Behind The Scenes of “The Lead A Day” B2B Prospecting Agency

By: Jack Reamer |
 February 14, 2023 |

Everyone who partners up with Salesbread knows we deliver 1 qualified sales lead per day. 

But our clients also know this process isn’t a “quick fix”. 

At Salesbread we don’t “spray and pray” and hope for thousands of leads.

Instead, our b2b lead generation strategy has been tried and tested over a decade, and has evolved into the killer process we have today. 

(In fact, it takes us a week to build a list of prospects before we even begin our outreach campaigns.)

So whether you’re trying to find more qualified b2b sales leads for your business, and don’t know how to do it exactly, or if you don’t have the time for lead gen and would like to hire a lead generation agency like Salesbread, this article can help.

In this article, we will share how our agency works behind the scenes, which contributes to our lead-a-day guarantee.

(This can give you some ideas for your own outreach, or if you like what you read, you can hop on a free 15-minute consultation call with Salesbread for 20+ guaranteed leads per month.)

Our Lead Generation Service Stats

In the last 24 months we have generated 6961 qualified sales leads for our clients.


Connection Acceptance Rate


Positive Reply Rate

Guaranteed Sales Lead Per Day

Behind the scenes

It all starts with a 1-hour strategy kick-off call

We want all our readers to know that before we even dive into any outreach campaign on Linkedin or email, every client engagement starts with a 1-hour strategy kick-off call. 

(Below is a testimonial we received recently.)

And since we have been doing this for 9 years (Linkedin outreach) we know that if you are looking for an outbound partner, you should learn from the first call:

  • The exact strategy that the agency will use for your campaign
  • Who your hottest list of leads are and how the list will be built
  • Which segments make the most sense to target, so that you minimize the risk of your outreach.
  • What needs to be said in your messaging in order to get the maximum number of positive responses.
  • What call to action to ask
  • What pain points will be mentioned in order to drive the sale home

So we want our future clients to know that this is where good engagement should start for getting high-quality leads

If you’re looking at working with other lead gen agencies, that’s okay, but they have to be able to tell you in detail all of the above points within that first consultation call.

Because if they can explain the above points to you in fine detail, you know you’re in for a successful partnership. 

We obsess about list building and have invested in various lead-generation tools.

At SalesBread we don’t just stop at basic targeting.

As we mentioned above it takes us an entire week to build the perfect list of prospects before we even begin our outreach campaign. 

And because our lead lists are so refined, it ensures that we reach out to the perfect buyer personas for your company. 

Meaning, more qualified sales leads, which bring in more closed deals for your business.

Here’s an example of how we dig deeper when it comes to list building: 

If your company is looking for sales opportunities in the healthcare space we will ask the following questions: 

  • What kind of healthcare companies would be ideal to go after? Hospitals? Clinics? Mental health services? Health insurance?
  • What is the size of the company that you’re looking to target? 0-50 employees? Hospitals with more than 100 beds? $30 Billion in annual revenue?
  • What services do they offer? Emergency? Day clinic? Outpatient? Psychiatric care?
  • What departments or employees do they have? Marketing? HR? Tech assistance?

We ask all of these questions to find your ideal target audience. It’s our job to analyze your CURRENT BUYING based on 34 different signals and attributes

We then look at these common buying patterns and build look-alike lists of your ideal client based on data. 


We don’t just say, “Okay, you need VPs in the healthcare space.” We narrow down the list until it’s perfect. When we do this, it ensures that there isn’t much risk of failure. 

If lead lists are basic, you’re increasing the risk of lead gen failure, which we don’t want for our clients. 

The video below explains how we would build a list by looking at data:


We always ask our clients WHO has purchased from them within the last 6 months. This is a starting point of who would be the best potential customers to go after. 

For example:

  • Which companies are purchasing from you? Saas? Healthcare? Marketing agencies?
  • Where are these companies based? UK? USA? Africa?
  • Have these companies been recently funded?
  • Which job titles are buying from you? CTOs? CEOs? Head of marketing?

All of this information helps us paint a picture of your ideal customer, which in turn helps us build in-depth lists, and in-depth lists = qualified leads

We also use various prospecting tools such as:

At SalesBread we spend thousands of dollars a month on prospecting tools. 

