Why We Want To Be The Best Linkedin Lead Generation Agency For Our Clients

By: Jack Reamer |
 April 23, 2021 |

Why do we want to become the best Linkedin lead generation agency

Well, the answer is simple. 

Growing a business is hard. 

Finding high-quality sales leads that bring in the money isn’t always easy.

And there are many other lead generation companies out there that promise leads; and maybe, yes, they bring in a ton of leads, but none of them convert. 

You end up with empty pockets and no sales. 

(Here’s an example of a client of ours who spent over $7000 on Linkedin ads, and didn’t even receive 1 lead.)

So this is why we want to be the best when it comes to running high-quality LinkedIn lead-generation campaigns that actually convert to sales.

If we can help our clients hit their growth goals (and make their dream job a reality) using targeted outreach, then we’re really in the business of making dreams come true.

It’s powerful stuff.

Fortunately, we’ve been perfecting the recipe for B2B companies since 2014. Today we’re proud to help teams use Linkedin outreach to line up meetings with decision-makers.

This article isn’t here to sell our services to you, but rather to help you understand why we love using LinkedIn in our lead generation process, and hopefully help you stay away from those shitty agencies. 

Our outreach strategy GUARANTEES 1 qualified sales lead per day. So if your sales team follows this exact process, you’re going to find potential customers in no time at all. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our strategy: 

Read this article: “https://salesbread.com/the-best-done-for-you-lead-generation-service/

Or we would love to answer any questions you might have.

So hop on a free 15-minute strategy call here.

Why LinkedIn is our outreach platform of choice. 

With Linkedin campaigns, you don’t need a giant budget for digital marketing to get serious results. 

(2 leads per day, for example.) 

Plus, unlike cold email, you don’t need to sweat “open rates” or deliverability monitoring. 

Best of all, it works for mature companies and ‘never-heard-of’ startups as long as their decision-maker has a profile on LinkedIn. (If you’re in the B2C space, or your ideal customers are off LinkedIn, I would avoid this approach.)

What’s more, the future of outbound marketing is changing. 

B2B lead generation is no longer about just sending cold emails or cold calling. 

So stick around, and keep reading to see how Salesbread can help you get your conversion rates up and help you find the perfect target audience

There’s a Big Need for Linkedin Lead Generation Services. Here’s Why…

The truth is, booking meetings on Linkedin isn’t terribly difficult once you understand why people are using Linkedin, what people are hoping to get from their new connections, and what kind of conversations are the right conversations to get your foot in the door with quality prospects.

The secret is to make it all about the prospect and be the total opposite of that slimy salesman marketing agency. 

All they do is pitch their sales ideas constantly and bombard decision-makers and Linkedin users with things they aren’t interested in. 

If you’re the opposite of this, then it’s easy to book appointments on Linkedin and take your company to the next level. 

And this is exactly what we found…

It turned out that there was a significant need for this exact purpose.

Being different from those slimy marketers. 

We also found that a lot of founders, co-founders and sales VPs that we spoke to, whose sole job was to generate business, knew that it takes a lot of time to generate these new quality leads

Time which they didn’t have. 

They knew that it takes hours to research each prospect manually and follow up diligently not to lose track of leads. 

Linkedin outreach can take hours to get right, and these founders, sales VPs, and CEOs just didn’t have 6 hours a day to do this. 

They would much rather be spending time on the phone with these prospects discussing how they can help them, instead of doing all the research and messaging required to earn that first call. 

So what SalesBread is doing is basically supercharging sales teams at companies and turning them into Linkedin super users.

Rather than having them spend 6 hours a day on this social media platform looking for leads. 

What we do is multiply someone’s efforts so that they can spend more time doing what they enjoy most, which is closing deals and making those sales. 

To answer your question, YES, there is a need for a great Linkedin lead generation service that allows businesses to reach their ideal target markets and goals without the sleazy salesman pitches. 

(On a side note: You might wonder if outbound marketing is dead. Isn’t  SEO and content marketing the way to go? 

Well, while SEO and content marketing are great, remember it takes months to see results. On average, it takes between 3 and 6 months for any website to be featured on the first page of Google, with a lot of effort. With outbound marketing, results can be seen instantly. 

95% of our clients receive their first lead within 48 hours.

This is why there is still a great need for outbound marketing.

How long exactly does it take to generate qualified leads?

Generating quality leads, as we mentioned above, is time-consuming. Building a list of potential prospects can take hours, and it normally takes us a week to perfect the prospect list. 

There’s a lot of research that goes into each prospect manually. 

