedin automation tool. We have been using it for about 3 years now, and have never once had a client’s account blocked by Linkedin. 

We love this tool because it mimics human behavior, making it really hard for Linkedin to detect if it’s a bot.

Besides this Expandi has a dedicated IP address and isn’t a Chrome extension. 

Expandi also withdraws pending invites on autopilot which is a great feature. 

How does Expandi work?

Expandi basically sends Linkedin messages to your connections through an automated sequence. You can send connection requests, InMail messages, and skill endorsements. Expandi can also “like” posts and follow any Linkedin profile or company page automatically.

Expandi also allows you to only send 100 Linkedin connection requests per day, which is great because it means that Linkedin won’t restrict your account. You can also send up to 200 follow-up messages per day too. 

We suggest sending between 30-50 automated personalized messages per day with Linkedin lead generation because this kind of “human-like” behavior will ensure that Linkedin doesn’t pick up that you’re using automation tools.

How much does it cost?

Expandi starts at $99 per month, per seat. The good news is that they also offer a 7-day free trial to test whether you like the tool or not. 

Best Features

  • Not a Chrome Extension
  • There are limits in place for only sending 100 messages per day
  • User-friendly
  • Expandi offers integrations with other marketing tools.
  • Dedicated IP address

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2. Lempod

Lempod is an automation tool that is specifically used for recruiters, influencers, and marketers. 

How does Lempod work?

Lempod is a browser-based tool, so even though it can be great, you need to be weary that it doesn’t get your account blocked. 

If you are a recruiter you would basically create your post; (most probably be about your company.) 

Lempod will then 10 x your Linkedin post views, which will help with engagement, thus catching the attention of candidates. You can then start conversations with job candidates. 

If you are an influencer Lempod allows content makers to automatically support each other with mutual engagement. You would create content for your target audience on Linkedin.

Then you would join the right LinkedIn engagement pods with Lempod. 

Then add your post to Lempod and other members will automatically like/comment on your content. 

Lempod can also be used by marketers. For example, if you would like to direct your network to your blogs on your website, or an article that you have shared, you can use

Lempod to 10x your Linkedin post views.

Thus bringing in inbound leads from your Linkedin network.

How much does it cost?

You can also subscribe to a free 3-day trial if you would like to test the product out.

Best Features

  • Multiple user collaboration
  • Social media management 
  • Brand tracking and analytics

Lempod Reviews

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many reviews on Google, but one Reddit user said this:

Just be wary, as Linkedin could flag your account and temporarily restrict you.  

3. Demand

Demand is an Ai Sales assistant that is used to boost Linkedin sales. The product is built on live data from public 

sources and over 250M+ contacts and millions of sales engagement data points.

How does it work?

Demand sends out personalized Linkedin outreach and cold email messages. The tool also doesn’t require any typing on your part. 

Demand will also analyze your prospects’ replies and respond to them through automated messages.

How much does it cost?

There are various pricing options depending on your needs. Whether you need Demand for Sales or marketing. 

For sales, you can expect to pay $99 per user per month:

Above you can see the pricing for marketing with the features included. 

Best Features

  • People and company tracking
  • Filters
  • Data exports
  • Personalization at scale (Word from Salesbread – Always be weary of tools that send out too many messages.)
  • Email verification
  • A/B test sequencing

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4. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a must for all salespeople. If you are using the free version of the tool, it’s time to upgrade your Sales Navigator account

It makes Linkedin prospecting so much easier.

The only problem though is that you have to use the Linkedin search features the right way. Many sales teams make these common sales nav mistakes.

How does it work?

Sales Navigator allows you to target the right prospects on Linkedin by using advanced search filters. We go into detail on how to use Linkedin Sales Navigator in this article.

You can also use Sales Navigator to:

  • Send InMails
  • See lead recommendations
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • And receive real-time sales updates

How much does it cost?

There are 3 pricing tiers to choose from. The great thing about Linkedin Sales Navigator is that it also has a free trial and you can cancel anytime you like. 

Best Features

  • Advanced filters to find your ideal new leads
  • Alerts on your saved leads and accounts
  • CRM integrations with the Advanced Plus feature
  • 50 InMails a month for each option
  • Leads and account recommendations
  • Smart link and team links for the advanced and advanced plus option

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5. PhantomBuster

Phantom Buster offers various solutions for lead generation. From extracting lists of leads, to contact enrichment and even automating your outreach campaigns at scale. 

