Cleverly Reviews (Plus an Alternative Agency)

By: Jack Reamer |
 April 6, 2021 |

If you are looking to partner up with a top LinkedIn lead generation agency, and Cleverly has popped up onto your screen, you might want to read this article.

In it we will share recent Cleverly reviews, along with information about their LinkedIn lead generation agency; Such as pricing, their strategy and what they offer.

This can help you make an informed decision whether or not you would like to work with them.

We will also share a Cleverly alternative, Salesbread; Our clients know that when they partner up with us, they can expect 1 qualified sales lead per day.

(If you would like to see what our LinkedIn lead generation agency can do for you, read this article: The “1-Lead-Per-Day” LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency or hop on a free 15 minute strategy session with the founder of Salesbread.

10 Cleverly Reviews

Cleverly has a 4.6 star rating according to Clutch.

We will share 10 reviews and then discuss the pros and cons of hiring Cleverly.

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About Cleverly

Cleverly, founded in 2017, and is a LinkedIn lead generation company that specializes in helping businesses grow their client base through LinkedIn marketing and outreach.

The company uses targeted list building and personalized messages to connect clients with potential leads.

Cleverly’s services include:

  • LinkedIn lead generation

  • Cold email outreach

  • LinkedIn paid Ads

  • LinkedIn content services

  • LinkedIn recruiting

  • White label lead generation profile

How much does Cleverly cost?

Cleverly offers different pricing tiers for each service that they over.

For example, if you would like to hire them for LinkedIn lead generation you can expect to pay between $397 per month – $891 per month.

Cleverly Pros and Cons

The pros and cons mentioned in this section are based on customer reviews.


  • Fast communication

  • Effective lead generation for some companies

  • Good project management

  • Competitive pricing


  • Not all companies who hire Cleverly received good results

  • Some companies complained that Cleverly set unrealistic expectations and they were disappointment when there was a lack of results

  • The use of automated messaging can sometimes come off as impersonal or spammy, potentially harming a business’s reputation or annoying potential leads.

A Cleverly Alternative:

Salesbread the “1 lead per day” lead generation agency

1.  How is Salesbread different from Cleverly ?

Salesbread was established in 2014 and for the past 8 years we have run over 500 different campaigns for clients, across various fields;  When businesses partner up with us, they know that they can expect 1 guaranteed sales lead per day.

Here are some of the things that set us apart from Cleverly :

We personalize every single message that we send.

This is one of the biggest differences between Salesbread and Cleverly .

We believe in sending a few strategically personalized connection requests on Linkedin . 

Our messaging system is not a robotic Linkedin automation tool,  but rather personalized human interactions. We would rather send a few hundred messages to carefully chosen people than thousands of messages to people who might not be a good fit for your product/service.

Studies have shown that personalization works from HubSpot and Instapage :

  • Message personalization is the number one tactic used by email marketers to increase engagement rates.

  • More than 20% of marketers say personalization can improve engagement

  • 79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand.

Here’s our strategy in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Build an ultra refined prospect list based on your current buyer’s data

For a detailed read on how we do this, read this: The “1-Lead-Per-Day” LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency

Step 2 :Plug your refined list of accounts into LinkedIn Sales Navigator and filter by your 2nd degree network and recently posted

This allows us to find the right people to reach out to at these companies. It also helps us refined our list even further, so that when we send personalized messages, we know that these individuals will be more likely to say yes to a sales call.

Step 3: Send your prospects personalized messages

Before sending out our messages, we do a lot of research into potential prospects to make sure that they are a perfect fit for your company. This could be by checking out their LinkedIn profiles manually or searching them on Google.  

LinkedIn’s data-rich filters are also excellent for identifying the perfect prospects for your campaign. 

This ensures that our leads are qualified.

(Need some inspiration for your connection requests? Here are 60 free templates for you to edit and personalize.)

Step 4: Follow up consistently and ask for a booked sales call

Lastly our LinkedIn lead generation service will follow up consistently with prospects and ask for a booked sales call. We keep our call to action “low commitment”, which means it’s easier for the prospect to follow the call to action.

So instead of asking them for an hour sales call, we will ask for a quick 5 minute chat to see how we could be of assistance.

Here are some CTA examples:

  • Can we grab time Thursday afternoon to see if [MY COMPANY] aligns with your goals for this year?

  • Are you available for a quick meeting to discuss your use case and see if we can assist in any way?

  • Do you think it could help {{}}? If so, happy to tell you how (here’s my calendar) or show you a demo.

