Is Lead Generation Worth It? 67 Qualified Leads in 8 Weeks

By: Jack Reamer |
 February 20, 2023 |
“SalesBread sent us 67 leads in 2 months! My team was looking for a partner who could help us start conversations with training managers and directors. Jack is a great partner and the changes he implemented have streamlined our process. With his expertise in the industry, Jack also provided ideas about best practices and future strategies.”
Jennifer Chien

Instructional Designer & Learning Consultant, Advantageous Learning Solutions

ADLS Case Study

Investing in lead generation services is worth it when you choose to partner up with the right company. ADLS reached out to SalesBread and as you can see in the above testimonial they felt that lead gen was worth it.


Because within 2 months their sales team had 67 qualified leads to reach out to thanks to the lead generation strategies that SalesBread uses. 

In this case study we will peel back the layers and share how we generated new leads within 2 months, as well as some of the replies we received from prospects. 

(This is just one case study of many where Linkedin lead generation has proven to be an excellent source for finding potential clients

Within the past 24 months SalesBread has generated close to 7000 qualified sales leads for our clients. Interested in learning more? Hop on a free 15 min strategy consultation call with us and find out how we can help.)

ADLS lead generation campaign stats 

Sales Qualified Leads in 2 Months


Reply Rate

Positive Replies Per Day

Here are some replies we received 

I am free Friday afternoon, do you have a time then that works for you.
Hi ####

That definitely sounds like a conversation right up my alley! I’m free after 4:30 this Thursday. How does this work for you?

Thank you J####  Nice to know you want to learn hindi.

We can connect next week – Tuesday or Wednesday.

We have a small team and we provide training services to Enterprises and Government clients. We can explore synergy. Thanks ###

Hi ####

Great to connect. Here is a link to connect.




Let’s connect tomorrow
Good Day Miss ###! Absolutely! Let’s do chat! I have Trained some of the Most Successful Associates in North America for ###, and of course Having Ran the Training Department for #### Commercial Division was my true Passion because I also Did TIA Training for Sooooo many ### across North America. ZERO Accidents.

Anyway, calendar looks great for Tomorrow 13th after 1:00 pm eastern or possibly Friday 14th after 2:00 pm eastern.

Cell: #### I do teach a Method ( my own ) that just works. Always will. Be safe. W####


We can catch up on Monday at 3pm IST , if that works for you
Hi ###  thanks for your note and connecting! Friday afternoons are usually pretty open for me if you’d like to have a virtual chat. Id be interested to hear what you are up to. Are you happy with your work today or considering changes?

Some Background on ADLS is a course design service. They use advanced e-learning software to transform your expertise into engaging videos, games, quizzes, and more. 

Automate your business. Reach more students. Save time. Get more workers on the job, fast.”

Here’s an example of what ADLS would do for their prospective clients:

Imagine IBM creates a new product. IBM might be hiring 50 salespeople to both support and sell this new product. What ADLS will do is help IBM develop a training program that will quickly help these new reps learn how to support and sell this new product.

ADLS will speed up the learning process so that the company doesn’t have a giant learning curve, where results are stagnant after the first few months of releasing the program. 

Why they reached out to SalesBread

ADLS is a relatively new business that has been doing great work and has had tons of awesome reviews. But the business owner, Jennifer, was mainly finding exclusive leads through referrals

But what Jennifer wanted was to reach out to larger companies, and more specifically training directors at these large companies. She wanted these bigger companies to know about her work.

And this is exactly what we did for her. 

Who we targeted in our outreach

After analyzing data from ADLS and chatting to Jennifer on a strategy call, we decided that the best number of leads would come from the following target audiences:

We were going to target larger companies (1000 + employees) but companies who specifically had job title descriptions such as: 

  • Training director
  • Learning 
  • Director of education
  • Program services
  • Production
  • Trainer

These companies had to have somebody responsible for training.


Because if they didn’t, it showed us that they weren’t really prioritizing training.

This meant that these companies wouldn’t have much of a pain point for ADLS’s services. 

