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More replies, Less work

Cold Email Personalization

Fact: When your cold emails have personalization, you’ll get more replies. 

Yes, just by adding a custom introduction sentence or P.S., you can expect twice as many positive replies. (According to HubSpot and SalesLoft.)

Problem is, researching each prospect and writing something thoughtful takes hours of your time. You could hire an assistant to do this, but then you’ll have to train them and proof read and edit.

Why not just use my already-expert team to get this done? 


Average Reply Rate Increase

How we personalize your cold emails using the “CCQ Method


COMMONALITY — > Find something you share in common with your prospect. 
Example: “Looks like I’m not the only copywriter that’s into mountain biking.”

COMPLIMENT –> Find something your prospect is proud of and compliment them on it.
Example: “By the way, I really admire founders that support Big Brothers Big Sisters. Thanks for helping out our community.”

QUESTION –> Find something your prospect is passionate about or working on and ask them a question about it.
Example: “I loved reading about your philosophy on building effective distributed teams. Where do you hire most of your talent?”

What is included:


Free Email Copy Review

Send us your cold emails and we’ll give you recommendations on where you should add personalization — based on data.


Detailed Research

We find the perfect talking points  for each prospect using Social Media and Company Websites.



Each line is checked and proofread. Just upload to your email tool and send!

2X your reply rate with personalization without the extra work. 

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