The Top 20 B2B Sales Consultants Worth Knowing in 2024

By: Jack Reamer |
 July 19, 2022 |

Salesbread has had a few B2B sales consultants contact us recently.

Either, for some advice on Linkedin outreach strategies, or to hire us to do lead generation for them.

And because of this, we thought it might be a great idea to put a list together of some of the top 20 sales consultants on, for our readers to view, along with their contact information and Linkedin handles.

Some of these professionals offer training for sales teams, and outreach, in order to find qualified leads, sales training courses, management, coaching, and business growth strategies.  

The table of contact information will be up first, and then the rest of the article will contain short bios of each consultant. 

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1. Jack Reamer

Jack Reamer is a sales expert and the founder of Salesbread. He is also co-host of the Cold Outreach Podcast and has over 14 years of experience in b2b outreach, lead generation, and copywriting. 

Salesbread offers a personalized, data-analysis approach to outreach, as well as one-on-one consultation services for b2b businesses who would like more qualified leads for their businesses.  

We make use of multi-channel platforms when it comes to outreach. Salesbread specializes in Linkedin lead generation and cold emails to get you qualified 1 lead per day. 

The  truth is, you only need to do 3 things to book appointments and fill your pipeline using cold outreach:

  1. Find the right prospect that needs what you’re offering
  2. Write a personalized message that offers value (without “pitch-slapping”)
  3. Follow-up consistently using LinkedIn and “Warm Email”

When you do this kind of outreach day in and day out, starting with a data-driven strategy for finding hot prospects to target, you’ll get results. 

That’s how we generated 4,892 leads in 2021 for our clients.

Below is the b2b outreach strategy that Salesbread uses to generate 20 + leads per month for our clients.

Interested in working with Jack Reamer? 

  • Get on a free 15-minute consultation call here.
  • Or check our Jack’s Linkedin profile  here.

Interested in courses that help you sell more? Salesbread offers a Cold Email MasterClass: Book More Sales Meetings in 30 Days

2. Jeff Solomon

Jeff Solomon is the founder of 6 different startups, his Clarity profile is impressive as he has helped many b2b companies with building sales teams, funding, saas development, and product development.

You can read his bio below and he states: Talk to me if you are building a sales team, trying to create a consistent marketing engine to feed that sales team, or creating an enterprise sales strategy.”

Currently on he offers consultation calls at $5 per minute. 

Interested in working with Jeff Solomon?

3. Damian Thomson

Damian Thompson helps B2B Founders scale from $1M ARR to $ 20 million ARR by building Remote Revenue Teams, who’ve achieved product-market fit & want to reach scale. 

He is also the co-founder of Leadfuze which is a prospecting sales tool that helps marketing and recruiting teams match and verify real-time company information across millions of profiles and companies.

It uses third-party data partners and its own AI-based system to match and verify emails, mobile numbers, social profiles, and more.

He founded a company called REVteam which helps founders with revenue growth, train, hire and build remote revenue teams.

Interested in working with Damian Thomson?

4. Gary Tramer

Gary Tramer is the CEO of LeadChat and helps businesses hire and train sales reps, as well as come up with sales strategies

LeadChat is a tool that helps businesses connect and interact with real people, instead of just a chatbot. This leads to greater conversion rates 

Interestingly, he’s even been endorsed by Nathanial Bibby, who Salesbread interviewed on our podcast a few years back. 

You can listen to that interview here:  

Interested in working with Damian Thomson?

5. Mor Assouline

“I TRIPLED ARR FOR TWO B2B STARTUPS IN ONE YEAR. NOW I ADVISE EARLY-STAGE SMB SAAS STARTUPS. I advise SaaS startups and founders on how to build a GTM account executive sales team closing an average of 50+% of their sales demos, reducing the average sales cycle, and achieving >100% sales quota.”

Mor Assouline helps B2B SaaS companies close more sales demos by using optimization strategies to improve their sales processes. He also offers training for salespeople with his training course called FDCT university.

He also offers sales consulting services to grow your social media followers organically.

Interested in working with Mor Assouline?

6. Sean Rakidzich

Sean Rakidzich is the person to hop on a sales call with if you need any advice on business development, team building, and thought leadership.

He is known for his impressive AirBnB portfolio with revenues of over 2 million dollars per year.  

“Sean has helped dozens of small business owners break through their fears and plateaus over the years. He can help you take any problem and find the opportunity waiting on the other side.”

Sean offers small business coaching, leadership development, and sales training for team members.

Interested in working with Sean Rakidzich?

7. Wilson Peng

“Grew 3 SaaS companies in the lead generation and sales space and led it from bootstrap to acquisition. Love helping out companies improve their b2b sales pipeline and process. My specialty is in b2b lead generation, sales, and business development.

Wilson Peng is currently the co-founder of a content marketing company called SumoDash.

This is a full-service agency solution that helps businesses and startups grow their organic traffic and their lead generation through a search and quality-focused approach. Services include content creation, marketing, promotion, and strategy.” 

If your new business needs a content marketing strategy or if you need advice on b2b lead generation and sales, you can get in touch with Wilson.

He has a 5-star review on Clarity.

Interested in working with Wilson Peng?

8. Roger Bannister

“With more than three decades of sales, operations, and management experience, in a very broad range of industries I can help you to find the solutions that you are seeking. 

For me, consulting is providing you with immediate, implementable tactical solutions that will have a positive impact on your near-term and long-term business goals.”

Roger specializes in business planning, sales skills training, and CRM. 

Interested in working with Roger Bannister?

9. Alex Glenn

Alex Glenn is a founder with 12 years of experience building and scaling growth engines and partner programs for apps, saas, and marketplaces.