How does it work?

Phantom Buster is a powerful no code, cloud-based lead generation tool, and web scraping tool, that has more than 100 ready-made automations. 

It also includes pre-build workflows and offers easy integration with any CRM tool (including Hubspot). 

This tool allows you to generate leads from all major networks and websites. Including various social media platforms.

It’s quite an incredible tool, with so many different solutions. 

You can use it to:

  • Scrape and export Linkedin search results
  • Extract Linkedin users from a search group
  • You can also auto-connect with Linkedin users
  • Send automated LinkedIn messages

Here is a full list of Phantom Buster solutions.

How much does it cost?

PhantomBuster offers a 14-day free trial and no credit card is required. 

Best Features

  • Seamless web scraping for various platforms
  • Excellent customer support
  • Contact enrichment data
  • Automated outreach campaigns at scale

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6. TexAu

TexAu is another scraping tool and automation tool that allows you to extract data from the web and generate leads in minutes.

How does it work?

TexAu, lets you automate all your activities on various platforms, including Linkedin. They have  200+ powerful automations.

You can also use TexAu to extract and enrich your data or automate your growth strategy.

How much does it cost?

TexAu offers a 2-week free trial. 

Have a look at their pricing page to see what each option provides.

Best Features

  • Extract leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Scrape all members from Linkedin groups
  • Extract Sales Navigator company details
  • Linkedin profile scraper 
  • Find Linkedin company ID
  • Like all comments on Linkedin posts

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Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension, so this means that you will need to have Linkedin open the entire time, to run this tool. 

Dux-Soup is pretty popular because it allows you to connect automatically with quite a few prospects during your Linkedin campaigns.

The only problem though, we have had a few clients come to us in the past, who used Dux-Soup and had their profiles blocked on Linkedin. 

How does it work?

Dux-Soup automatically engages with prospects on LinkedIn.

This Linkedin automation software basically sends connection requests and campaign sequences (drip campaigns) with custom triggers and delays. 

How much does it cost?

Dux-Soup offers various pricing tiers, for individuals, teams, and agencies. You can see the various pricing options below.

Best Features

  • Automatically engages with your prospects
  • Endorses skills
  • Sends personalized connection requests and messages automatically
  • Delayed drip campaigns

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8. Zopto

Zopto allows users to find prospects through its advanced filtering features, remove emojis, cleanse data through AI, and view prospects’ Linkedin accounts.

You can also send automated messages on Linkedin, schedule posts, and promote your Linkedin groups

 Zopto also has a dedicated IP address and is cloud-based, which means that your

Linkedin accounts won’t stand the risk of being blocked, and your team can access data in the cloud. 

These are just a few features that Zopto offers. 

How does it work?

Basically, all you need to do is open your Zopto account and start conversations with your ideal target market through streamlined automation. You can schedule

Linkedin posts, send out tailor-made automated InMails, and connection requests, then follow up with an email sequence.  

How much does it cost?

You can expect to pay between $215 – $860 per month. If you choose the quarterly payment option you will save up to 30%.


Best Features

  • Auto profile views follow, endorsements, post liking
  • AI-assisted templates, posts, and follow-up messages
  • Smart LinkedIn Post Engagement
  • LinkedIn post scheduler
  • CSV import campaigns
  • Zapier integration and API access
  • CRM integration: Hubspot & Salesforce
  • Secure technology
  • Email: 5000 contacts/month, automated sequences, AND email enrichment, verification, and invites for LinkedIn campaigns

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9. Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is an automation that sends hundreds of personalized follow-up messages on Linkedin.

According to the developers you can 10 x replies by prospecting across various channels. 

How does it work?

When you run a LinkedIn campaign, Meet Alfred allows you to import your lead list using CSV files, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn posts, LinkedIn group members, or events. 

Alfred allows you to build customized prospecting sequences. You can also view profiles, and endorse skills to warm up your potential customers and automatically connect with them. 

How much does it cost?

