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By: Jack Reamer |
 September 7, 2021 |

When buyers look at different options, they compare apples with apples. 

So if you are in the market for a lead generation agency that can help you find those qualified leads, then comparing some of the best companies out there is a smart idea. 

Apples with apples.

(Have a look at our previous posts for more B2B lead gen agency comparisons to make your search a little easier. You’re welcome ;) )

By comparing prices, reviews, strategies, and more, you can make the best decision for your business; I mean, who doesn’t want more sales leads that convert?

And by choosing the right company to partner up with, your business will grow from strength to strength. 

In this article, we compare the differences between Salesbread and Revboss, helping you choose the best prospecting company for your business. 





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Jack Reamer

Eric Boggs

What services does each company provide?


Salesbread is a B2B outbound company that offers Linkedin, SMS, and cold email outreach. Before any campaigns are initiated, Jack, the founder of Salesbread, will build a list of your ideal customer so that when campaigns begin, you will have qualified leads within the first 48-72 hours. 

 The first thing that Jack will ask when onboarding new clients, is if they have a list of people/companies who have purchased from them within the past 6 months. Jack will then look for patterns, and this gives Salesbread an idea of who to target. 

 Other services that we provide are appointment setting and 1 on 1 consultations. 

NOTE: Salesbread integrates with any CRM tool (whether it’s Salesforce or Hubspot) that you are using.


Revboss offers various sales prospecting services, from managed services (including an account-based manager), event attendee acquisitions, account-based campaigns, and the Revboss platform, which is a software solution that drives B2B prospecting performance. 

The difference?

Both companies offer excellent lead gen services, but the significant difference is that with Salesbread, you will be dealing with the founder of the company, who has 10 years of outbound experience. 

Besides this, Jack is a copywriter by trade. Thus you can be sure of well-written emails and messages. 

You won’t be handed over to an accounts manager who might not have the experience to deal with your campaign, thus bringing in fewer leads. 

Salesbread guarantees 1 lead per day.  




Linkedin Outreach

Revboss doesn’t go into exact detail on which platforms they use for their B2B sales, unfortunately. 

 But they do offer managed service, account-based marketing, and event attendee acquisitions. 

Cold Emailing
Appointment Setting
List Building
Inbound Marketing x
Cold Calls x
Close Deals x
SaaS Platform x

How many employees does each company have?


Salesbread has a small team of professionals consisting of 2 sales development reps, 2 full-time research and personalization experts, 1 developer, and an expert B2B list builder. 

Working with a small sales team ensures added attention for your campaign. Jack will also be on top of each and every campaign, checking that each sales rep does the best that they can to generate 1 lead a day. 

Plus, your business won’t be drowned out by other companies because at Salsbread, we only onboard very few companies at a time. This ensures professional service and focused attention. 


Revboss also has a smaller team compared to Cience, for example. They have ± 40 employees, including various accounts managers, copywriters, operations managers, and team leaders. 

Once again, with Revboss, you will be handed over to sales professionals, whereas with Salesbread, you will be working directly with Jack every step of the way. 



5 employees.

Including 2 full-time research and personalization experts, 1 developer, and a B2B list builder. 

± 40 Employees

Salesbread vs. Revboss Sales Strategy – A Guaranteed 1 lead per day?


Over the years, Salesbread has developed a sales strategy that guarantees our clients 1 qualified lead per day. This means 5 leads a week and 20 leads per month. 

Our sales process takes a lot of research and time, but it’s worthwhile, as most of our campaigns have great lead rates, meaning that our clients close more deals.

The salespeople at Salesbread, don’t use generic templates but rather personalize every message sent out specifically for the prospect. 

Have a look at our process below:

Step 1: Build a targeted list.

We build a super targeted list of prospects. This takes time and research, as we will develop your ideal customer profile based on patterns of those who have purchased your product/service over the past 6 months. 

Step 2: Filter by your Linkedin second degree network

We then make use of the social media platform Linkedin to filter the list by our client’s second-degree network. People are more likely to connect on Linkedin when they have something in common or share a common connection. 

We also filter by people who have recently posted on Linkedin. This ensures that we target those who actually use the platform.

