The Top 10 Cience Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

By: Jack Reamer |
 July 6, 2023 |

Cience is a b2b lead generation agency based in Denver, USA that offers various solutions to prospecting. Whether you’re looking for outbound, inbound, or digital ads, Cience might have the right solution for you. 

According to Clutch, Cience scores 4.4 out of 5 stars. 

But we have had clients come to us who worked with Cience in the past, and they mentioned a few things that they weren’t happy with. 

One example is that they were handed over to an account manager who lacked experience in their specific industry and in some instances, their sales team couldn’t quite crack the copywriting. 

We aren’t bashing Cience at all, they do work for many companies, but they are a large company, and clients who came to us preferred working with Salesbread because of our personalised “boutique” approach.

Clients know that they get to work with Jack, the founder of Salebread, who has over a decade of experience in lead generation

Our clients aren’t handed over to an accounts manager who might lack the experience to generate leads in even the most difficult of industries. 

As we mentioned, Cience Technologies is a great company but if you’re on the lookout for an alternative, we will mention some of their top competitors in this article. 

Depending on which form of lead generation you’re looking for, this article will surely help you find the right service for your business, as we compare similar companies

(But if you’re interested in generating a GUARANTEED 20+ sales-qualified b2b leads per month, (or your money back) we would love to help you crush your quota. Hop on a free 15-minute consultation call with the founder of Salesbread.)

Top 12 Cience competitors and alternatives

1. Salesbread


Salesbread is a done-for-you lead generation service that guarantees 1 qualified sales lead per day. We make use of ultra-personalized Linkedin and cold email outreach to generate leads for our clients.

In the last 24 months, we managed to generate close to 7000 qualified sales leads. 

We are a smaller agency and only onboard a few clients at a time. This allows us to spend time building high-quality lists for prospecting and writing ultra-personalized outreach messages. 

Jack builds each prospect. These lists are incredibly defined and based on data points that our clients provide for us. We always look at WHO has been buying from them within the past 6 months. After analysing that data in detail we will then build look-like lists and this ensures success for each campaign. 

The video below indicates how:

At Salesbread we have 2  dedicated SDRs who specialize in personalization. They will research each prospect on the list and write very specific messages just for the prospect

We stay away from sales pitches because we know that when a prospect sees a pitch, they run for the hills. 

Instead, our messages are written in such a way that just allows us to get a foot in the door for further conversations. 

This article “Why We Set Out to Build The Best Done-For-You Lead Generation Service “ explains how we build campaigns, and exactly how our service works. 

Specializing in:

  • Linkedin outreach
  • Cold email outreach
  • SMS outreach
  • Data-driven list building
  • Appointment setting (If you need it.)
  • Personalized messaging


$1500 – $5000 + per month.

Why Salesbread could be the right choice for your business

  • 1 guaranteed sales lead per day (or your money back.)
  • No locked-in contracts
  • A personalized approach to outreach
  • You won’t feel like a number – Salesbread takes a real interest in each client we partner up with
  • We will teach you how to run your own campaigns to take the entire process in-house when you are ready
  • A great choice for b2b start-ups, saas, HR, health and wellness, fintech, video production educational, regtech and more. We have even helped a podcast company find leads with lawyers. So whichever industry you’re in, we can help you find leads, even if you’re going after a really tough market.

Why we might not be a good fit for your business

Certain industries aren’t always a great fit for Linkedin outreach (Less than 1 lead per day) like selling. So if you’re in the following industries, we might not be for you.

  • Any marketing services to e-commerce stores (like email marketing to e-commerce). Tools we can sell to e-commerce, but we have found that Linkedin isn’t the best channel for selling marketing services to e-commerce stores.
  • Benefits packages to employees at different businesses. It’s just too competitive and there isn’t a clear differentiator.

Testimonials, case studies and stats


Interested in reading more about our agency? Read this: Behind The Scenes of “The Lead A Day” B2B Prospecting Agency

2. Belkins


Belkins is an international company that was founded in 2017. They focus on appointment setting, lead management and email marketing

You will be handed over to a sales team who will run your campaigns for you. Their teams include SDRs, email marketing specialists, content writers, lead research specialists and an accounts manager. 

Specializing in:

  • Appointment setting
  • Sales development
  • Cold email deliverability
  • CRM consulting
  • Call center services



$25+ per hour

Why Belkins could be the right choice for your business

Belkins offers a variety of services. For example, if you’re looking for appointment setting and cold calling services, forming a partnership with Belkins could be the right choice. Their pricing is similar to Cience as well. 

Why Belkins might not be a good fit for your business

Belkins is a large company, so you might not receive a super personalized approach. You also have to sign a contract with them, so if they don’t deliver leads, you still have to stick to the contract. But they do seem to have a good customer retention rate. 


3. Callbox


Callbox is a global lead management company that was established in 2004. They mention that they are probably one of the biggest lead generation companies. They offer a multi-channel approach, from cold email marketing, to social media and cold calling. 

Specializing in

  • Cold calling
  • Email marketing
  • Social media 
  • Sales outsourcing



Why Callbox could be the right choice for your business

If you are interested in telemarketing and social media lead generation services, then Callbox can help. Many of the testimonials mention how Callbox managed to book a good number of leads in a month.

Why Callbox might not be a good fit for your business

Because Callbox is such a large company, some of their clients complained that the sales teams who handled their campaigns seemed amateurish. Some clients also mentioned that the leads they received were not of high value. 