Best Features

  • Supports Sales Navigator
  • Multi-channel automation
  • Social media post scheduling
  • InMail automation
  • Templates library

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10. We-Connect

We-Connect focuses on quality, rather than quantity outreach on Linkedin. They mention that they are the safest, most advanced, and affordable platform for Linkedin activities.

How does it work?

They offer various campaign options, and their automation tool does the following:

  • Invite new connections
  • Visit Linkedin profiles and endorse skills
  • Message groups
  • Auto follow prospects
  • Like posts

We-connect is a cloud-based tool with a dedicated IP address and it has limits set in place so that Linkedin doesn’t block your account. 

How much does it cost?

We-Connect has one pricing package that includes everything. You can either pay month to month or annually. The pricing is only $49 per month. 

Best Features

  • Smart reply management
  • Safe limits in place
  • Dedicated IP address
  • 7 Campaign types
  • Drip campaigns
  • Advanced dashboard and reporting
  • Easy functionality

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11. LinkedHelper

Linked Helper allows for smart b2b outreach on Linkedin. Their sales funnel automation lets you find clients and helps you turn them into loyal customers. This social selling tool is chrome based. 

How does it work?

Linked Helper seems to send out bulk messages. For example, they mention that their automation features include being able to send out 700 invites a week instead of Linkedin’s 100 invites. 

Another feature of Linked Helper is finding emails that are unavailable on Linkedin. 

They recently released an algorithm update that scrapes emails from your 1st-degree connections on Linkedin and uses internal reserves for a deeper search that then pulls up emails of third-degree connections. 

How much does it cost?

There is a 14-day free trial and the prices range between $15 – $45 per month. 

Best Features

  • There is an autoresponder for Linkedin, where you can reach out to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections
  • Message your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections that are in Linkedin groups.
  • Instead of sending just 100 invites a week you can turbocharge your outreach by sending 700 a week. (Be wary of this though.)

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12. Salesflow.io

Salesflow is a simple to use automation tool that can turn your lead generation into a sales machine. 

How does it work?

You can automatically use Salesflow to send 400 connection requests per month, along with 800 InMails. This tool also has a follow-up messaging sequence of up to 2000 per month. 

Salesflow helps save teams about 4-8 per week per sales rep. 

How much does it cost?

There are various pricing options available for businesses, teams, done-for-you, and agencies.

Best Features

  • Automatic connection request sending
  • Personalization targeting
  • Automatic sending of follow up messages
  • Powerful reporting and analytics. 


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13. Reply.io

Reply.io is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams automate & scale multichannel outreach, so they can generate more leads and grow revenue faster. Reply uses advanced inbound and outbound messaging technologies, for instance, chatbots and automatic messengers.”

How does it work?

Reply helps you build focused prospect lists based on data, as well as validate email contacts. You can also engage across multi-channel outreach platforms, like email, Linkedin, SMS, and Whatsapp. 

This engagement tool also integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and a few others.

How much does it cost?

Reply has 2 options to choose from, for either businesses and agencies. You can expect to pay between $60 – $90 per user, per month. 

  • Sales Engagement
  • Data Search

Best Features

  • Jason AI
  • Unlimited B2B data
  • Professional network automation
  • Email warm-up tool

Reply.io Reviews

14. Octopus CRM

Octopus is a simple-to-use Linkedin automation tool that has a wide range of features. From sending automated personalized Linkedin connection requests to visiting hundreds of profiles automatically.

How does it work?

Basically, Octopus CRM sends personalized connection requests, endorses skills, views Linkedin profiles, and sends Linkedin connection requests via email to bypass Linkedin limits, all automatically. 

Octopus allows you to build your own sales funnel that will simplify and streamline your workflow

How much does it cost?

If you choose to pay annually for Octopus CRM, you will receive a 33% discount. The pricing ranges from $6.99 per month – $24.99 per month. 

Best Features

  • Automatically send personalized connection requests 
  • Personal CRM with metrics
  • Bypass weekly invite limits by sending emails

Octopus CRM Reviews

15. Cleverly

“Cleverly uses data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns to send proven, personalized messages to your dream clients on LinkedIn”

How does it work?

Cleverly offers various services. From Linkedin lead generation to Linkedin marketing services like Paid ads and content. 