Even if our list is small, it is ULTRA targeted; this means that you will get guaranteed leads who are a match for your product/service. This is better than sending out thousands of messages to prospects who might be a bad fit. 

Step 3: Connect with prospects.

We then write personalized messages for each and every prospect. 

How do we do this? 

We research each prospect and ensure a custom-written intro just for them. This personalization helps tweak a prospect’s curiosity, and often they read the message and reply to it. 

(Hence the 1 lead a day promise.)

Step 4: Follow up 3 times and ask for a meeting.

Lastly, we follow-up 3 times with the prospect and ask for a meeting. If they agree to the meeting, we set up an appointment for our clients. All our clients have to do is be there for the meeting and close the deal.

PRO TIP: We never “sell” or do a business pitch in these messages. We only say enough about ourselves for context. Remember the 90/10 rule. Talk about the prospect 90% of the time and only 10% about yourself for context. 

NOTE: We also make use of email campaigns if we can’t find the prospects on Linkedin. These email campaigns are run in the same way that we would run a Linkedin outreach campaign. 


Unfortunately, Revboss doesn’t go into detail on their outreach strategies.  They do mention thoughtful messaging and targeted accounts.

You would need to contact them directly to find out more. 

Salesbread vs. Revboss Pricing

As a Revboss competitor, Salesbread has competitive pricing compared to Revboss. In fact, you will receive a much more targeted campaign for the price. 

With Salesbread, you can expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 per month for outreach campaigns. This will include Linkedin and cold email outreach

If you decide to go for the sales consulting option, it will be a fraction of this price. Jack will get on a call with you and teach you how to manage a successful outreach campaign. 

He will also show you exactly what you need to do step by step to get a high response rate. This will leave you with a pipeline full of qualified buyers. All you need to do is make the sale.

Revboss mentions on their site that their packages start from $2400.

Do you need to sign a contract?




Not stated on their website

One major difference that sets Salesbread apart from many other B2B companies out there is that we do not lock our clients into lengthy contracts

Our performance speaks for itself, and it’s our results that get our clients to stay – not a contract. 

Have a look at some of our stats below. This was for a BlockChain company called MDxBlocks:



Qualified Leads


Connection Rate


Lead Rate

Reviews for each company



Todd Moss

Partner at 24HourTek

June 2, 2021, Todd was a client of Jack’s

I was looking to generate new leads through my network. Jack and his team delivered on that promise. If you’re looking for an expert to help with your b2b lead gen, I highly recommend Salesbread.

Lino Quagliariello

VP of Partnerships and Enterprise Blockchain Specialist

April 23, 2021, Lino was a client of Jack’s

Jack is very knowledgeable on breaking through the fog and getting the right connections. We were impressed with his promise of 1 lead a day, and they overdid it and generated 88 leads in 7 weeks. Way beyond exceptions I had for a lead generation agency. I would recommend their service to any company that wants to improve the number of qualified sales leads fast.

Andre Domanski

Chief Executive Officer at Get Sales Meetings

July 2, 2020, Andre was a client of Jack’s

Jack provided great value for me through his podcast (I’ve watched all episodes in a couple weeks!). I had no option than to buy his course. He has a great mix of skills that makes him one of the best in the field of cold outreach. I wish there was more courses because I know Jack is great at what he does.

Sufian Asghar

eat at what he does. We run ads for D2C brands and blow up online sales 

April 8, 2020, Sufian was a client of Jack’s

Jack is a true veteran when it comes to cold email. His level of understanding when it comes to deliverability and the fundamentals of what makes good copywriting is outstanding.

In Conclusion

Finding the right marketers for your company can be tough, but it can be easier with a bit of research and comparisons. 

Why choose Salesbread?

Salesbread is not a massive corporation that is just after money, but rather a small business that is passionate about its clients and wants to help take their companies to the next level. You will be able to work along with the founder of Salesbread, who has 10 years of lead gen experience for outbound.

 We don’t use automation that sends out thousands of template messages but instead focus on personalization and targeted list building. 

If you don’t want to be locked into a contract, contact us today to help find you qualified leads


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