Cloudtask is a sales outsourcing service. They were founded in 2014 and act as an intermediary, facilitating relationships and transactions between the Companies (Buyers) and Sales Services Contractors (Sellers). They also offer Cloud Marketplace which is similar to Upwork, connecting buyers and sellers. 

Specializing in

  • Being an intermediary between buyers and sellers
  • SDR teams that are an extension of your team
  • Digital marketing
  • Call center service



Why CloudTask could be the right fit for your business

Perhaps you have decided to use sales outsourcing, but want to avoid paying too much, you can use the CloudTask Marketplace to find, negotiate, and transact with a vetted, global community of sales services providers through one online platform. 

They also outsource sales management teams to midmarket and enterprise businesses.

Why CloudTask might not be the right fit for your business

They could be a pricey option if you choose to hire them for outsourcing. 


5. Martal Group


Martel Group helps start-ups and fortune 500 companies generate b2b leads internationally. They offer b2b sales teams that are experienced in either inbound or outbound lead generation. Martal Group is a one stop shop for lead generation marketing strategies

Specializing in

  • Appointment setting
  • Sales outsourcing services
  • Inbound and outbound lead generation


$5000 +

$29 – $49 per hour

Why Martal Group could be the right choice for your business

If you’re looking for a company that uses a mix of inbound and outbound lead generation, then getting in touch with Martal Group might be for you. They also focus on small and midmarket size businesses, therefore if you’re a start up, they might be a good choice. 

Why Martal Group might not be a good fit for your business

Some of the reviews mention how clients signed contracts for 3 or more months and didn’t even receive 1 lead. Martal Group responded by mentioning that the marketing was highly competitive and they don’t guarantee results. 



6. InFuse Media


InFuse Media offers a variety of lead generation options; from demand generation to content creation . Inc. Magazine mentioned Infuse Media as one of the fastest growing companies in America, and were number 54 on the Inc. 5000 list. 

Specializing in

Full funnel demand generation, including content creation.



Why Infuse Media could be the right choice for your business

If your business is in the information technology industry, then Infuse could be the right choice for you because they tend to mainly focus on this industry. They also seem to mainly focus on small businesses with only a small percentage of enterprise companies partnering up with them.

Why Infuse Media might not be the right fit for your business

Once again they are quite a large company. They had quite a few good reviews though, and many of their clients mentioned good customer service, even if leads weren’t delivered. If you read many of the comments from clients, they mention how leads weren’t super targeted; leading to lower conversions.


7. Sales Roads


Sales Roads offers lead generation and appointment setting services. They offer solutions for sales teams, as well as for marketing. They focus mainly on mid market size businesses, as well as manufacturing companies.

Specializing in

Appointment setting

Sales outsourcing

List building



Why Sales Roads could be the right choice for your business

If you are looking for a team of US based SDRs, and an account manager, then they might be the right choice for your business.

Why Sales Roads might not be the right fit for your business

If you are looking for a digital marketing lead generation strategy, they might not be the best fit for your company, as they mainly focus on sales outsourcing.


8. Sales Hive


Sales Hive offers a variety of outbound lead generation solutions for their clients. From cold calling, to email marketing and list building. They were established in 2016 and started off with 2 SDRs but have now grown to a large US based team. 

Specializing in

Outsourcing SDR sales teams

Cold calling

Email marketing

List building


$5000 – $12 000 per month

Why Sales Hive could be the right fit for your business

They have a few packages available to suit your company’s needs. If you would like the cold calling option, they can arrange it for you, or if you prefer no cold calling, there’s an option for that too. 

Why Sales Hive might not be the right fit for your business

Some reviews mention that companies spent a ton of money on hiring Sales Hive, only to have hardly any leads come in. They also seemed to lack transparency with their clients, according to reviews.


9. Coast Digital


Coast Digital is a digital marketing agency that focuses mainly on inbound lead generation. From UX design, to SEO, PPC and copywriting. They were established in 2002 and are a one stop shop for all your digital marketing leads.

Specializing in

Digital marketing


$10 000 +

$150 – $199 per hour

Why Coast Digital could be the right choice for your business

If you are looking for a one stop digital marketing shop, then coast digital can help. They offer a variety of services from SEO, to PPC and social media marketing. 

Why Coast Digital might not be the right fit for your company

If you’re looking for immediate results, using a digital marketing agency might not be the best option. Strategies such as SEO and PPC can take time.

It’s worth using a mix of inbound and outbound methods, but if you are looking for immediate leads, outbound might be the better option for your company.

Cost Digital is also pricey. So if you’re looking for a more affordable option, they might not be for you.


10. Operatix


Operatix offers a variety of lead generation solutions from inbound to outbound, and marketing acceleration services. They specifically help b2b software vendors accelerate their growth.

Specializing in

Outbound SDR outsourcing (Call center services)

Inbound lead qualification

B2B software vendors



Why Operatix might be the right choice for your business

If you are a b2b software vendor, they might be the right company for your business because they specialize in helping the software industry specifically.

Why Operatix might not be the right fit for your business

Whilst looking at their reviews, a few of their clients mentioned that they are pretty pricey. They seem to help midmarket industries more than smaller businesses.


If you need qualified leads and want a money back guarantee, then reach out to us.

At Salesbread we guarantee 1 qualified sales lead per day or your money back. If you are looking for an agency that takes pride in your company, and is willing to go the extra mile to help you crush your quota, reach out to us below.

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