So we needed to ensure that there was staff responsible for training at these companies. 

When analyzing data we saw that the companies who purchased from ADLS were businesses that had someone responsible for training.

So it was a no-brainer, we knew these companies would have better conversion rates

ADLS also wanted us to go after businesses in the following industries: 

  • Large US Healthcare companies
  • Global IT companies 

What’s the lesson here?

If you’re reading this, it’s important to know that at SalesBread we always look out for “job title” signals when building a list of potential customers


Because this helps us figure out if a company is spending money in a particular area, and this will help us prioritize which accounts to reach out to. 

For example:

We could go after Zapier because they are a really big IT company.  

So far they seem to be a good fit because the company size is between 500-1000 employees and it’s an IT company. 

But they may not have somebody specific for training at their company. 

So we would then check it out…


Yes… As you can see in the above screenshot, Zapier does have a training team lead. So they would be a great fit for the online lead generation campaign.

But it’s important to note that we did say no to other companies who seemed like a perfect fit because they didn’t have a team for training. 

This narrowed our list down and helped us reach out to the right people who had the pain point that ADLS could fix. 

But… We even took the list building a step further…

If you’ve been reading our articles for some time, you will know that we don’t stop at basic list building like many other lead generation companies out there. 

On our kick-off call with Jennifer, we asked her a lot of questions about who her perfect customers are. And interestingly she mentioned that two of her last clients were recently hired at that company. 

So we followed up with that, and basically, we got to the conclusion that people who had been recently hired at a company were more likely to seek out consulting help to ensure that they do a great job at their new position. 

For example, if an employee had been head of training at IBM for the past 20 years, they would be very unlikely to invest in a consultant at that stage. 

We, therefore, used a filter to make sure that the people we reached out to had been working at the company for less than 1 year. 

At SalesBread we don’t put all our eggs into 1 basket

We wanted to spread the risk around by not putting all our eggs into one basket. 

So we wanted to find another segment to target, so we could test to see which one was more effective.  

Jennifer mentioned in our kick-off call that certain certification associations would refer ADLS to different companies who were trying to get a particular certification pass at their company. 

As mentioned above we made use of web scraping efforts to find potential leads by referrals too. 

So with our web scraping efforts, we made a list of all of the top certification associations in the United States, like IAPP, for example.

NOTE: This entire list-building process takes an entire week to perfect.

We also make use of ultra-personalized outreach messages & follow-ups

At Salesbread we have a personalization expert.

She will research every person on the list and write an ultra-personalized message for them. 

We make use of the CCQ method, which means we will either:

Compliment the prospect

Example: “Jack, loved your article on intent-based keywords for SEO and content marketing. Would love to connect with you here on Linkedin..:”

Mention a commonality

Example: “Jack, I see that we both work in real estate lead generation, would love to know how your company handles (pain point?)”

Ask a question

Example: Jack, would love to have you featured on our social media page. Would this be something on your radar? 

(BONUS: Read this article for 60 connection request template examples that you can use to reach out to your own leads.)

We also nurture leads by sending follow-ups. In our follow-ups, we will add more personalization, and reach out at least 5 times, but wait 3 days between each follow-up

And… We always include a clear Call to Action 

Once the prospect has connected with us, we will follow up between 3 and 5 times and always ask for a booked meeting.

This marketing strategy works.

Some sales teams don’t always feel confident to ask for a meeting, but it’s important to do so. 

The reason?

We never sell in our messages. When we reach out to prospects it’s simply to get our foot in the door to open the way for a booked sales call. 

Here are some examples we have used in the past for our b2b marketing endeavors:

Notice the CTAs are low commitment. The more you ask from the prospect, the less likely they will respond. Always make it as easy as possible for the prospect to respond.

ADLS received 30 booked sales meetings from our outreach marketing campaign on Linkedin

If the above resonates with you…

…And your company is looking for a good lead generation company that ensures return on investment, by guaranteeing 1 qualified sales lead per day, hop on a free 15-minute consultation call with us today. 

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