The Best and Worst Linkedin Lead Generation Software to Use This Year

By: Jack Reamer |
 July 21, 2023 |

When it comes to Linkedin Lead generation software, try not to get too carried away; especially if you’re looking at using automation tools for your outreach

Automation tools can be helpful but should only be used if you have a proven process.

We were speaking to a referral lead yesterday and he told us that initially, he was using cold email for outreach, but because he sent way too many bulk messages using automation, he developed a bad sender reputation and it didn’t work. 

But he moved over to Linkedin about a month ago and was doing well thought-out, careful, and slow outreach by himself. And a lot of founders might be reading this and thinking to themselves that they would never do this. 

But what he was doing was proving that a low-volume, high-quality outreach process yields results.

So before you run around trying to find the best Linkedin lead generation software, make sure that you’ve got messages that people like. Make sure that you know who your perfect target audience is and build a list of them. 

If you’re confident about your list and you’re messaging then use Linkedin lead generation software but sparingly. 

Especially if you’re using it for sending automated messages.

Some Tips Before Using Linkedin Lead Generation Tools

Don’t automate your entire Linkedin campaign

For example, you might use automation software to send connection requests or follow-up messages if they don’t reply, but once the prospect responds, you should reach out to them in real time

The reason for this is that a sales team member will be able to engage with them and answer any questions that they might have.

Also when choosing the right tool for your business, make sure that it’s not a Chrome extension. Rather use cloud-based software for Linkedin outreach that has a dedicated IP address and one which mimics human behavior


Because it’s just safer. 

Linkedin may restrict your account if it figures out you’re using automation tools for prospecting. 

The Best Linkedin Automation Tools/Software

1. Expandi

At Salesbread we use Expandi.

We personally love it because we have been using it for the past 3 years and have never had a client’s account restricted. It’s definitely one of the safest tools on the market.

Expandi mimics human behavior, therefore it’s so much harder for Linkedin to detect that it’s an automation tool. 


You still have to do quality outreach

You can’t just spam Linkedin users with the same generic copy-paste outreach messages. In order for your Linkedin prospecting to be successful you have to build a super-refined list of b2b leads and write ultra-personalized messages. 

How it works

Expandi sends automated connection requests and messages to your prospect list. It also views Linkedin profiles, offers skill endorsements, likes Linkedin posts and can even follow companies.

Why Expandi is great

  • It’s not a Chrome extension
  • It mimics human behavior
  • It has safe limits which allow you to only send 100 connection request messages per day or 200 follow-up messages a day.
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Expandi also offers integrations with other marketing tools


For $99 per month per seat, this is a safe tool to invest in. They also offer a 7-day free trial which is worth trying out to make sure that you’re happy with the tool.

2. CoPilot AI

CoPilot is slightly more expensive than other Linkedin software on the market but it’s still a pretty great tool to use.

First, it helps sales teams to identify their ideal target audience on Linkedin and they also offer sales templates which can come in handy for inspiration. 

(Remember to have a team member write a personalized intro for each potential customer though.)

Then their AI will engage with your prospects by sending follow-ups until they are ready to hop on a sales call with you.

How it works

Watch this quick video that explains how CoPilot works.

What’s great about CoPilot

  • Their data scientists have analyzed millions of LinkedIn interactions to unearth what works.
  • The tool focuses on quality rather than quantity
  • There are personalized templates that you can use
  • It’s a safe tool to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting your Linkedin account restricted.


If you choose the yearly package, you will save 40%. But pricing ranges between $233 per month – $796 per month.

3.  Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator prospects

If you are in the business of outbound lead generation you really should invest in Sales Navigator if you have not already. 

It provides various search filters which can help you refine your prospect list even further.

We suggest building a list initially with third-party data providers because you will get the freshest data that way, but then use Sales Navigator to refine it even more. 

You have to know how to use Sales Navigator the right way though. 

This article: Linkedin Sales Navigator Search Tips goes into detail on how to use Sales Nav the right way. 

And this article: Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Worth It? discusses why it’s worth using Sales Nav.

How it works

Sales Navigator is a tool that Linkedin provides. It has various features that you can use to make prospecting easier, such as finding the right prospects for your product/service. 

What’s great about it:

Some of the features are extremely helpful, such as:

  • Advanced search filters (Such as Linkedin groups, Linkedin activity, Job descriptions.)
  • CRM integrations
  • Customized lists
  • InMail
  • Content sharing and engagement tracking tools
  • Lead recommendations (depending on which package you choose.)
  • See who has viewed your profile. 

Here are some search filters below:

So you can really define your list and then send personalized Linkedin messages with ease to your target audience.


4. Zopto

Zopto uses multi-touch smart workflows on LinkedIn and Email. You can use it to schedule Linkedin posts, tailor Inmails and Linkedin messages

From here on you can then follow up with prospects through an email sequence. 

How it works

Sales teams can use Zopto to find, identify and expand their prospecting networks. You can also connect with your ideal audience, drive sales, and share content. 

Zopto also offers secure social selling by having specific security measures in place, meaning the chance of your Linkedin account getting blocked will be low. 

What’s great about it:

  • Cloud based software
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Time zone dedication
  • Integrations with Recruiter and Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Linkedin safety features


Linkedin Lead Generation Software to be wary of

There are some tools to be careful of. 

The reason why we mention the tools below is that we have had some clients tell us that they used the tools in the past and their Linkedin accounts were blocked or restricted by Linkedin. 

5. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a Linkedin automation tool that is a Chrome extension.

The problem with Chrome extensions is that you will have to keep Linkedin open the entire time to run the tool.

You can use this tool to connect automatically with many prospects. The reason why we feel Dux-Soup isn’t a great tool is because a few clients have told us that their Linkedin accounts were restricted when using this tool. 

How does it work?

You can use Dux-Soup to create smart campaigns that send Linkedin connection invitations, automatically view profiles, send messages and InMails. The tool also offers custom time delays.

What we don’t like about it:

  • Chrome extension
  • You stand the chance of having your account banned
  • Customer support isn’t great


Depending on whether you’re an individual, sales team or agency, Dux-Soup offers various pricing options. 

From free to $412.50 per month. 

6. Phantombuster

Phantombuster allows you to extract lead lists, enrich data and emails and send outreach campaigns automatically. 

It also scrapes Linkedin profiles and leverages GPT to write LinkedIn messages.

The reason we don’t like Phantombuster is because it uses cookies to create automated tasks. After 3 days, the cookies will become invalid, and you will have to refresh your cookies.

It also doesn’t use country-specific IPs. 

You just have to be really careful when using this tool.

How it works

Phantombuster is basically an extraction software that scrapes data from LinkedIn. 

The application allows users to save all data in the cloud in CSV formats.

It also integrates with other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What we don’t like about it:

  • You have to refresh cookies constantly
  • No mailing extractor
  • Limited customer support
  • Potential data inaccuracies


These are just some Linkedin lead generation software tools but if you’re looking for a more in-depth article with reviews please check out this resource: 20 Of The Best Linkedin Automation Tools to Try Out in 2023

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