For example, when it comes to building that perfect list, we will look at things such as the prospect’s hobbies and interests in their career history. 

We might research them on Google or check out their Linkedin profile in order to create ultra-personalized outreach messages. 

There is no shortcut when it comes to prospecting. 

This can take up to 10 hours each week to build lists and find prospects. Prospecting is an ongoing process. It doesn’t just stop after one week but requires continued efforts to reach new leads

By allowing SalesBread to do this kind of Done-For-You-Lead-Generation,” we save founders hundreds of hours in lead generation each week. 

This video is an example of how we would build look-a-like prospect lists based on current buying data. 

Is it hard to find Good Linkedin Lead Generation Agencies? If so, why is this?

Yes, it is hard to find good Linkedin lead-generation agencies

We have found that the reason for this, even in 2023, is that most Linkedin lead gen agencies have this idea of going after high volume. 

They are not changing with the times and still sticking to outdated methods that are quickly falling away. 

Sending thousands of messages to prospects during lead-generation campaigns just doesn’t work anymore. 

They might have very broad prospecting lists and just use Linkedin Sales Navigator to find leads, but this “basic approach” to list building just doesn’t cut it.

Lists have to be so refined, that even if you’re reaching out to 300 leads, most of them will say yes to what you’re selling because they are the perfect fit for your product/service. 

Perhaps some of these agencies might be using Chrome extension automation tools, which Linkedin does not appreciate, leading to blocked accounts, which will slow down your Linkedin marketing

You do not want this happening. 

What’s the point of sending thousands of messages, but your engagement is low, and you’re receiving very few replies? 

If this is the case, you’re going to be viewed as a spammer.

We have found that today in 2023, it’s about sending very detailed, low-volume personalized messages that pack a punch, rather than thousands of un-personalized messages that mean nothing to the prospect. 

And this is where many lead generation agencies are behind. 

They focus on quantity rather than quality. They don’t have a team of Linkedin personalization experts like we do, which is essential to prospecting success.

We don’t want Linkedin to become a platform that is known for spam, but rather a place where clients and prospects can create genuine networking opportunities. 

This is what sets SalesBread apart from other Linkedin lead generation. As mentioned in previous articles, we have a 25-55% acceptance and reply rate

And it’s because we obsess about building the right prospects lists and writing ultra-personalized outreach messages.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

What has been SalesBread’s path to building the best Linkedin Lead Gen Company?

Our path has been from starting from the bottom and working our way up. 

We asked ourselves: “How do you get one total stranger to agree to a meeting?” 

1.) We tried different strategies

Well, the answer became very evident with careful prospecting and lots of personalization.

The first thing we did was test a ton of different kinds of strategies. 

We tried harder sales, softer sales, and different types of personalization. 

We even went to a level that was considered “creepy” with the amount of research we were doing to see how people would react.

For example, we messaged a prospect on Linkedin about a colleague that they used to work with.

This old colleague had a particular skill in using a specific piece of tech that we were targeting. 

This indicated that the company still had a team of people who were still using the tech, and we mentioned that this old colleague was still using this tech. 

Of course, this came across as knowing just a little too much. The prospect even said that it was creepy that we could learn so much with research on the web. 

(So obviously, this tactic did not work, so we went back to the drawing board)

2.) We refined our strategy until it was perfect

We also tried using mutual connections and referrals to start conversations, and eventually, we began to see a pattern that worked. 

Nathaniel Biby was a great inspiration for our Linkedin lead generation strategy

Check out his video below: 


His views paved the way for great strategies, and we have a tremendous amount of respect for him because of his Linkedin outreach views.

For example, one thing we learned from Nathaniel Biby, which has proven invaluable, is using the 90/10 ratio in prospecting.

This means that we talk about the prospect 90% of the time in our messaging and only 10% about what we are selling, just for context. 

People don’t care about what you’re selling or the pricing of your item.

But they do need to know why you’re contacting them. 

So, you need to tell the prospect what you want to talk about, but remember that the focus has to be on them 90% of the time, focusing on their needs.

And this was actually the most challenging part of our journey, which was getting this correct. Learning to talk about the prospects needs 90% of the time. 

3.) Building an incredible in-house sales team

The next step was finding the right prospecting team and training them to become even better than the founder of SalesBread, Jack.

We have one full-time personalization expert who just researches prospects and writes personalized outreach messages.

We also have two incredible sales reps who specialize in outreach, and the more technical parts of our campaigns.

Our team also consists of expert web scrapers who help us with our list-building efforts. 

And on top of all this, Jack the founder of Salesbread is an expert copywriter and list builder. 