  • Would you be open to a high-level call to learn more?

  • Do you have 10 minutes in the next few days to see how video can generate sales and reduce acquisition costs for {{}}?

  • Would you have time {{=bday+2}} morning for a conversation?

  • Want me to coordinate with your assistant?

Does this work?

Well since 2019, SalesBread Clients have averaged a 19.98% Reply Rate with our ultra-personalized

LinkedIn Lead Generation Services. And… 48.14% of those replies were either meeting requests or qualified sales inquiries on their product or service. At SalesBread, we promise our partners “1 lead per day”.

Here are some reviews from our clients

For more testimonials:

How Salesbread differs from Cleverly

Your account stays safe from LinkedIn spam complaints because we do not spam prospects

Another way in which Salesbread is different from Cleverly . co is that we do not send thousands of messages, which could potentially spam prospects. ( Cleverly states on their landing page that they send thousands of messages to prospects each month)

The problem with sending thousands of Linkedin messages is that people often ignore them, especially if the messages are generic templates . People can spot these from a mile away, and many times they just hit delete. 

Besides this, Linkedin does not appreciate spam, therefore your account could end up getting blocked. So the best alternative would be to avoid companies that spam prospects for lead. 

If you’re sending thousands of messages to the wrong prospects, you are just wasting valuable time and money. 

Get alerts on new leads. expects you to keep checking your LinkedIn inbox daily or by the hour, leaving you hoping to find new leads that come in.  

With Salesbread, you don’t have to do that. We will send you an email or a text, if you prefer, so that you will be alerted every time a new reply comes in that is ready for your attention.

This saves you hundreds of hours every week, combing through uninterested messages that Cleverly generates.

We’ll book meetings for you.

If you give us your counter link and someone replies to you, willing to meet up, we will take the next step and book the meeting for you. 

All you have to do is handle the call. We offer a complete prospect to booking service. 

Only speak with qualified prospects thanks to our obsession on list building.

When it comes to list building, we obsess. We want to make sure that we are 100% spot on before we launch. In that way, you are not getting out-of-scope leads.

We will show you versions of your lists and different steps.  We will work one on one with you to get the list perfect.

Our clients work directly with Jack, the founder of Salesbread

We also won’t hand over your campaign to an accounts manager, who might not know everything there is to know about your business; or who might not have the experience to help you find your ideal targets . 

Jack, the founder of Salesbread, will work directly with you. He is a leader in his field of outbound lead generation.

From Linkedin outreach to cold emails, and has the experience to help you find those leads, allowing you more time to close them. 

Jack has been writing outbound sales copy since 2014, and he is also the co-host of the Cold Email Outreach Podcast.

(How many founders are actively involved in their client’s campaigns? The answer? Very few. So unless you enjoy working with rookie account executives, this sets Salesbread apart from many other business owners out there.)

 Working along with Jack is also a great opportunity for startups .

With Jack’s treasure trove of knowledge, there is much that new business owners can learn about how to use social media platforms to their advantage when it comes to lead gen. 

Jack manages each and every campaign with his experienced sales team, (no white labeling) thus ensuring success.

How much does Salesbread cost?

Salesbread offers free 15 minute sales strategy calls, but if you decide to partner up with us, our service essentially replaces the need for a trained Outbound Sales Rep at your company — for less than half the cost of a full-time salary. 2-3k/month

In conclusion

Cleverly is a decent lead generation agency with a 4.6 star rating according to Clutch.

But if you would like to work with an alternative agency, Salesbread is a great option because of how we do certain things differently like: 

Send personalized messages, no robotic automation

We start by first analyzing your current customers and what would be your ideal target market.

This way, we can use data from your CRM to learn exactly who is converting to a deal so that we know the best prospect to go after.

We then send ultra-personalized messages to draw prospects in.

You will work along with Jack the founder of Salesbread

We will not hand over your campaign to an accounts manager or white label. You will work along with Jack directly to make sure that you get great results. 

We also offer appointment setting services

If you would like us to set up meetings for you, we can do this too. All you have to do is handle the call. We offer a complete prospect to booking service.

We will alert you to new leads

We will send you an email or a text, if you prefer, so that you will be alerted every time a new reply comes in that is ready for your attention.

This Saves you hundreds of hours every week, combing through uninterested messages that Cleverly generates.

1 qualified sales lead per day

At Salesbread we promise our clients 1 lead per day.

If this sounds good to you, hop on a free 15 minute strategy session below to see how we can help your business grow.