How To Master Email Marketing Segmentation With Powerfacet

By: Jack Reamer |
 October 29, 2015 |

If you’re a self-respecting email marketer…

  • You know what segmentation is.
  • You know why you should segment your list.
  • You know how to segment your list.

But if you’re like the 52% of marketers surveyed by Hubspot, you have a “great need to improve your email database segmentation.”

So if you want to get better at segmentation, I’m about to show you a new and easy tool to do this. But before we dive in, let’s review why it’s so important to segment your list.

According to Mailchimp, these are the improvements you’ll see once you segment your campaigns: segmentation

The bottom-line: Segmenting your list gets you more opens, clicks and sales.

Why is segmentation such an effective way to improve email campaigns?

Your Buyers Aren’t All the Same

It’s true. Right now, without even looking at your email database, you know it’s made up of contacts who are at varied stages of interaction with your business.

Some subscribers know your brand well and are repeat customers.
Others may have just recently opted-in to your list and have no idea what you sell or why they should buy from you.

Clearly these 2 groups should not receive the same messages, right? So by segmenting this list, you’re creating relevant messages for each subscriber.

Of course, there are many other ways to “slice ‘n dice” your list than length of time.

For example, if you’re an SaaS company, you’d want to segment to send your list the right message at the right time. (Relvelancy is key to better email marketing.) This is why SaaS company Vero has divided their list into 54 different segments!

It’s also how the Obama campaign raised $500 million using email marketing. They segmented this to identify supporters who donated to their 2008 campaign. Then they send those supporters a releveant message about “renewing their support.”

Here’s the email they used:


Okay. You get it. Segmenting is awesome. But if you’re still struggling with segmentation, you’re not alone.

According to Hubspot, 32% of marketers say segmenting their email database is one of their organization’s top objectives in the next 12 months.

Why are we lacking in the segmenting department?
2 reasons.

  1. Segmenting is hard.
    Segmenting requires you to consider your audience, divide it into rational parts and create content for them. This isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a dedicated email marketing dpartment.
  2. Segmenting takes lots of time.
    You’re already busy. And your email marketing is already effective right? But c’mon. You know it could be better if you only had time to dive into your ESP and figure out the details. Oh, and then there’s the time for creating the content.

I found myself thinking… If only there was another way… Until I spoke with the founders of Powerfacet. Then I got quite excited because they’re on a mission to make segmentation easier for every marketer.

Enter Powerfacet

Powerfacet is a software company that lets marketers segment their audience in one click. Best of all, they take the guess work out of segmenting your list!

Their vision is to automatically segment based on your list and the keywords in your email… but that’s another story.

This week, the founders gave me a look behind-the-scenes at their product. They’re doing some amazing things that I’m excited to share with you:

1) Fast Segmentation Tools

With the unique Search and 1-Click Segments features, you can easily locate campaigns, build recipient segments, and export to ESP in record time so you can send better messages – faster.

2) Keyword Analysis

Use Powerfacet’s detailed keyword analysis of your subject and message to build segments that increases response rates based on campaign data.

3) Smarter Segmenting

Instead of using “friction inducing keywords” that appear in email subject and body, Powerfacet will help you use the keyword metrics provided by the search results or campaign view so you know the best keywords to use.

4) Visual Email Campaign Metrics

Easily compare key metrics of many campaigns in a single view. Learn from the best performing keywords to increase response rates and decrease churn.

How does Powerfacet work? It uses 3 features that help individual users perform

Data Extraction
Campaign and response data is continually pulled from your ESP. This is a multi-pass incremental process, depending on ESP restrictions the ETA for completion may vary.

Content Insights
Using NLP algorithms, keywords and entities are extracted and correlated with campaign response data. Final data is persisted for search and segmentation.

1-Click Segments
Using innovative UI and efficient analytical techniques, 1-Click Segments simplifies the process of building your segments from response data, and keyword metrics.

Want to try Powerfacet? Click here for an invite.