Jack will check every single message and work along with his clients to make sure that they are 100% happy with prospect lists and the outreach copy. 

(If you’re interested in knowing how Jack does personalization and what tactics he uses to train his team,  click here to see an interview with MailShake for his CCQ method.) 

We might be a small team, but we know how to pack a punch. This is why we are known as the boutique lead generation agency in the US. 

4.) Finally, our last goal is – Maintain sustainable growth. 

Our aim has never been to take on thousands of clients, but rather to grow slowly in order to maintain high expectations and excellent quality.

In this way, SalesBread can still ensure that each client deals directly with Jack, the founder.

All clients talk to him directly; he still writes every prospect message and connection request himself.  Every list-building strategy is done directly by Jack. 

This process will not change, as this ensures quality experiences for each and every SalesBread client. 

A Quick Recap…

Step 1:

We tried a few different strategies to see which one worked the best and eventually found a successful pattern.

Step 2:

We then refined this strategy until it was perfect.

Step 3:

The next step was training up a team that would eventually become better at personalized outreach than Jack was. SalesBread does this by doing tons of research about the potential lead to have enough information to send personalized messages. 

This is often greatly appreciated by new leads because they know that there is a human behind the messages (who has a genuine interest) and that it’s not just an automation tool that is spamming them.

Step 4: 

Our last step is maintaining sustainable growth by not taking on thousands of clients but instead keeping our outreach quality and client expectations high. 

Why has Salesbread been so successful? By this we mean, 1 qualified sales lead per day for each client.

We hold ourselves accountable to our promise of 1 lead per day

Our success comes significantly from being accountable to our team metrics each and every day.

All our clients know that they can expect at least one lead or appointment per day. 

So, to live up to those high expectations, we hold ourselves accountable to these stats. 

These metrics break down pretty much what we need to achieve every day. 

From how many connection requests we send out, to what invite acceptance rate we need to maintain. 

These metrics also help us figure out how many new connections need to be generated every day and how many new connections need to be contacted via personalized messaging.

This helps us keep on track to deliver one lead or one appointment per day.

Our expert personalization team

Another huge reason why we are so successful is because of our expert personalization team. 

Without them, none of this would be possible. 

Every single message is personalized and then checked by a second person who proofreads them before they get sent out. This ensures that each message is perfect. 

This team was handpicked by Jack and was trained up from scratch. They have been part of Salesbread for over a year and have developed their skills in such a way that they are now a sales team of personalization experts.

A great company culture

We also have a really low churn rate at the company because our employees are happy to continue working at SalesBread. This also leads to our success, as each employee just keeps getting better and better at what they do. 

How long do clients typically partner with Salesbread? 

SalesBread does not believe that any company should use an outbound lead generation partner forever.

From the start, Jack tells clients very clearly that there is a defined time limit that stops making sense for them to use lead generation services indefinitely. 

What we are doing here is short-cutting all the learning that goes into building a successful outbound program. 

We know what works, how to personalize and know how to book appointments on Linkedin. 

But if we can generate an appointment per day for clients, eventually, they should start being able to bring people in-house to accomplish this for them.

It doesn’t make sense to maintain this partnership for more than 2 years. 

Most engagements that we have with our clients are between 6 and 18 months.

Once we get closer to the end of the engagement, we have a “graduation call” where we hand off everything we have learned about the prospects; from the tests that we have done, to any interesting metrics that we have found.

Our clients can then give all this information to their own in-house teams. This makes the transition from using our services to having their own lead gen team easy. 

We have proven the outbound model for them, and after a few months of working together, we always encourage our clients to move the service in-house sooner rather than later, as this will be the best for their businesses. 

This allows them to get the most benefit from our services. 

Read this article before hiring any lead generation agency – 10 Questions to Ask a Linkedin Lead Generation Service Before You Hire Them.

Interested in working with us?

SalesBread’s path has been an incredible journey over the past 15 years. 

We have evolved with the times and have found an excellent recipe for Linkedin Lead generation that truly works.

Our stats speak for themselves. 

If you would like to see what we can do for your business or just discuss a strategy that could work for you, let’s chat.

We want to and can help you make your dream business a reality.

Interested in 1 guaranteed sales lead per day?

SalesBread’s path has been an incredible journey over the past 15 years. 

We have evolved with the times and have found an excellent recipe for Linkedin Lead generation that truly works.

Our stats speak for themselves. 

If you would like to see what we can do for your business or just discuss a strategy that could work for you, let’s chat.

We want to and can help you make your dream business a reality.

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