We don’t just use Linkedin Sales Navigator. 

Why? Because the data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be hit and miss. 

These 3rd party tools provide us with better data and help us triple-check info (contact information, decision-makers, etc..) in order for us to be 99% accurate when building lists. 

Read this article on why Sales Navigator isn’t always 100% accurate.

Here are some of the other tools we use to optimize our lists:

  • Linkedin sales navigator
  • Bombora
  • Apollo
  • Crunchbase
  • Zoominfo
  • Expandi

We pay for these tools, so you don’t have to. 😉 And if you would like more info on these tools and how we use them, read this article. 

Our list-building efforts are always triple-checked before we begin the campaigns

When it comes to list building we have two experts who help to build prospect lists for clients. But, Jack will always be the recipe creator of the lists.

For example, Jack will always work with our clients personally to form the strategy on what list needs to be built.

And then we will use one of the list builders on our sales team to help execute that strategy. 

We feel that this personal touch differs from bigger lead-generation companies, where clients are often handed over to sales reps or managers who might lack experience.

With Salesbread our clients always work along with Jack, the founder of Salesbread. 

This gives them the peace of mind that their lead-generation campaigns will always be handled by an expert who has over a decade of experience in outreach.

We have 2 web developers on our team

These developers help us with web scraping projects (go into detail on web scraping for list building.)

For example, we might need information scraped off the Google play store (like the top educational apps) or off the Listen Notes directory for law firms.

Build a list of every asset management firm in Europe, but make sure that they do not specialize in venture capital – our developers would build scrapers to analyze the keywords on each target account website to qualify prospects before we reach out. 

Our team also consists of two personalization experts

Sales prospecting will only work if messages are customized. Stats prove this time and time again. 

This is why we have two personalization experts on our team whose sole job is to research each and every prospect on the list and write personalized messages specifically for the prospect.

Here’s a reply we recently received from a prospect on Linkedin:

Why do our marketing campaigns get these kinds of replies?

Because of the amount of effort and personalization, our experts put into their copywriting. 

During their research they will either:

  • Google the prospects
  • Watch interviews that they have been in
  • Read articles that they have written
  • Or even check out which groups they belong to on Linkedin

This kind of research gives them enough information to either:

  • Ask the prospect a question about something
  • Share a compliment with them
  • Or mention a commonality

Watch the video below on our CCQ method for writing outreach messages that get replies:

Here are some examples of messages that our  experts would write:

Hey (Name)  Came across your profile and saw you work in real estate. I’m reaching out to connect with other like-minded people. Would be happy to make your acquaintance.

Have a good day!


(Name) LinkedIn showed me your profile multiple times now, so I checked what you do.  I really like your work and as we are both in the creative industry – I thought I’ll reach out. It’s always great to be connected with like-minded individuals, isn’t it?

(Your Name)


Hey (Name) I hope your week is off to a great start, I noticed we both work in the HR/Employee Experience field together. I would love to connect with you.


Listening to you now & subscribed! Just stumbled upon your podcast and wanted to say thank you for sharing your insights using them to help land a lead gen job. Thank you!

We ask our clients “the million dollar question” before we write any copy

At Salesbread we always tell our clients to imagine that they were standing on a stage and had 100 of their ideal buyers in front of them.

What would they say to these potential new clients to buy their products? What’s your elevator pitch?

We ask our clients to answer the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of your product or service? 
  • What do you have that makes your product better compared to competitors?
  • What credibility, social proof, figures, and stats do you have that show what you have done for your clients? 
  • Do you have a lot of users?
  • Have you been featured in a magazine? 

What can we say as a marketing team that will make a total stranger believe what you are telling them?

We also follow up with prospects in real time and not with automation tools

Many other providers make use of automation for everything when it comes to Linkedin outreach

At SalesBread we use tools like Expandi, but always ensure that our SDRs reply in real-time and not as a random automation tool that gives the same response.

If you use automation for everything people aren’t going to reply to your messages. Personalization is important from the beginning of the campaign all the way to the end. 

We also follow up between 3 and 5 times, with a 3-day interval between each message.