This tool ensures that your profile will send out personalized messages to your customers at scale. 

How much does it cost?

Because Cleverly offers so many different options, you might need to go to their site directly to see which option would suit your needs.

For example, if you would like to use Cleverly for Linkedin paid ads you can expect to pay $997 per month. 

Whereas if you choose Cleverly for Linkedin lead generation, you can expect to pay between $397 – $1197 per month. 

Cleverly Best Features

  • Unlimited outreach campaigns
  • Thousands of automated messages sent per month (Just be wary of this, if you have been a reader of our articles, you will know that high quality, low quantity is the way to go for getting qualified sales leads that lead to high conversion rates.)
  • They offer a full package if needed, from content marketing, to lead generation and paid ads.

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16. Sales Loft

Sales Loft offers a one-stop platform that when combined with your CRM creates a powerful sales tech stack.

How does it work?

Sales Loft allows your sales team to build pipelines, deliver revenue, retain customers, and accurately forecast future deals.

How much does it cost?

If you choose to use Salesloft you will have to sign a yearly contract with one Salesloft license per user, per year.

This is $2K. So you can expect to pay between $125 – $165 per user per month, depending on which package you choose. 

Sales Loft’s best features

  • Email and message scheduling
  • Workflow management
  • Powerful analytics dashboard 
  • Easy-to-use personalization tools

Sales Loft Reviews

17. LinkedFusion


“LinkedFusion is a Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool used to generate leads.

With LinkedFusion, you can create outreach campaigns as per your market niche requirements. Target different time zones, dedicated IP and measure metrics from multiple campaigns to gain insights of LinkedIn prospects.” 

How does it work?

LinkedFusion is an automation tool that provides a smart inbox, automated tried and tested team templates as well as personalization; When it comes to personalization you can personalize messages by using name, company, and location tags.

How much does it cost?

LinkedFusion Best Features

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Cloud-based
  • Templates
  • Team sync

LinkedFusion Reviews


Lead Connect lets you send connection requests and follow up automatically. Messages get sent out one by one as if you were sending the messages manually. 

How does it work?

Lead Connect automates the sales process on Linkedin by creating an easy-to-use “drip campaign.”

For example, a personalized connection request will be sent out, and then a follow-up message. Lead Connect sends out 10 follow-ups until the prospect replies. If your prospect replies, follow-ups are automatically stopped. 

This tool also offers team security, so that your SDRs don’t message the same prospect. 

How much does it cost?

You have the option to pay quarterly or month-to-month.  As you can see above there is a free version which might be nice to try out first to see if you like the tool. 

Best Features

  • LeadConnect sends a safe amount of connection requests per day. 
  • Team safety 
  • Personalized templates for inspiration

Lead Connect Reviews

19. Dripify

Create automated drip campaigns for your Linkedin outreach on autopilot.

How does it work?

All you need to do is import your leads, create a sequence with time delays, and select triggers. Lastly, you need to review your campaign and hit send. 

How much does it cost?

Dripify offers a free trial, as well as 3 pricing tiers to suit your company’s needs. 

Best Features

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Simple to set up drip campaigns
  • Advanced features dashboard and reports
  • A/B Testing

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20. UpLead

Uplead provides fresh b2b prospecting data that is accurate, allowing you to reach out to the right people who need what you’re selling. 

How does it work?

Uplead provides 95% accurate data for your outreach. When data doesn’t bounce, you will always find new sales-qualified leads in your pipeline. 

You can use 50 filters to find companies and contacts that match your ideal buyer.

You will then be able to grab their email address, phone numbers, and social media handles. You will also be able to see what technology they use and use that as a starting point in your conversation.

How much does it cost?

Best Features

  • 95% or more accurate data
  • Email verification
  • 50 search filters
  • Intent data

UpLead Reviews

A quick word from SalesBread

Most of these tools have similar features. But what we have found the most important thing to consider when choosing a Linkedin automation tool is:

  • It has to have a dedicated IP address
  • It should have safe limits in place so that you don’t overset Linkedin’s limits
  • Chrome extensions aren’t the best tools to use
  • Make sure that customer support has good reviews
  • Be cautious of tools that promise to send hundreds of messages a week, because this is a surefire way to get your Linkedin account restricted. 

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