Our 11 Step LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

By: Jack Reamer |
 November 17, 2021 |

Want to know our process for getting any B2B companies 1 lead per day? 

Curious about what it takes to set up an outbound marketing campaign that gets C-level execs to respond to salespeople on Linkedin?

If so, we have refined the entire process down into 11 essential steps. 

Keep reading for our done-for-you lead generation strategy.

Before we begin….

If you do decide to partner up with Salesbread, the initial setup process takes about 7 days. The reason for this is that we work extensively with our clients to figure out who their ideal target audience is BEFORE we begin a Linkedin outreach campaign. 

This list-building process takes a lot of refining, but it’s worth it because companies that work with SalesBread can get at least 1 lead per day, due to our B2B lead generation strategy

Please Note We only onboard a certain number of clients at a time, therefore there might be a waitlist to partner up with us. 

This is because we put a lot of time, research, and personalization into each and every campaign. 

By only onboarding a few companies at a time, it gives us the time to focus exclusively on our clients, thus ensuring successful campaigns with a guaranteed 1 lead per day. 

Step 1: Fill out a detailed marketing survey. 

The first thing that we ask our clients to do is fill out a detailed marketing survey. 

Why do we do this?

Well, it’s to better understand our client’s needs, products/service, and also who their ideal target market is. We study this survey extensively to ensure that we know what’s needed to find those high-quality leads

Step 2: A 1-hour kick-off call with our client. 

Once we have onboarded you as our client, we will then start off with a 1-hour kick-off call. 

During this call, we ask 2 questions and discuss this in detail.

1. WHO should we target? (The decision-makers, referrals, or even job seekers?)


2. WHAT to write in our messages?

We will also discuss our strategy used for list building. 

And we do this by: 

A.) Analyzing current customers, and those who have purchased your product or service within the past 6 months. 

B.) We then explore options for look-a-like customers

How do we do this? By looking at patterns between current paying customers. 

For example, are they all located in a certain area, do they all have a specific amount of employees, are they all in the same industry, or do they all have a certain budget? 

These patterns help us to find the right qualified leads, and we use a variety of lead generation tools to build lists; Such as Clutch, Zoominfo, and Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Once we have narrowed down the list we will then choose 2 -3 segments to further reduce the risk of our outbound effort.

Next, we will discuss Copywriting with our clients.

We will once again discuss 2 things: 

  1. Pick the top 5 selling points that work best during sales calls.
  2. Pick the top 5 “pain points” current customers are experiencing.

Step 3: Deliver a sample list of 50 target accounts

Once we have composed a list of accounts, our client will review it and add any comments to help SalesBread refine our targeting efforts for expert list optimization

We expect to be 70-80% accurate at this stage. 

Step 4Deliver LinkedIn message outlines

During this stage of our Linkedin lead gen, we deliver our Linkedin messaging outlines to our clients and make sure that they approve of the messages. We also welcome any feedback, to make sure that everything is 100% perfect before beginning the Linkedin lead generation campaigns

We will make sure that our messages include the following and this will be discussed with our clients:

  1. Selling points
  2. Pain points
  3. Call-to-Actions

Step 5: Deliver the list of target prospects AND target account list

The next step in our lead generation process is to deliver the list of prospects and the target accounts to our clients. During this step, our client approves or adds any feedback on the companies or prospects who are not a PERFECT fit.

During this stage, we expect to be 90-95% accurate. (By the launch of the Linkedin outreach campaign, we are close to being 95-98% accurate on our lists. 

Our team will perform a final manual inspection on each lead to verify “fit” before passing it to the client.

Any feedback from the client is applied to adjust targeting as needed until the results are perfect. 

Step 6: Get access to the client’s LinkedIn account and email for starting the campaign.

Before we begin our Linkedin marketing and outbound email campaigns, we will ask our clients for access to their Linkedin and email accounts. 

Pro Tip: Before partnering up with a lead generation company always ask what happens after the campaign has ended.

For example, find out:

  • Who will own the domain?
  • What happens to the inbox?
  • Is it easy to transfer?
  • Will you own the assets that you want to own?

Besides owning the domains, what else should you take ownership of? 

Well, it’s important to take ownership of all the passwords.

For example, if the company uses cold email software for your campaign, ask for those passwords. Also, ask for the passwords to the inbox and the domain that it’s registered on. 

The reason for this is that when your contract ends with the agency, they should give you all the info so that you can run your own in-house prospecting sales team

 Find out if they will be willing to share this information with you at the end.

Step 7: Filter prospects by 2nd degree AND recently posted on Linkedin 

We then take the perfected list of prospects and targeted accounts, plug it into Sales Navigator, and filter them by the client’s 2nd-degree network. 

Why do we do this? 

Because it helps us find the most engaged prospects, to begin with. Besides this, people are more willing to connect with you if you already share some commonalities. For example, a shared connection, or interest. 

And why do we filter by recently posted? Well, it’s to find prospects who are active on Linkedin.

There is no point in sending Linkedin Inmails or connection requests to users who never use the platform. If we notice that a prospect is not active on Linkedin, we will then add them to an email campaign. 

Step 8: Write personalized “intro sentences” for each prospect

We then have our personalization and research expert look for info on each prospect so that we can add a personalized intro sentence in the connection request message. 

Where do we find info on the prospects?  We will look on social media, their Linkedin Profile, or Google the prospect’s name to see if we can use anything interesting about them in the message.


“Hi (Name) I enjoyed your podcast interview on cybersecurity last week. Would love to connect since we’re both in the pen-testing space.”


“(Name), found your work — and new promotion — through a few mutual contacts in the Fintech space. Mind if we connect here?” 

The reason for using personalization is that it makes it more likely that a prospect will respond to your message.

Many lead generation companies just use automation, and prospects can see when the same message has been sent out to hundreds of other people. 

Oftentimes, these automated messages just get ignored.

But with personalization, it creates that pattern interrupt, making the prospect stop and read your message. 

Step 9: Using pre-approved messaging and lists, we start the campaign

Finally, once the messages and lists have been approved, we will then start the outreach campaign to find new leads. Day number 1 is free of charge to allow us to start making connections.

Step 10: Share Google Sheet and Sync with Clients CRM.

The reason why we do this is to keep our clients up to date with all the replies that are coming in.

When a positive lead comes in, our client will be alerted in 2 ways. 

  • Via email

Which will contain the name, job title, company, response, email, LinkedIn URL, and phone number of their new lead.

  • The Google Sheet will also be updated

 The client can then keep track of performance, and all the above info will also be included in the Google sheet. 

Note: If you would like us to set the appointments for you, we can do this too. All you have to do is show up for the appointment and close deals

Why use Salesbread as your go-to Linkedin lead generation agency

If you would like a guaranteed 1 lead per day in any B2B space, then let’s get on a call. Many of our clients see their first lead within the first 48 hours after the campaign is launched. 

Whether you are a new business startup or a long-time veteran in your industry, we are equipped to get you more leads in your sales pipeline

Besides this, how many companies are out there where you can work directly with the founder? Jack has over a decade of experience in B2B sales and marketing, social selling, and cold email outreach

Jack is happy to help every step of the way to make sure that your campaign is successful, filled with sales opportunities, high response rates, and qualified leads. 

With 1 guaranteed lead per day, you can’t go wrong. 

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