If a potential client doesn’t reply to our Linkedin messages, we will add them to a cold email campaign.

Below are some examples of follow-up messages that we have used in the past:

Do some testing first to see if outsourcing a lead gen agency is worth your while

We don’t want our clients or readers to lose out on their hard-earned money. Linkedin outreach and cold emails work, but they might not be the best fit for every single business. 

So try this as an example:

If you have 100 perfect prospects, and you give your pitch, how many of these people would buy from you? If that number is less than 20%, we don’t recommend you do cold outreach.

Here’s why:

Imagine if we had to reach out to 1000 prospects for you. 

If you have a 22% (220 people) connection rate on Linkedin and of those 80% (176 people) are going to see your message. 

From that amount (176), if you’re getting a 30% reply rate (which is pretty standard for Linkedin outreach) you will be getting about 50 responses. 

This means that we are dealing with small numbers when you look at sales outreach. This is not something where you drive millions of clicks to a landing page.

Instead, you’re dealing with potentially 50 replies. 

And if only 20% of the people who saw the message care that number is too low. You need to have something propelling it upwards. It needs to be greater than that number. That’s a nice threshold to look out for.

And the campaigns that do really well, better than 50%, actually care about what your offer looks like. 

These are the campaigns that we like to work with. 

For founders out there who are searching for this service, do yourself a favor and make sure that you can get that number above 20% before you start worrying about spending money on an agency to help you with this.

We are pretty picky with who we choose to work with – Here’s why:

Salesbread is a boutique lead generation agency, and we only take on a few b2b companies at one time. 

We like to keep this number low, because it allows us to focus 100% on each client, and this ensures that our promise of 1 lead per day is fulfilled; so oftentimes new clients will find that they might be on a short waiting list before we can onboard them.

But at the same time, we have also chosen not to work with clients who don’t seem very nice to work with. 

We have a “no jerk policy” and this means that we would like to work with clients who show our team the same amount of respect that we show to them. 

At Salesbread we really love our clients and we enjoy working with our partners but there is a bit of intention behind it.

During a sales call, if there isn’t that mutual respect, we are quick to suggest that they work with another agency for their lead generation needs.

Certain industries aren’t always a great fit for Linkedin outreach (Less than 1 lead per day) like selling:

  • Any marketing services to e-commerce stores (like email marketing to e-commerce). Tools we can sell to e-commerce, but we have found that Linkedin isn’t the best channel for selling marketing services to e-commerce stores.
  • Benefit packages to employees at different businesses. It’s just too competitive and there isn’t a clear differentiator.

Also note, we aren’t an appointment-setting agency and only specialize in Linkedin, cold email, and sms outreach. (We don’t do cold calling either.)

Some fun behind-the-scenes facts about Jack and the team

Jack has tried working at “We Work” and he can’t stand it. Instead, he takes all his calls from his house.

He’s really happy to podcast and set up client campaigns from his home. This also allows him to spend time with his kids and he enjoys having lunch with them most days.

He also uses a tool called which is a noise-cancellation software; this helps remove background noise. 

He also makes use of a green screen, which allows him to still make content and handle client meetings.

These tools help the work process run smoothly, while the kids can have fun in the room next door. 

The team at Salesbread has also been together for several years. 

We have an extremely low churn rate. 

It’s important for our team members to be happy working at Salesbread. We have a great company culture based on trust and respect, and we all get along really well.

Because each member has been working at the company for a number of years and specializes in one field of expertise, we just keep getting better and better at what we do.

Jack finds ways to do a super deep dive with each team member on their job roles and encourages ongoing training. 

If this Salesbread sounds like a company you could partner up with, here’s what you can expect:

  • 1 qualified sales lead per day (Or 20+ qualified leads per month)
  • Expert list-building and personalization
  • Personally working along with the founder of Salesbread 
  • Integration with any CRM tool
  • Pricing that is less than that of hiring a full-time SDR
  • A graduation call once our partnership ends where we will teach you how to bring the entire sales process in-house

For more qualified leads in your sales funnel, get in touch with us today for a free 15-minute strategy consultation.

Or read this article to see our exact strategy.

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