How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost in 2024

By: Jack Reamer |
 September 8, 2023 |

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. People use this platform for various things; From prospecting to recruiting and furthering careers. 

This social media platform is loved by sales teams and job-seeking individuals alike.

But if you are currently using the free version, you have probably noticed that LinkedIn often advertises upgrading to LinkedIn Premium

You have the following options to choose from depending on your needs:

  • Linkedin Premium Career 
  • Linkedin Premium Business
  • Linkedin Premium Sales Navigator Core
  • Recruiter Lite

In the article below we will discuss the cost of each option along with features. 

Linkedin Premium – Why it’s beneficial in comparison to a free account

Linkedin Premium offers a ton of features which the free option doesn’t offer.

For example, you can see who has viewed your profile, you will have access to InMails which means that you can message people who aren’t in your network.

You will also have access to LinkedIn learning and more search features, which means that if you are a recruiter or a business owner you will have more advanced search filters for making a hire or finding the right people/businesses to reach out to.

Besides all of this, using Linkedin Premium allows for improved job search functionality and applicant insights. You will also be able to elevate your company’s personal brand and this in turn will attract hiring managers

One of the best features is that you will have access to personalized insights and use this data to enhance your LinkedIn strategy.

There are 2 options with various tiers:

You could either use LinkedIn for your career or for business. 

According to LinkedIn, Premium members are 2.6 X more likely to get hired on Linkedin; or if you are using the tool for business you will have access to over 30 million companies with valuable data.

We will discuss all the plans below, along with prices and features.

Linkedin Career Features

  • 5 InMails per month
  • See who has viewed your profile and how many profile views you received in the last 90 days. This will allow you greater insights into your online presence.
  • Open profile
  • Job applicant insights which means that you can see how you compare to other job applicants.
  • Top applicant job recommendations
  • Company insights
  • Resume insights
  • Access to 16 000 + Linkedin learning courses
  • Full access to Interview Preparation tools
  • Salary insights allow you to see salary details before you apply for a job. 

Linkedin Career Pricing

$39.99 per month

There is also a free 30-day trial available. You also have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

LinkedIn Premium for Business

Linkedin Business Features

LinkedIn business allows you more InMails, as well as other features such as “who has viewed your profile” in the last 365 days. 

LinkedIn business helps companies promote and grow their business while getting 4x more profile views.

  • 15 InMails per month
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile over the last 365 days
  • Unlimited People Browsing
  • Open Profile
  • Exclusive insights into data
  • Stay informed about companies of interest
  • Job and applicant insights
  • Top Applicant Job recommendations
  • Company insights
  • Resume insights
  • 16,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses
  • Full access to Interview prep tools

Linkedin Business Pricing

$59.99 per month

Linkedin Sales Navigator Core

Salesbread is a huge fan of Linkedin Sales Navigator.

We use it for building prospecting lists and reaching out to the right people on Linkedin. This is a great tool for all sales professionals

Their Smart algorithm helps you find lead recommendations whilst doing lead generation

It also has unlimited searches and real-time updates for sales teams. CRM integrations and automation features allow for efficient sales outreach. 

But just be wary, we have found that if Sales Navigator isn’t used the right way, it’s only 33% accurate when building a prospecting list.

Have a look at this video where we explain why:

Before you choose to use Linkedin sales navigator, read our article: Linkedin Sales Navigator Search Tips

Linkedin Sales Navigator Core Features

  • Sales Navigator platform
  • 50 InMails per month
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile over the last 365 days
  • Unlimited People Browsing
  • Custom lead and account lists
  • Advanced lead search and account search
  • 10,000 saved leads
  • Lead recommendations and saved leads
  • Open Profile
  • Exclusive insights to get ahead
  • Stay informed about companies that you are interested in and see how other job applicants compare. 
  • Real-time alerts on your leads and accounts
  • Company insights
  • Resume insights
  • Access to 16,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses
  • Full access to Interview Preparation tools

Linkedin Sales Navigator Core Pricing

$99.99 per month for the professional plan

$149.99 per month for the sales team plan

Linkedin Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter offers all the features of LinkedIn Premium for business but it helps you find candidates faster and reach out to top talent directly. 

Linkedin Recruiter Features

  • 30 InMails per month
  • Access to your 2nd and 3rd degree networks
  • 20+ advanced search filters
  • Candidate search alerts
  • Candidate recommendations daily
  • Search with smart suggestions
  • Personalized outreach with saved templates
  • Post a free job
  • Projects for organization and tracking
  • Job applicant comparisons
  • InMail performance insights
  • Jobs analytics
  • Company insights
  • Access to 16,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses
  • Full access to Interview Preparation tools

Linkedin Recruiter Pricing

$2,399 per year for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

$8,999+ per year for LinkedIn recruiter

Is a LinkedIn Premium membership worth It?

Depending on your needs, a LinkedIn premium membership could be worthwhile.

From sending more InMails, to unlimited searches and analytics, this tool could make a great difference to your outreach, company visibility, recruiting and career. 

In fact, LinkedIn stats show that they are 4.6 X more effective than cold email. Plus, if you aren’t happy, you can cancel your LinkedIn premium account at any time.

To recap: How much does Linkedin Premium cost?

  • Linkedin Premium Career: $39.99 / month
  • Linkedin Premium Business: $59.99 / month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional: $99.99/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team: $149.99/month
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite: $2,399/year
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: $8,999+/year

If you are still unsure you can always contact LinkedIn support and ask them for more details to help you choose which plan is best for you. 

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