He is also the founder of – a unique new marketplace and partner management solution built for digital agencies to find, vet, manage and enable their partners.

His specialties are:

Partnerships | Platform Ecosystem Design | Account-Based Marketing (ABM) | Marketing & Sales Automation | Growth Marketing | Marketplace Strategy | Email Marketing | User Acquisition | Rapid Prototyping | Determining Product-Market Fit

Interested in working with Alex Glenn?

10.  Eithiriel DeMeré (Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré)

Nichole helps run qualitative and quantitative experiments for early-stage B2B SaaS companies to help inform their go-to-market and launch strategies and tactics with data, for both new and existing products and features. 

Nichole says on her Linkedin profile:

“As a product marketer, I establish high-level marketing strategies and work closely with product, marketing, sales, and other customer-facing teams to execute on those strategies. I focus on language-market fit to ensure that all internal and external communication by all teams is centered around the voice of the customer.”

She has 25 years + experience in digital marketing, product marketing, SaaS, and community management.

Interested in working with Nichole?

11.  Shane Jamison

Shane Jamison is a cold calling, team leadership, public speaking, and lead generation. He is currently the Strategic Account Executive at Workato, a single platform for integration and workflow automation

“I am a transformational leader of teams and organizations, propelling drastic growth from the start-up phases—leading and mentoring talent into top producers and generating tens of millions in gross monthly revenue.

My understanding of sales drivers combined with the ability to inspire and a willingness to uncover and create solutions has resulted in a track record of unparalleled success.

I foster cross-collaborative, highly engaged cultures among executive teams and stakeholders.”

Interested in working with Shane Jamison?

12. Kevin Ramani

Kevin Ramani specializes in cold calls and cold emailing. He offers sales training and is a b2b consultant that helps with business growth strategy. 

“I have made over 30,000+ cold calls, sent countless emails, and closed millions of dollars in deals in my sales career.

I’ve sold to C-Level executives in Fortune 500 companies as well as doctors, lawyers, and even restaurant owners.

Thanks to thousands of sales conversations in dozens of industries, I’ve learned that Sales is fundamentally very simple – It is result-driven communication.”

Interested in working with Kevin Ramani?

13. Tim Queen

Tim Queen specializes in content marketing on Linkedin to generate leads.

“He is the number 1 marketing and branding strategist on LinkedIn.

His articles, videos, and social media posts reach a highly-engaged, weekly audience of more than 35,000+ people across 131 countries.

In total, his content has been seen by more than 11 million people.”

If you are interested in scaling your content marketing strategy for Linkedin social media, he offers Linkedin training, as well as B2B lead generation consultation services for content strategies.

Interested in working with Tim Queen?

14. Meredith Jurek

Meredith Jurek specializes in helping business leaders tell their stories to sell their ideas.

How does she do this?

By, “working with you to understand your stakeholders and audiences and then simplifying, shaping and ‘demystifying’ your work to make it meaningful, inspiring and the obvious solution to solve real problems.”

She specializes in Strategic Presentations, Investor Pitches, Call center management, email marketing and sales presentations. 

Interested in working with Meredith Jurek?


15. Kevin James Culp

Kevin Culp has successfully served hundreds of start-ups in the past 15 years assisting with CRM’s, digital strategy, marketing, product development, channel sales strategies and funding acquisition.

He is also a conceptual sales rep with almost 3 decades of cumulative marketing experience for B2B and B2C. He is mainly experienced with selling PPC, CPL, CPC and cold calling

Interested in working with Kevin Culp?

16. Sana Choudary

Sana Choudary is a topic expert in guest posting, content marketing, and quiz funnels to increase credibility, audience, and conversions.

She has developed a checklist in order to help you guest post like a pro. She also specializes in SaaS sales and reaching out to influencers. 

Interested in working with Sana Choudary?


17.  Wendy Mayhew

Wendy Mayhew is quite a dynamic entrepreneur. She is a published author and realized that there was a gap in the market to help senior entrepreneurs. 

“People over the age of 50 are the fastest-growing group of new entrepreneurs in the world.

They are also the most under-supported and underserved group of business owners. Through speaking presentations to small business organizations and organizations talking about Ageism, I stress the importance of including older entrepreneurship in their programming.

I’m a strong advocate for all government levels to realize that older entrepreneurs are viable business owners and should receive the same support and services as other groups of entrepreneurs.”

Interested in working with Wendy Mayhew?


18. Cody Boyte

Cody Boyte is a growth and marketing, automation expert. He is currently helping mid-market startups to Fortune 500 enterprises select the right marketing technologies at Oracle. 

“Solutions Engineering leader focused on driving revenue attainment, recruiting and growing exceptional teams, and developing innovative solutions for clients.

The teams I’ve led have a history of pushing the boundaries on what our products can do – creating collaborative relationships with product teams, co-selling with partner organizations, and co-developing solutions with agencies and consultancies.”

Interested in working with Cody Boyte?

19. David Smelson

If you are in the hospitality sector, be sure to hop on a call with David Smelson.

He has 25+ years of experience in hospitality and hospitality technology which has given him a well-rounded perspective of both industries. 

He is also the owner and sole proprietor of a boutique staffing house focused on management and sales placements for hospitality and hospitality technology companies named Total Hospitality Sourcing.

Interested in working with David Smelson?


20. Josh Turner

Josh Turner is the founder of a lead generation tool called Connect 365 that helps you build relationships with cold prospects and nurture warm leads into clients with Simple, streamlined Automation.

He also has experience with lead generation via email outreach and sales management

Interested in working with Josh Turner?

Need Sales Advice?

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